The List of 15 Benefits of Moving to Indonesia

Do you know the country that located inside the South East Asia region called Indonesia? If you ask people around the globe, you may receive different answers regarding that question. For the people who are living nearby, like in Thailand, Malaysia, or even Singapore, they may be very familiar with the name of Indonesia, because it’s their neighbor after all.

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But if you ask some in other countries like America or Russia, maybe they even don’t know that Indonesia even exists. Many would know the name of Bali island. It’s like the gem of the country. This country is indeed the one that blessed with so many kinds of attraction, especially the naturals. That’s why many people seem interested to live in Indonesia because of that very reason alone. But of course there are many benefits of moving to Indonesia if you want to consider it, as these benefits for example :

1. The affordable price of settlement

As the first and the most important one of all the benefits of moving to Indonesia is because of the price of the houses. Imagine that you can have your own settlement with only a small portion of your money. As the economy keeps increasing, you may realize that the price of houses in your country is also rising to the roof.

For the people who are still new at work, this can be pretty troublesome because they need a house for themselves and their family. However, many Indonesians may say otherwise. They could say that a house is always very expensive. But if you compare it with other countries, you can have a fact that Indonesia actually has a cheaper price.

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2. The price of the private vehicle

In this era of modernization, we need to get as fast as we can to the workplace. If you think that public transportations still unreliable, you can buy your own vehicle for a price of course. Many tourists are scratching their heads in confusion seeing how many vehicles out there on the streets in Indonesia. Some of them even stressed out after seeing the traffic jam.

If we think that getting a vehicle in this country is considered an expensive thing to do, then we may be wrong. Compare to the other neighbor countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, it’s actually pretty easy to get a vehicle in here. The downpayment is really low, the tax is not that high, and also the parking fee is always very affordable.

3. Really affordable meals

On the third point, we make it clear that Indonesia is indeed a country with everything that affordable. After telling you about how affordable the houses and vehicles, we want to tell you that the price of meals, especially the traditional ones are really really cheap. Even though you only need a small portion of your money, the taste is always so amazing.

That’s why many backpackers around the world are wanting to visit Indonesia on their next trip. Imagine that with less than a dollar you can get a set of a meal filled with rice, many side dishes, vegetables, crackers, and also nut sauce. That’s a set of one of the Indonesian traditional meals called Pecel. Aside from Pecel, there are many more to taste.

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4. The people’s unity

In this modern era, it’s pretty easy to find individualistic characters. Especially if you live in big cities like New York or London where people mind their own business doing whatever they want in their lives. Even though it’s a natural phenomenon, it’s still a sad thing to see that people are not working with each other anymore to help, to keep the spirit of togetherness.

In Indonesia, things like that are still happening. If you visit the village areas in the country, you may notice that they do anything together. They working to fix the road together. They help their neighbor to build a house together. They even work to make the environment secure from threat every night together. With all this togetherness, living in Indonesia would be a great experience.

5. All the natural beauty

If you ever exploring Youtube or other social media to look for Indonesia’s natural attractions, you can see that the number of them is like limitless. Within this very country, you can find almost a thousand islands, or maybe even more. Most of them are filled with natural attractions such as in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara islands, and the famous one Bali island.

It’s not a strange thing that people around the world are really curious about those attractions. They can see, even though not directly, the wonderful gems in Indonesia on the internet. Some amazed, some even started to save their money to get here someday. If you’re planning to live in this very country, it can be one of your best ideas.

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6. Cultural Diversity

As you may know already, in Indonesia there are so many islands. Almost all of them are inhabited with the people who have their own unique tradition and culture. It’s always satisfying to see different cultures in Indonesia. Especially the culture of the people who live far away from us, that would be a remarkable experience.

If you want to live in Indonesia, you’re gonna face a really different culture than in your hometown. At first, you need to adapt first to the culture of the people around you. But after you finally understand them, it’ll be really nice to live in this country. Especially if you decide to do a cultural journey to exotic areas of Indonesia like Papua, Lombok, and also Bali.

7. The top beaches

Aside from the culture, many people around the world are interested to move to Indonesia because of the amazing beaches that exist in the country. The beaches are like the icons of attraction where they can do anything they want in here, but mostly for surfing and refreshing. For the people who live in the cold countries, the tropical beaches will be a refreshing destination.

In Indonesia, there are so many beaches that you can find. In a small island like Bali for example, you can even find more than five beaches. Aside from the known ones, there are also the hidden ones that still unmarked on the map. For the notable beaches, there are few examples like Sanur Beach, Pandawa Beach, and also The Tanjung Benoa.

8. Rich of languages

Well, aside from the people’s diversity, in Indonesia you may find the fact that this country actually has so many traditional languages. For example, if you live in Java island where there are about five provinces, you can find that the people who live in each province speak with different language. The people in East, Yogyakarta and Central Java will use Javanese, and the people who live in Jakarta mostly use the Betawi language.

In Indonesia, there are about 300 ethnical groups. And from that number, there are about 1.340 tribes in this country alone based on the 2010 sensus. However, most of them are Javanese people, about 41% of the total population. About the traditional languages, there are about 742 languages that spread across the country, with Papua island having about 271 of them.

9. Amazing traditional meals

Culinary is always great. If you want to visit Indonesia just for trying all the traditional meals that you can find in this country, that can be your best experience in your life because there’s unlimited number of them. Imagine that each area has their own unique traditional meals. You can spend years just for trying all the foods.

In the Java island alone, you can find some in particular province. For example, if you ever visited Blitar, there’s its authentic Pecel that you must try. In Yogyakarta, there’s the famous sweet and tasty Gudeg. In Jakarta, there’s Kerak Telor that became a popular traditional dish of the capital city and many more.

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So, we want to give you a larger picture by giving another list with all the other benefits of moving to Indonesia for you to consider. There’s no perfect country in the world, each one of them has their own flaws. But of course, there are always the other benefits of moving to Indonesia, such as :

  1. The good social networks
  2. Beautiful nightlife
  3. Wonderful wildlife
  4. The best place to do watersports
  5. Having the best coffee
  6. A very healthy atmosphere

So this is the article about the benefits of moving to Indonesia. If you really want to live in this country, it’s maybe a great opportunity for you because all regulations are freer now, and foreign people are now allowed to have their own assets in this country, both for private purposes and investment. With all the ease of moving to Indonesia, it’s should be a pretty smart move to do.