11 Advantages of Living in Jakarta Indonesia

All the country live and interesting places are usually taking place in their capital. This also applies to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

The bright city light and the lively daylight atmosphere, Jakarta is the city that never sleeps. Moreover, many people from different part of Indonesia adore the city and trigger many domestic tourists to travel and even to stay.

And no one can blame them, the city offers many benefits of living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are some of the top reasons to live in the capital city of Indonesia :

  1. Hangout Place

You just finished working, finalizing your proposal or at the end of the school term, the best way to relieve stress in hanging out with your friends. Jakarta has the most various and famous hangout places. Even, people from the nearby city like Bogor, Bandung, and Cilegon come to Jakarta just to hang out. You can choose between relaxing in best coffee in central jakarta, try some of the social activities in Jakarta or moreover the night activities in Jakarta that you can have a go.

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  1. Insgramable and Photographable

Another advantage of living in Jakarta is that the city is a home of various natural landscapes and city bliss atmosphere as amazing photographs sites. Go to the Jakarta old town as a place to do street photography in Jakarta. The place portrays epic old dutch colonialism buildings and street. You will feel like going back in time.

There are many famous places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia that can be an object of photography, the modern life, the diverse people, the nightlife all have a spot to capture by cameras.

  1. Nightlife

Not many cities in Indonesia offers a lively nightlife experience. You can only have it in the big cities, especially in Jakarta.

The melting pot of various countries and Indonesia people demand the need of various spot at night. You can go to various places in the city center and enjoy the nightlife under the stars, like Monas or around the Old town.

There are cafe and club to entertain you and even the best hotel in Jakarta for nightlife. You will surely have a very lively night in the city. You can have an amazing dinner, enjoy the street entertainment of just hanging out in cafes. Jakarta at night can be enjoyed by singles, couples and even family. There is a little bit for everybody.

4. Education services

There are many Indonesian near and far go to Jakarta for better education choices. It has the best public schools, universities, and even courses. Even people from other country come and study in Indonesia. Jakarta is the home of various educational facilities.

5. One stop entertainment

If you live in Jakarta, you can have access to various entertainment places. Jakarta held many music concert and festivals that drew many people.

Many iconic entertainment places in Indonesia is located in Jakarta. These include Ancol, Monas, and Dufan. These places are very crowded even on weekdays.

Jakarta even equipt their malls with entertainment center for kids like Kidzania or Panisi. You can easily go to a karaoke restaurant in any malls. Whatever is your taste of entertainment, Jakarta has it.

  1. The good place for business

Jakarta is the center of business. All business big and small in certain scale have an office somewhere in Jakarta. if you live in Jakarta, the good chance is you are able to create a business, meet many business-related people or even just start applying as an employee.

The capital city offers a diversity of occupations. This fact also attracts people from other city trying to find a job in Jakarta.

After the globalization era, more and more foreign worker comes to work in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. It is really a vibrant city for any workaholic or just anyone that willing to try their fortune.

  1. Easy to get anywhere

Even when people say that traffic is the number one problem. Jakarta has established many public transportations such as their buses, trans, and even private motorbike services.

You can get anywhere easily by knowing several facts such as rush hours, the right transportation in a certain area. Although motorbike is the fastest mean of transportation there is other transportation to meet your needs.

  1. Foody Heaven

If you live in Jakarta, you will never come short of choices of food. The city offers various culinary centers from various size of the restaurant to a wide range of dishes.

You can surf along the numerous best restaurant in Jakarta,  or enjoy the authentic street food in Jakarta. Jakarta has it all. It even opens up to more International cuisine. You will have no trouble seeking Japanese, Korean, Indian even Western food in the city. You can have dinner on the street corner or in an expensive buffet.

Moreover, the social media era enable people to share their favorite restaurant, cafe or stall in Jakarta. You have endless choices for food in the city. Even more, if the traffic discourages you to go out, Jakarta now has various delivery service that helps you to buy the thing that you wanted.

  1. Sport Center

Jakarta health facilities had reached the International level. It has hose many International events from SEA GAMES to other sports event.

Therefore, you will have access to some of the world scale sports centers. You easily try out your luck as athletes. If not, there are many gym, clubs. sports center around the city. You can find apartments and shopping malls with a gym in it. They even open until late at night to accommodate working people.

  1. Endless Shopping place

Many people come from different cities and even different countries come to shop in Jakarta. The city offers much one-stop shopping area that enables you to come to one place to do shopping and other needs. You can take full advantages by living in one of the apartments above shopping malls, you don’t need to go far to get what you need.

There are so many things to buy in Jakarta. For clothes shopping, Pasar Baru and Tanah Abang is the place to go, if you are looking for small trinkets Asemka market is the answers. You can get the best deal even if you are doing street shopping.

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  1. Culture Center

As the center of government, Jakarta also acted as the Culture center. Indonesia with various culture form its amazing variant of traditional culture supports their national culture in numerous culture tourism in Jakarta. You just need to know where to look, but most of them practice and have shown in TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) Beautiful Indonesia in miniature.

Jakarta is also the home of other countries cultural center, if you are interested in learning other country culture, come and live in Jakarta. You can easily find Italian Cultural center, Geman Center, Japanese and Korean culture center in the main street of Jakarta. You can learn the language, study their culture and gain the benefit of applying to their scholarships.

There you have it, some of the most amazing advantages of living in Jakarta. As the capital city of Indonesia, you will surely experience many positive of having many things close by.

Due to its popularity, the city attracts many people that come and crowded the place. However, if you feel the city various advantages are more appealing, you just might turn the other way of their negatives.