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13 Reasons Why You Must Visit Indonesia

by Tri Setiya

Indonesia is a really nice country. It has so many places that too beautiful to visit. Every year, foreign tourists coming to Indonesia continue to grow. According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the number of foreign tourist visits increases annually. Indonesia is famous for its beautiful natural resources, starting from the natural wealth on land and underwater.

Archipelago countries with tropical weather that are rarely found by foreign tourists in their country further strengthen their decision to spend vacation time in Indonesia. Here are other reasons why you should be one of the tourists visiting Indonesia.

  1. Beautiful view of the beach

It cannot be denied that the beaches in Indonesia are truly beautiful. A world travel site records 50 beaches in Asia Pacific that are the most uploaded on Instagram. One beach from Indonesia is even included in the top 15. Of the 50 beaches, four of them are found in Indonesia.

One place in Indonesia that is famous for its beautiful beaches is the island of Bali. Dreamland Beach is touted as the most uploaded beach on social media. This beach is in Pecatu, Badung, Bali. From 50 beaches, Dreamland is on the 13th position with more than 55,000 uploads on Instagram. Besides, there are still many other beaches in Indonesia that has beautiful sunset. While you visit Indonesia, it is a must to see its beaches.

  1. Delicious Traditional Foods

Rich in culinary variants, Indonesia has a variety of appetizing local dishes. These diverse culinary choices make foreign tourists interested in exploring Indonesian local culture from food. You can enjoy from Soto Ayam, Rendang, Gudeg, Fried Rice and Meatballs which are the favorite foods of foreign tourists.

Indonesian food is famous for being the most acceptable to people from all over the world. The distinctive taste is complemented by traditional spices endemic to Indonesia which makes it different. Some people might come to Indonesia only to try traditional food.

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3. Cheap Accommodation

The cost of living in Indonesia is cheaper than living in other ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand. Rent a residence, the price of food and the necessities of daily living in Indonesia, including cheap so you might be happy to live in Indonesia. Your salary in the form of dollars will be very much if used for living expenses in Indonesia, even more than enough for a luxurious lifestyle there.

For you backpackers, Indonesia might be the place to be your next destination. You only have to set aside a little money from your salary, and start trying your vacation experience to Indonesia.

  1. Unique traditions

Many foreign tourists keep their admiration after visiting Indonesia. Apart from beautiful nature, Indonesia also offers a variety of unique cultural traditions that cannot be found elsewhere. You might start to find unique traditions such as the tradition of marrying various customs, eating traditions without spoons, and so on. In Indonesia, maybe you will find many unique traditions that you will never find anywhere.

  1. Endemic animals

The existence of animals in Indonesia’s nature is an attraction for tourists. There are even animals that can only be found in Indonesia. Endemic animals in Indonesia are known to the world.

These endemic animals then become icons of the National Park where they live. You can only find giant animals such as lizards named Komodo in Indonesia. You can only see unique monkeys that are almost extinct named orangutans in this country. Not only two, but Indonesia has hundreds of endemic animals that are unfortunately almost extinct.

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  1. Awesome views of mountain and hill

Indonesia is an archipelago with thousands of mountains and hills with extraordinary views. When visiting Indonesia, be sure to climb one or several of the mountains that have very interesting views. The most climbed mountain is Mount Rinjani, Lombok. The view on the slopes and peaks of Mount Rinjani is undoubtedly its beauty. Not only Rinjani, Mount Bromo is also the most visited by tourists because of its unique shape.

  1. Many temples

One of the highlights in Indonesia is that there are many temples inherited from ancient kingdoms. By visiting historical temples, you will become more familiar with the history of world civilization. Your knowledge will become wider with it. Not only getting knowledge, you can also pose there. That’s because temples in Indonesia have very unique architecture and are very good for photo spots.

  1. Different ethnic and cultures

Living side by side with various backgrounds of race, religion, caste and skin color trains Indonesian people to be tolerant with others. This is what might make you like to live in Indonesia. Diverse tribes, cultures, skin colors make Indonesian people more united, complementary, and show their own uniqueness without fear of being mocked. By visiting Indonesia, you don’t need to be afraid of being ostracized or intimidated because Indonesians are used to differences.

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  1. Perfect Sunshine

For some countries, foreign tourists find it difficult to find the sun. However, the sun is constantly shining in Indonesia. Winter makes it difficult for foreign tourists to do many activities in their country. Different in Indonesia, the sun appears every day, and only the rainy season appears without weather conditions that pierce the skin like in Europe or America. For those who love to sunbath, Indonesia has the perfect weather for you. Take your vacation during April – August for the perfect sunshine.

  1. Incredible underwater life

The sea in Indonesia not only has a beautiful beach, but also an amazing underwater life. If you like snorkeling and diving, Indonesia is the right place for your purpose. As a maritime country with a vast sea area, as well as hundreds of diving tourist destinations spread from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia has been named the best destination for Dive’s Magazine readers in the category of the world’s best diving destinations, in London, England.

Moreover, Indonesian waters have around 20-25% of the fish population in the whole world. So that Indonesia is the second biodiversity country in terms of fish after Brazil.

  1. Warm and friendly people

Indonesians are famous for their smiling and friendly characteristics compared to people in other countries where people are ignorant. This is what makes foreign tourists feel more valued so they feel at home on vacation in Indonesia. In addition, the Indonesian people will be happy to help foreign tourists who are lost and sometimes local people generously deliver to their destination.

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  1. Safe Country

Indonesia is the third safest country in Asia. This is a popular destination for world travelers and the government is trying to bring in many tourists to visit the 10 “New Bali”. Indonesia is not a country that is in conflict or fighting. Criminality in Indonesia is also relatively low compared to other countries in Asia. Therefore, don’t be afraid for solo traveling in Indonesia.

  1. Traditional art show

It’s no secret that Indonesia is a country that is rich in art and culture. One of the riches of the art and culture of the ancestral heritage is the existence of performing art or folk theater that is still maintained today. Of the many performing arts in Indonesia, many are extinct because there is no one to preserve them. But don’t worry, because in Bali, Jogja, Surakarta, traditional art performances are often performed regularly. Like the Mahabarata, Ramayana, and others.

Those are some reasons why you should visit Indonesia. Million people over the world have seen thebeauty of Indonesia. Are you the next? Go get the ticket if you can’t help it!

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