5 Most Famous Culinary Spots in Yogyakarta You Must Visit

We can’t deny the fact that Yogyakarta is the best place to do a culinary tour without feeling regret in the end. No matter what food we choose and where the restaurant is, the traditional food of Yogyakarta is called as a perfection. You don’t need to worry or be confused to find where you will go first to taste those delicious food, because it’s guaranteed that entire Yogyakarta’s cuisine will be perfect for your mouth and your stomach, of course!

For beginners, it can be understandable if it’s hard enough to choose which restaurant we should go to. Here, there are some most famous culinary spots in Yogyakarta you must visit or you will regret later.

1. Nasi Goreng Beringharjo

Nasi Goreng Beringharjo

One of the facts about Indonesian cuisine is it seems like everybody enjoys eating fried rice. All Indonesians and even Western people love fried rice very much. The added value is the ease to get delicious fried rice wherever we are. 

But, you will regret if you don’t take a little time to taste Yogyakarta’s fried rice. The recommended place to visit is Nasi Goreng Beringharjo, which was found in 1960. The taste of the fried rice is authentic and irreplaceable. The owner says that they use a special recipe that has been passed down for generations.

Not surprisingly that this culinary spot is always crowded. The most important fact is you don’t need to wait for a long time because the cook will fry the rice in a big pan. You can come to Pabringan 1 Street Yogyakarta if you want to taste this irresistible fried rice. This culinary spot opens from 7.00 p.m.

2. House of Raminten

House of Raminten

Who says you can’t feel classy and elegant sensation while eating your Yogyakarta’s traditional dinner at the same time? The House of Raminten proves you can do both! In this restaurant, you can taste a lot of Yogyakarta traditional foods, such as nasi kucing, sate lilit, cunduk, brongkos, wedang sereh, and so on. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the chefs because once you start to taste a little food in this restaurant, you’ll be addicted forever.

Not only the food, but also the architecture is amazing . You can find several artistic stuff inside. An antique horse-drawn carriage, traditional Yogyakarta’s musical instruments, you name it. While traveling around, you’ll be accompanied by a gorgeous smell of incense. You also will hear some traditional music which will give you mind-blowing vibes as long as you are there.

Thumbs up for the waitresses, too. They are irresistible because of what they wear. The waitresses are supposed to wear Javanese traditional outfit, known as kemben, that makes them unique.

If you are excited to get here, you can directly go to FM Noto 7 Street, Kota Baru, Yogyakarta. Bear in mind that this restaurant opens for all day long!

3. Bong Kopitown

Bong Kopitown

You have read about unique restaurants accentuating Yogyakarta’s traditional side before. Now, you will read about another most famous culinary spots in Yogyakarta with its awesome concept: Bong Kopitown! This restaurant has a jail-like concept in Yogyakarta. It’s very recommended for you who wants to feel a sensation like you are in jail while having your delicious meals.

When you enter this place, you’ll be amazed by its architecture. You can see a real jail in here and you will be excited with a jailer standing behind the cashier. You can also see criminals hanging around the room to deliver your food.

You can taste some top menu in here. Rendang spicy noodle, sapo tahu, kopi tetes are the most recommended meals to try. And you will be excited when you see a newspaper which will be given to you when you sit. That newspaper is an important menu for you to choose the best meal you want. Wonder how it feels? Just go to Sagan Kidul 4 Street and you’ll get the sensation!

4. Manggar Manding

Manggar Manding

Most of us know it very well that Yogyakarta’s culinary is popular with gudeg. We also know gudeg usually contain young jack-fruits and it belongs to one of the famous food of Indonesia. What makes Manggar Manding different is the special gudeg that will be served for you!

Manggar Manding serves gudeg from “manggar”. Manggar is also known as a young coconut flower. In the past, gudeg manggar is also served with krecek and tempe. Gudeg manggar was also known as Yogyakarta empire’s traditional food a long time ago. You can taste this awesome gudeg by visiting this restaurant on Parangtritis KM 11,5 Street in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

5. Sate Klathak Pak Pong

Sate Klathak

And the last most famous culinary spots in Yogyakarta that you have to know is Sate Klathak Pak Pong, one of the Indonesian street food in Yogyakarta! This goat-meat satay with its authentic flavor will be your perfect meal to enjoy in the afternoon. The authentic flavor itself comes from three kinds of spices only: salt, ketchup, and pepper.

Maybe the spices Pak Pong uses seem like nothing special. But, when you taste a little, you will immediately be amazed and start wondering how those simple spices make the satay tastes good.

All you have to do is just visiting Imogiri Street, Bantul. Then, maybe you will not want to leave this spot forever.