14 Things Must not do in Bali Indonesia

Bali is a great holiday destination for a solo traveler, couple, honeymooners or even family activities in Bali Indonesia. However, there are things you cant things that you can do and things you should never do in Bali Indonesia that needs some alarming.

South East Asia has law, tradition, and habit of its own. Moreover, the mild social culture in Bali among Balinese make them very discreet when it comes to saying something bad to other people.

There are things you should never do in Bali due to safety, health or culture issues. This list is very important for any first timer in the area. Sometimes you need to know what not to do so you can get the most out of your Bali Holiday.


Going on with your swimsuit on the street or bike is a big NO. This kind of dressing is only acceptable on the beach.

Moreover, getting full nude on the beach is also not a good idea. Crossing the road for a quick bite to eat in your bikini might be ok in other part of the world but in Bali it’s not on.

The local is so used to seeing foreigner that they probably understood that it is a habit.

They will likely not say anything. The reactions you get from locals may be just some giggling and whispering. However, it is better to avoid any starring overall.

2. Haggle

Haggle too long in any stall or haggling around among the must visit markets in Bali with no intention of buying is tiresome.

It’s considered rude and you can fall into the shopper trap where the shop owner will not take no for an answer. Stick to good shopping etiquette and move along.

3. Aggressive when bargaining

Bali is heaven when it comes shopping, there are many areas to do shopping in Bali and spend your money. You can get affordable price shopping in the must visit markets in Bali by doing some bargaining.

However, please be mindful on your bargain and do not try to push the price down too far. It is common to bargain half on every number you get. Never abuse or scream at the seller especially if its an older lady.

4.Respecting Spiritual Offerings

The spiritual experiences in Bali ritual is visible in a daily base. The Balinese make offerings with tiny square-shaped offerings of flowers. You can see this everywhere and there is no escaping them.

The respectful way is to avoid treading on them or riding over them with your bike.

This is a part of their religious daily rituals so please be mindful of this offering. Moreover, be respectful when watching the locals doing their offering and keep your distance.

5. Inapropriate Gestures

Countries have different meaning to body gestures. Bali considers handing something in your left hand is rude.

Touching the locals on their head, which is a secred part of the body is also a big NO. Putting your legs on a table is also a sign of rudeness.

6. Drug taking

 It is a very serious crime and if you even remotely think that you can get away with bringing it into the country and using it don’t.

There will be passerby offering drugs even when you are walking down the street. The consequences are either jail time or deportation.

7. Forget using Helms

Bali makes it easier to roaming around in rental motorbike. However, don’t drive badly if you hiring a motorbike in Bali. The street is narrow and the traffic is real.

Police law can be strict when it comes to a traffic violation. You certainly don’t want to get into trouble for minor reasons that are totally avoidable. Things like using helms, making sure your light is on and that your rear mirror is in tack, are just basic rule all motorbike should follow.

8.Dont drink water from taps

Buying bottled water may well break your heart, but water from the tap is undrinkable.

Avoiding them is a wise way how prevent getting sick in Bali. Moreover, you need to wipe everything to ensure clean eating utensils.

9. Flags on the beaches

There are many best beaches in Bali for swimming. The beach side of coast that is traditionally safe for swimmers, sea conditions can change a suddenly. Moreover, rip currents appear and the ocean becomes quite dangerous – even in the shallows.

Thankfully, there are flags with a different color that symbolize the safety of the swimming areas. Take notice of them before swimming.

10.Cheap Price for Arak

Everything is quite cheap in Bali. However, it does some health issue. Be alarm when someone offers cheap cocktails as they will contain arak or some Balinese wine. The cheap price may due to cheap components that can make you sick.

11. Animals Awareness

You will see many stray dogs around Bali. Keep in mind that they are stray and can pose health issue, don’t get too friendly even if your inner self wants to.

Bali Monkey Forest display many monkeys that tent to be aggressive if provoked. Be mindful and keep an appropriate distance when it comes to animals.

12. Dont do laundry at hotels

The common knowledge is that anything within the hotel is a lot more expensive also apply to laundries.

Get your clothes done from any small laundry in the town that do bulk cleaning by weight. You can expect to pay around Rp. 7000 per kilogram, whereas is hotels will charge you per items.

13.Go local

Local SIM cards, local food, local transportation offers cheap affordable mean of living of the best Bali.

Bali has many affordable gems with a little reaserch and just be kind to people will surely gives you bonuses and extra just being super friendly.

Bali is not a difficult place to travel even an enjoy for that first timer. However, like anywhere else in the world, it’s always useful to know of any idiosyncrasies, local tips, and unwritten rules before you set foot in a new place. 

Be mindful and using common sense is always the best policy. While the people may be nice and friendly always better to stay on guard all the time.

Some of these tips are put together from numerous people who’s been to Bali and back again.