13 Common Streets to Avoid in Bali

Going to Bali is such a traveler goal. There is a diverse popular culture in Bali making it a must go to destination and for a good reason. But sometimes you just want to experience things you can only find in Bali area like a local and dodge all the tourists.

This can be almost impossible in a place with a constant wave of international travelers, tourist, and even locals. people need to know what to avoid in Bali Indonesia to ensure a great time on the island of thousand Gods.

There warning scams to avoid in Bali, knowledge on how to prevent getting sick in Bali and place best to go to. Getting around Bali is very easy, how ever like any famous destinations, some street is best to be avoid. Here are some streets to avoid in Bali due to various reasons.

  1. Unknown Street

Driving in Bali means using Google Maps. It usually shows the shorter routes where it might be narrow, steep and mountainous paths that are simply not suitable for four-wheeled vehicles.

2. Lovina to Bedugul Streets

The city center of Bali offers many activities. However, many search for more nature of Bali.

However, these of the path street can be tricky. For example, the road from Lovina to Bedugul has an extremely steep and narrow street. You will not want to get stuck or get lost here.

3. Secluded Villa Street

Among the top list, Bali attraction is the peace and secluded villas far from the city bliss.

Like some west part of Bali or the Seminyak areas. However, the secluded street maybe to narrow for cars and has low lighting at night. These streets can be a very dangerous place day or night.

4. Kuta Street

The street is full of nightclubs, bars, and cafes until late at night. There are some best shopping in Kuta Bali street that attracts visitors. Or their street food in Kuta that call for any food lover.

The street may be dangerous for ladies at night. Especislly, after a long night partying.

To avoid any scams use uber and avoid shady taxi to got home. Moreover, keep the driver name and ID in mind as a precaution.

5. Uluwatu Street

Uluwatu street is pretty hilly, while you can go there by renting a motorbike. Other problem lurking up a head.

There are very few petrol stations around. If you are driving there, make sure you have enough (or more than enough!) petrol to get back.

6. Dark Street

Some street in Bali is not well lit in certain areas.

You need to pay attention to the paths where you walk. In a common pedestrian way, there can be uncovered drains.

You can fell thigh deep and stuck in the drain. It is another way of staying away from how to prevent getting sick in Bali.  

You dont want to get injured becuse you are not watching your steps. Dark street also poses other tread such as pickpoket org bag snatcher. Be very careful walking any street at night.

7. Monkey Forest Street

Visiting The famed monkey forest is among the top activities in Ubud. However, these little primates can be aggressive sometimes.

Things to avoid in this street include not to carry plastic bags with you, the clever primates there have associated plastic bags with food. Some case, these monkeys can even bite.

8. Offering on the street

This is the most common oddity for any first-time visitors will come across in Bali.

The island has many spiritual places in Bali and rituals that poses heavy culture values.

Therefore, you can see offering especially during leisurely walks down Bali’s public streets.

The Balinese Hindus make offerings daily, as a sign of gratitude and blessing. Be careful not to tamper with these offering for a religious purposed. These offering can be seen on the street and some center areas.

9. Legian Street

Legian Street at night is a strip of Bali’s busiest clubs and where inhibitions come, to enjoy the best bar in Bali, nightclub, and must go cafe in Bali that sparkle at night.

Various activities that usually strictly inside bars you can see these bad behavior encouraged on the streets. You will likely couldn’t take a step without being harassed by drug dealers trying (but not very hard) to seem inconspicuous.

10. Walking on Ubud Street

Tourist the target of endless offers of transport, massages, and souvenirs. There are taxi drivers, motorbike driver, sellers that continuously offer their service and goods.

It is best to avoid walking down the street. Hence, you can even pretend to talk on the phone just t avoid every 10 minutes of offering stuff.

There are so many great activities in Ubud Indonesia to try on. There are temples, water sport, and museums attract various tourist in the are. Plan you itinerary well and even your routes.

11. Seminyak

Seminyak is home to sprawling beach resorts, gorgeous hotels, and cool little boutique spots and homestays.

It is not suitable for partygoers however it is the perfect spot to still be in the action of Bali. It takes a bit of the over-the-top party edge off it. It is not a place get so drunk their shirt gets ripped off in a nightclub each night.

12. Sanur Beach

The streets in most of the southeastern corner of Bali were immensely congested. The overall the whole island felt like it was collapsing under its own weight of traffic, noise, and pollution. 

There are many best beaches in Bali for swimming and not all have the same type. There are high tides, black sands, rocky beaches. Sanur is among the crowded and congested beach among others.

13. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua doesn’t offer genuine Bali experience like other cities. Nusa Dua isn’t the place to barter with vendors, try street food and visit different cocktail lounges and bars.

However, it’s an absolutely perfect destination for anyone looking for pure real rest and relaxation. If you want to go somewhere beautiful, escaping your days unwinding by the pool, escaping from it all, then you cannot go past Nusa Dua. 

Here are some common street dangers that might potentially lead to serious consequences if you’re careless. There are areas to avoid in Bali but there are other parts that show true gems. Make sure to take heed and practice your safety, to ensure an amazing vacation in the beloved land of Bali!