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Best Must Visit Restaurants in Jakarta With Unique Theme – Top 13

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So, in the previous article, we’ve told you about the best cafes that open 24 hours long in Jakarta city. Surely they look great. Now, instead of a cafe, we want to share some information about the restaurants in the city. Of course we’re not gonna describe the usual ones like fast food restaurants, but instead, they are authentic and really different from each other.


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Each one of the restaurant that we’re gonna mention is having their own unique theme that matches the menu they have. With the unique identity, their name will be very much familiar and easy to remember, making the visitors to come again and again. But of course you can pick all of them or just some that must suitable for you, from design and environment. So pick one the best must visit restaurants in Jakarta with unique theme below :

1 – House of Hobbit Grill and Bar

The name does ring a bell right? There’s a unique restaurant that located around Jakarta, specificially on the street of Mandara Permain number 7 of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Just like the name of the place, they want to match the environment of this restaurant to the setting of hobbit house in Lord of The Rings movies.

So, as you can expect, you can see that the interiors are related to the movie, like the wooden materials that used on the walls, windows, and ceilings. But it’s wider and comfy enough for you and your friends to hang out. About the meals, you can taste the Lord of The Rings related foods like Smaug’s Lair pizza, Lord of Pork Ribs, and many others. If you’re the movie lover, make sure to visit it at least once.

2 – Talaga Sampireun

Both local and foreign tourists love the natural situation of Indonesia. The calm environment that completed with the sounds of nature around can be a complete pack for your weekend. Now you can have the exact experience when having a meal at Talaga Sampierun restaurant in Lingkar Luar Barat, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Actually the restaurant has three main branches, one in Cengkareng, and the others are in North Pademangan and Tangerang. Talaga Sampierun restaurant can give you the Indonesian taste that nicely given with the addition of traditional buildings. All the seafoods are coming from their own pools, which you can see directly beside you. The most favorite foods are of course the Sundanese ones.

3 – Strawberry Cafe

Many restaurants are now trying to provide the cuteness aspect for their customers in order for getting the teenage girls market. So does the Strawberry Cafe. As you can see on the picture, this restaurant slash cafe has a really sweet design, using strawberry for their icon. They want to give a picture of a strawberry garden to their customers.

And may we say, their strategy is indeed working because many visitors are always coming in every day. Aside from the unique design, the thing that people love about this cafe is the existence of many group games. Things like Jenga and Uno are just some of many that you can play here, making it suitable for a place to hang out with friends or co-workers.

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4 – Hello Kitty Cafe

If the cafe about doesn’t have a sweet level that may surpass your expectation, then come to the next cafe that also included in our list of must visit restaurants in Jakarta with unique theme, the Hello Hitty Cafe. Isn’t that cute to find this iconic character in real life? Even Hello Kitty herself will be greeting you.

However, the location of this cafe is in the Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, one of the busiest commercial area of Jakarta. For all the Hello Kitty lovers, it’s a wonderful thing to visit here, because you’ll find anything you love here, starting from the Hello Kitty character, interiors that mostly decorated in pink, and of course, the meals that related to Hello Kitty.

5 – Fitzroy GastroBar

Now we back from the sweetness to the real world. If you want to eat something in a cozy place with the Australian design that can be seen everywhere, the Fitzroy GastroBar is the place for you. Most people love the Australian design because they look unstrict, so free with anything. Basically, they just put everything that’s good on the walls.

Even though some of them are indeed unrelated to each other, but somehow they seem nice. Usually, Fitzroy is used for gathering place, either it’s community or just a group of co-workers who want to have a nice meal after work. Oh, talk about the foods, you should try the recommended categories such as Cocktails, Western, and Asian foods.

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6 – Hospitalis Resto and Bar

Hospital sometimes can be scary. You know, when talking about a hospital, we’re thinking about needles, scary-looking doctors and nurses as a kid. But, things change in the Hospitalis Resto and Bar, where you can eat you meals, in a hospital. Stress-relieving via visiting the combination of hospital and restaurant can surely effective.

All design and interior are related to hospitals. Like the wall paint for example that says, Where Healing Begins, We Are Here To Help. How can they help us? With their best foods. This restaurant in Gandaria, Jakarta can serve you all the foods that have names that related to a hospital. But, they are really delicious instead of harmful.

7 – Blumchen Coffee

It’s nothing wrong to have a coffee, especially during the rainy season like this. But, you can make it better when having your coffee in such a special place, like this Blumchen Coffee. The cafe/restaurant is located around Jendral Sudirman street number 52-53, Jakarta. It’s clearly notable with the industrial theme that applied to the cafe.

Of course, the most right time to come in here is in the morning, before your work time. You can prefer lunch instead if you can’t come in the morning. Becuase, they will serve you a really nice coffee with high dedication. They put efforts in controlling the coffee-making process starting from roasting, packing, serving, to delivering their best product to the customers. The taste of best Sumatran coffee is surely gonna blow you away.

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8 – Nanny’s Pavillion

The next one on our list is the Nanny’s Pavillion. Unlike others, this restaurant provides the customers with the unique theme of French-American style, with the addition of Nanny for sure. The Nanny is this character that will greet the customers upon entering the place. Sometimes, many parent want to take the picture of their kids with her.

However, with the concept of family restaurant, Nanny’s Pavillion can be a perfect place to eat with family, especially for kids. However, the Nanny’s has some branches that worth noticing. Why they are worth to notice? It’s because each of them has the unique and different theme. So one branch has different them than the others.

9 – The Garden

With a purpose to bring a place that can be a refresher for all customers, The Garden was created. This place uses the combination of both vintage interior and the green vegetation that placed everywhere. They also add some colors to bring more contrast to the restaurant. So, The Garden is actually really refreshing and enjoyable.

However, aside from the flowers that put to some spots, they also make it better with adding vase and candle holders on the walls. If you want to visit it, you can come to Pantai Indah Kapuk street of Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Aside from the restaurant, people also visit its Secret Garden Bar that located nearby.

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10 – C for Cupcakes and Coffee

Enjoying some cupcakes and a cup of coffee can be a great thing to do in the evening. You should do it in an enjoyable place, like this C for Cupcakes and Coffee. From the outside, you can see a white display right in the front side of the cafe. A nice display of white grass, ornaments, and swing seems pretty promising.

Inside the cafe, you’ll be spending your time in a place that mostly decorated with combination of golden and white marble color. The place seems really neat with the addition of dried vegetation which doesn’t give a contrast color to the cafe. However, this cafe that located in Pluit Karang Utara of Penjaringan North Jakarta opens from 7 am to 7 pm.

Of course there are many others to tell. But, we want to tell you the rest of them in the other small list that you can find after this, on right below. So if the ten places above don’t suit you, maybe the other rest of must visit restaurants in Jakarta with unique theme can satisfy you:

1. Mbah Jingkrak

2. Bottega Ristorante

3. Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

So that’s the article about the must visit restaurants in Jakarta with unique theme, make sure to at least check one of them to feel the unique culinary experience in the city. Sometimes, finding a restaurant with a true unique identity, which is confidence with their look and style, is hard. But knowing that there are many places out there to explore, the chance sure increases. Make sure you use this opportunity to find the best ones. See you!

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