Infamous Indonesian Ghosts You Should be Scared of

For you, what makes ghosts creepy? Maybe because of their horrific appearance, annoying sounds that they make, or maybe it’s just because of the mindset we make in our brain.

Every region, every country, every ethnic has its own ancient ghosts, which are very popular and become an Indonesian mythology stories that makes everyone scared.

As we have known before, Indonesia has a lot of ghosts. From Kuntilanak, Pocong, and Suster Ngesot.

They are so famous which sometimes come to our nightmares every night. But actually there are more infamous Indonesian ghosts you should be scared of.

They may infamous, but you have to bear in mind that they are so creepy until you can’t sleep alone.

Let’s get to know those creepy creatures, a part of folklore in Indonesia. Here we go!

1. Banyu

Yes, the first infamous Indonesian ghosts is Banyu. From the name above, maybe we wonder how does it look? Where it shows herself? And what makes her creepy?

Banyu is also known as a river. So, maybe you can guess where we can find Banyu. Yep, we can find Banyu in Kalimantan, especially in places fulled of water. Like rivers.

From some sources, her appearance may like Mba Kunti. But, who knows it very well? Whatever it seems, Banyu is still creepy to be met for.

Don’t you ever try to look for her, because it’s possible for you to be followed by her.

Urban legend has told us, Banyu often appears when someone is bathing in the river. Maybe, you should try to take a bath in your own bathroom, so you will not be disturbed by Banyu.

But now, Banyu has other meaning. In East Kalimantan, Banyu is also known as a culvert cleaner team.

2. Palasik 

Everybody knows that there are a lot of myths, including myths in Bali, Minangkabau, and other provinces.

Those kinds of myths sometimes make us wonder. Is it real? Or is it just an urban legend?

One of those myths in Indonesia is telling that a pregnant mother sometimes could be disturbed by some kinds of ghosts, such as Palasik.

Palasik is known as an underrated ghost in Minangkabau. Palasik or pelesit, has a desire to bother a pregnant mother and her baby.

From some sources, we can know that Palasik actually is an ordinary human but change himself to be a Palasik by using dangerous black magic.

In Minangkabau, Palasik is really feared by pregnant mothers, because Palasik eats babies as his food. 

3. Leyak

One of the Indonesian mystical creatures is Leyak. Leyak is really creepy and commonly, we just can find Leyak in Bali Island.

Not only history of Tanah Lot that makes Bali mysterious, but also this creature.

Leyak is a cruel witch and only can be seen in the night by a psychic. In the afternoon, we can see it as a human being, but in the night, they usually are on the graves to find human’s inner organs.

These organs will be used to make a magic potion. This magic potion will transform Leyak into a tiger, a monkey, a pig, and many more.

Leyak can fly to find pregnant mothers and after it find them, it will suck the fetus’s blood. Actually, Leyak needs the fetus’s blood to survive.

From some sources, Leyak can transform into a pig or a fire ball, while Leak actually has a very long tongue and pretty sharp teeth.

4. Kuyang

Maybe you have heard about Kuyang before.

Kuyang is a spirit in a form of a human head with just inner organs attached to it that flies to look for babies’ blood or women’s blood after giving birth.

This creature is believed to be found in Kalimantan. Actually, Kuyang is a woman who demands teachings of black magic to have an eternal life.

During the day, Kuyang lives her daily life as an ordinary person, but she usually wears a robe.

At night Kuyang will fly to look for the baby’s blood or childbirth’s blood to be sucked as a means of increasing the strength of her knowledge.

People who see the flying Kuyang usually see it like a big bird.

You wonder how to handle Kuyang? To deal with this creature, the victim needs to use a broom or other household furniture such as pots or pans to smash Kuyang away.

5. Pok-pok

Maybe you wonder where this creature comes from, how does it look, and so on. But, Pok-Pok actually is a ghost from Sulawesi, and often it’s also called poppo.

Pok-Pok comes from the myths of the people of Sulawesi.

Based on oral traditions in Sulawesi society, ghost-pok-pok is a demon that usually flies at night while making “pok-pok-pok” sounds in the form of human heads and organs in the body, and has red eyes and a very long tongue.

Many people also believe that the ghost of Pok-Pok is the ghost of the Kuyang version of the oral tradition of the people of Sulawesi.

Maybe you want to know how to handle Pok-Pok if you meet one of them.

From some sources, you can burn the skin of garlic and onion which the Pok-Pok ghosts don’t like, sprinkle pepper around the house, or pour boiling water on the Pok-Pok ghosts,

You can also fill the Pok-Pok‘s real body with objects, or move the location of the original offender’s body black magic so Pok-Pok ghosts die because they don’t find their original bodies.

So, that’s all for the infamous Indonesian ghosts you should be scared of.

Now, maybe you have known how to handle them if you see them unexpectedly.