5 Most Heartbreaking Indonesian Movies

You may directly step back into old memories when you first read this title.

A bunch of heartbreaking Indonesian movies is suddenly flowing freely in your mind and finally, you miss all of those movies which accompanied your childhood.

Even, sometimes you found those heartbreaking stories by Indonesian theater you might ever seen.

There are a lot of heartbreaking Indonesian movies that you can rewatch in your leisure time.

Indonesia doesn’t only have some best Indonesian horror movies, but also this genre.

No matter where you are, you will probably feel empty inside when you watch these most heartbreaking Indonesian movies.

1. Heart 2 Heart

heart 2 heart

Who doesn’t know this melodramatic movie, by the way? In its era, this movie became pretty popular and everybody seemed to love Aliff Alli, the actor of Pandu character.

And nobody disliked Irish Bella (she played as Indah). This movie was released in 2010 and was directed by Nayato Fio Nuala.

Heart 2 Heart tells us a story about Pandu and Indah who met each other for the first time at a beautiful lake.

Indah was taking a holiday with her family, while Pandu is taking a trip with his friends. When they first met, they fell in love with each other.

Then, their holiday ended and they had to come back to Jakarta.

Pandu believed that if they were a real couple, they would meet each other soon.

When they came back to Jakarta, surprisingly, they met each other. 

But, there was a tragic accident that made Indah lost her vision and her voice. In this sadness, her sister and Pandu came back again to her life.

Pandu decided to stay beside Indah and no matter how hard she wanted Pandu to leave her, Pandu never left her. Pandu always accompanied Indah and never let her in trouble.

2. Heart

Heart (2006)

The next one of the most heartbreaking Indonesian movies is Heart.

This movie was such a popular movie and until now, everybody seems to love this movie that much.

The character of Rachel, Farel, and Luna are attached to everybody’s heart.

As we have known before, the actress for Rachel was Nirina Zubir, the actress of Luna was Acha Septriasa, and Irwansyah played as Farel, which is one of the most popular Indonesian actors.

This movie was released in 2006 and was directed by a talented film director, Hanny R. Saputra.

We know it as well that this movie shows us a triangle love story between Rachel, Farel, and Luna.

Rachel was boyish, energetic, and full of initiatives. Rachel and Farel were besties since they were just a child.

They often played basketball together and their togetherness continues until they were becoming an adult.

But, one day Farel met Luna, a very pretty and feminine young woman. Farel fell in love suddenly and Luna agreed to meet him again on another day.

Farel wished that Rachel will help him to get closer to Luna, but surprisingly, Rachel felt jealous of her.

Although, Rachel still wants to help Farel because Farel is still her best friend.

Day by day passed and Farel with Luna was getting closer. Rachel became very rare to meet Farel, even to play basketball together.

One day, there an accident that made Luna badly sick. On the other side, Rachel fell from the abyss and her feet should be amputated.

In the end of the story, Farel lost Rachel because Rachel donated her heart to Luna.

3. 3600 Detik

3600 detik

3600 Detik is an Indonesian romantic drama film directed by Nayato Fia Nuala and was released in 2014.

The film was taken from Charon’s best-selling novel, reaching more than 210 thousand viewers.

Actors in this film include Stefan William, Shae, Wulan Guritno, Indra Birowo, Feby Febiola, Joshua Suherman, and Agung Udijana. 

This movie tells us a story between Sandra (Shae) and Leon (Stefan William).

Sandra just had moved from her old school to her new school and everybody seemed to hate her because of her cringe appearance.

But, only Leon who wanted to be her friend. At first, Sandra didn’t like Leon but as time went by, Sandra realized that Leon was really valuable when he was nearly dead because of his disease.

4. Dealova


Dealova is an Indonesian drama film produced in 2005 by the Flix Pictures production house and was directed by a talented director, Dian W. Sasmita.

This screenplay was written by Hilman Hariwijaya, which was adapted from the best-seller teenlit novel with the same title by Dyan Nuranindya.

The film was starred by Jessica Iskandar, Evan Sanders and Ben Joshua as the main characters.

At first, this film was starred by a beautiful actress Laudya Cynthia Bella, who plays the character Karra.

Up to the reading process, Laudya Cynthia Bella chose to resign because she focused on the national high school exam.

And Jessica Iskandar was chosen as Bella’s replacement for the Karra character.

5. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

ada apa dengan cinta

Who doesn’t know this movie? This film was directed by Rudi Soedjarwo and was released in 2002.

It seems like the character “Rangga-Cinta” is still the most favorite couple until now.

Moreover, we know it very well that Dian Sastrowardoyo is one of the most popular Indonesian actresses.

This movie tells us about love in high school days and featuring the main character Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) as a beautiful, smart, and cheerful girl and Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), the cool boy in her school.

At first, they hated each other and in the end, Cinta realized that Rangga was the only boy she wanted.

So, that’s all for five most heartbreaking Indonesian movies that can be identified too as most watched Indonesian movies. Which one is your favorite?