Infamous Indonesian Ghosts You Should be Scared of

For you, what makes ghosts creepy? Maybe because of their horrific appearance, annoying sounds that they make, or maybe it’s just because of the mindset we make in our brain. Every region, every country, every ethnic has its own ancient ghosts, which are very popular and become an Indonesian mythology stories that makes everyone scared. […]

Amazing History of Bali (The Island of Gods)

Like we all know, Bali is the paradise of Indonesia. Exist with high level of culture and history. Some of the cultures are already known by people, like Ngaben tradition for example. However, how about its history? What is history of Bali? Let’s take a moment to look at it. Now we learn from the […]

Top 15 Art and Culture of Jakarta Indonesia

Like we all know, Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia. Its very crowded filled, filled with business and pollution. However, beside that, Jakarta has many great cultures that you must know. Their cultures often called as Betawi Cultures. Of course, they have some speciality than the others. See also : Papua Culture Indonesia Chinese […]

Cycling in Indonesia – Tours – Event

Bicycle is a means of transportation besides car, motorcycle, train, plane, and so on. Begin to be introduces in the Dutch colonization era, it grew more popular day by day, since people realized bikes were more effective and efficient than the previous modes of transportation they used to use like horses, cows, or carriages. However […]