25 Myths in Bali You May Believe

In the middle of this globalization era, myths can still survive. The myths that circulate and are still trusted by this society seem to refuse to be forgotten. Myth is the story of a nation about the origin of the universe, humans, and the nation itself.

There are many things that cause Balinese people (although not all) still believe in the myths that are circulating. Then, what are the myths that are still believed by Balinese people?

  1. Husbands may not shave their hair when their wife is pregnant

Myths for husbands are not allowed to shave their hair when their wife is pregnant, this is believed to be able to load children born to be good and obedient.

If viewed logically, it relates to the psychological side of the wife where if a wife is pregnant the emotions possessed by a wife are sometimes unstable. This causes if the wife sees her husband shaving his hair and looks handsome, jealousy will arise and fear that her husband will look for a more beautiful wife because at that time the wife’s body looks less proportional.

  1. You can’t cut nails at night

It is not permissible to cut nails, this is believed to bring disease. If seen logically, when the electricity era has not been found the community uses lighting as it is. If the night cuts the nails, it won’t show the nails you want to cut because of the minimal lighting. So that if you cut your nails at night it will cause the possibility of cutting your nails.

  1. Don’t sweep at night

It is not permissible to sweep at night, this is believed to be a waste of fortune. If seen logically, sweeping at night will cause no visible small items. So that if a small item falls and the item is important, then it will be swept away and wasted.

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  1. Don’t sit on the doorway

You may not sit in the doorway, this is believed that the person will not get a mate. If seen logically, sitting in the doorway will make it difficult for others to walk and pass so that this myth is used so that children or adolescents who often sit in the doorway do not sit there again.

  1. Don’t sit down on a pillow

You don’t sit down on the head pillow, this is believed to make the buttocks boil. If seen logically, this myth is given by parents to their children so that the child does not occupy the head pillow. This is because the pillow used for head is not appropriate to be occupied and the Balinese say it is “tulah”.

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  1. Myth in Cemara Waterfall Bali

There are also myths that are a little excited. For those of you who have a partner and go to the pine waterfall, your relationship will be more lasting until you and your partner becom grandparents. It is up to you whether want to believe or not.

To find the waterfall is also quite difficult, similar to maintaining relationships. So the point is that patience can last. The location of pine waterfalls is in Sambangan Village, Singaraja, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

  1. Myth in Jayaprana’s Tomb

If you visit Jayaprana’s grave, you can also remember how loyal a wife is like Layonsari, she is willing to be loyal (faithful) and die together because of love, that can be compared to an extraordinary loyalty.

But there is also a myth that has developed until now, because the bride and groom are not going to pass the road in the Jayaprana tomb area, if you still want to come here, you can come in a different car, so that they don’t envy you, because they are not united in the world, not like the bride and groom who crossed the area. The location of the jaya prana tomb is in the Teluk Terima forest area, Sumber Klampok Village, Kec. Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

  1. Myth in Tanah Lot

Tanah lot is a tourism places near Kuta beach. Besides the beauty of the scenery, it turns out that the lot lot has a myth that is very trusted by the community. There is eternal holy water, a snake that grants all requests and there is also a ban when traveling to Tanah Lot Temple.

If you invite your girlfriend to travel together to Tanah Lot Temple, then your relationship will not last long. You might end your relationship in the near future. But my admin friends have also been there with his girlfriend. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

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  1. Shampooing in kajeng kliwon (Balinese traditional day), will make hair fall out more easily and be harmed by other people.
  2. It is prohibited to eat chicken eggs mixed with eating pindang fish, said the person who eats those foods simultaneously will often behave strangely.
  3. Prohibited from eating watermelon coupled with brown sugar, said to interfere with digestion makes us become diarrhea.
  4. Don’t ask people who want to go to cock fighting/ gambling, said people who will go there will lose.
  5. It is forbidden to stay on the roof of the shower while praying, not to disturb other world paths.
  6. It is forbidden to cross under the bridge, if you often pass under the bridge, your people’s trust and authority will decrease.
  7. It is prohibited to whistle at night, said to be able to invite spirits.
  8. It is forbidden to mention the word ‘gulel’ / tired when heading to the top of the Lempuyang, said the trip will be farther away, so it will not get to the top.
  9. It is prohibited to wear / carry gold while climbing the Agung mountain, it is said to be dirty and can bring disaster
  10. It is prohibited to bring food from beef when climbing to the Agung mountain, the same is said to be dirty and can be a disaster
  11. It is forbidden to climb the great mountain when a family dies, it is still said to be dirty and can bring disaster. This also applies to temples, because they cannot also enter the temple area when a family dies.
  12. It is forbidden to enter the temple area when it is coming, it is said to be dirty and can bring great disaster.
  13. It is forbidden to pay debts during Sedana hairstyles, it is believed that your debt will increase.
  14. Forbidden to take pictures of three, notified that there will be one who dies.
  15. It is forbidden to wander outside when it leaves / daylight and at the time of the afternoon / evening before evening, it is said that it is the time for butakala / a kind of spirits to roam.
  16. It is forbidden to leave rice when finished eating, it will make fortune recede and some say it will make a pet chicken die
  17. It is forbidden to cry over people who have died, his spirit can be a lot of obstacles when heading to the world there.

Those are some myths of Bali. Some of them seem illogical, you can believe them or not. However, most of Balinese still believe that they could happen.