10 Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta Must be Visited

Yogyakarta or usually Indonesia people say this province briefly ‘Jogja’ where it always offers distinctions and you cannot find them in other provinces. There is a fascination which makes people want to go to this city again. Moreover, there are a lot of instagrammable tourist attractions in Jogja that really supports their culture. For example, a historical tourist attraction in Jogja which has been very popular in early time. We do not feel enough yet if only visiting mainstream places and they have existed for a long time. In addition, there are still many new tourist attractions in Jogja. Certainly, you should be ready to bring your camera since there are so many photo spots which must be taken here.

1. Studio Alam Gamplong

Who has ever watched Sultan Agung film? or maybe did you watch the legendary film on 15 August 2019 entitled “Bumi Manusia” which is adapted from “This Earth of Mankind” novel by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Those both films are produced at the same locations. The name of this location is Desa Wisata Gamplong and more specific at Studio Alam Gamplong.

Initially, this studio is a place for making a film which is directed by Hanung Bramantyo and their producer is Moeryati Soedibyo, a CEO Mustika Ratu. After the process of making Sultan Agung film finished, this location is given for Sleman regent in a grant. At last, this location becomes a tourist attraction that is named “Studio Film Terbuka”. Therefore, Studio Gamplong must be visited.

2. Taman Pelangi Jogja

Taman Pelangi Jogja can be said as a new tourist attraction in the evening. There are so many tourist attractions in Malang like Malang Night Paradise which is created the natural tourism atmosphere with the concept of a city park and also it is placed with the various lanterns. However, the style of these tourist attractions in Jogja is still a little.

One of the examples is Taman Pelangi Jogja that exists in Monumen Yogya Kembali. This place becomes a tourist attraction in order to watch the colorful lanterns and their rays are very beautiful. There are approximately 20 great spots for taking photos. Taman Pelangi Jogja opens every 5 PM – 11 PM. The entrance ticket for this tourist attraction is only Rp 15.000 / person.

3. Snack Wonderland Jogja

If you are visiting instagrammable places in Yogyakarta, do not miss this tourist attraction. The name of this place is Snack Wonderland Jogja and its location is very suitable for taking photos due to its wonderful design interior. In addition, the visitors will be spoiled by the unique and interesting photo spots.

The visitors can take a selfie together with the fabulous artificial snacks. The various snacks such as Chitato, popcorn even, ice cream look artificial in which those snacks can be enjoyed by miniatures. Moreover, the kind of tourist attraction is still classified rare in Indonesia because the concept of snack Wonderful Indonesia is very lovely and makes us do not want to miss it.

4. Sindu Kesuma Edupark Yogyakarta

Have you ever seen a giant Ferris wheel that adorns London city? or the highest Ferris wheel in the world that exists in Singapore? Yogyakarta also has a big Ferris wheel and it exists at Sindu Kesuma Edupark Jogja. This Ferris wheel is quite tall and it makes us nervous if trying this vehicle. The afternoon is the best time to go up the Edupark Ferris wheel in order to see a view of the magnificent orange sky. We can also go up Ferris wheel in the evening since we can see the sparkling city lights in Jogja. Furthermore, Sindu Kesuma Edupark Yogyakarta becomes a tourist attraction which is the nearest to downtown and looks very beautiful at dusk.

5. Teddy Bear World Jogja

Next, do not forget to visit Teddy Bear World Jogja. This instagrammable tourist attraction is also a wonderful spot for taking great photos. The big concept of this tourist destination is the country of dolls.

We will enjoy a variety of complete doll sets with artificial palaces and children’s playgrounds. For the parents should bring your children to this tourist attraction because the children will be very happy. Therefore, Teddy Bear World Jogja is classified as the best selling of tourist attraction in Jogja for students throughout this 2019.

6. Gondola Pantai Timang

Gondola Pantai Timang is a new innovation of tourist attraction in Indonesia and it is located at Gunung Kidul Jogja. This tourist attraction offers a sensational to go up gondola above coastal waters.

However, there is advice that we should have a lot of money when we go to Timang beach since they do not enact a continuation ticket so that, every instagrammable spot will be always charged. For instance, the bridge spot and gondola which connect Timang Island with Watu Panjang Island.

7. Bukit Lintang Sewu

Bukit Lintang Sewu is another instagrammable place in Jogja. Have you ever visited here? Bukit Lintang Sewu is located in Dligo, Bantul. This tourist attraction offers natural views from the heights and decorations like the big chair in the form of a star.

If you can visit Bukit Lintang Sewu in the evening, you will truly get fun experiences because this tourist attraction shows the beautiful spots of lights under hills. Nevertheless, you can also see the beautiful view in the afternoon while taking photos together with this star. Besides, Bukit Lintang Sewu is a very romantic place and it will be suitable to take a holiday with a partner.

8. Hutan Pinus Pengger

If you are in Yogyakarta, try to visit this Hutan Pinus Pengger. This tourist attraction is a romantic location for Valentine’s Day and this area is also forest tourism with wonderful natural views from the heights. The various ornaments like the bridge in the form of a palm and a perforated tree are ready to spoil your camera.

The best time to visit this tourist attraction is in the afternoon because we will not feel hot air and lights of sun is dazzling. However, you can also visit here in the evening for you who like to see the city lights from the heights.

9. Ayunan Langit Watu Jaran

Have you ever gone to Kulonprogo? or Ayunan Langit Watu Jaran? This tourist attraction is a favorite place for international tourists. How comes? a swing is swinging above the heights. Then, there are trees underneath this swing also the views of trees around. Therefore, this vehicle really tests an adrenaline rush.

But, do not worry because this swing is completed by safety ropes so, if you want to swing fast and highly, it will stay safe. In addition, you should bring two cameras. This purpose is for you can hold own camera and another one is held by your friends in order to be able to take photos from other sides and also record videos.

10. The World Landmarks Merapi Park

This tourist attraction is the same as Small World Purwokerto. The World Landmarks Merapi Park has a concept of miniatures and this place is not less beautiful than a tourist attraction in Purwokerto.

There are so many miniatures of the world buildings such as the windmills in the Netherlands and Eiffel Tower in Paris. So, are you ready to visit this popular tourist attraction? do not forget to invite your friends in order to they can take photos of you.

Anyway, that is all instagrammable tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Which one do you want to visit first? and also do not forget to bring good equipment for taking photos! Hope you get wonderful and amazing photos so that, you can upload them on Instagram.