Top 15 Highest Mountain in Indonesia with Stunning Views

Mountain is the surface of the earth which when compared with the surrounding looks has a striking height clearly. Mountain also can be interpreted as a prominent ground compares to the area around it which is usually a mainland. The difference with the hill and mountain is mountain looks taller and steeper when compared with the hill. The natural appearance of mountain’s surfaces especially its soil that is formed from plate tectonic motion and orogenic or epeirogenic.

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Some mountain usually has two or more climate, various species of plants and animals. Geologically, there are three types of mountains, namely volcanoes, mountain folds, and mountain fractures. They are formed from tectonic plates as the earth’s crust begins to move.
Usually the climate in the mountains is cooler according to its height. The higher the mountain, the cooler the climate in that area. This is caused by solar radiation. So, when the sun heats the land by radiation, the greenhouse effect seems to “enclose” the heat in order not to return to space. Therefore, the lowlands are warmer than the mountains. (Read also: Unique facts about Indonesia – Bird of Paradise)

Indonesia is one of the countries that have the largest number of mountains. In Indonesia, most of the volcano is an active volcano because Indonesia is on the Ring of fire path. Therefore, the existence of the mountain has become a special thing that cannot be separated from the life of Indonesian society. Out of hundreds mountains in Indonesia, many of them have height that is above 2000 meters. These mountains then become the favorite climbing object for nature lovers. And here we will give list of 15 highest mountains in Indonesia.

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1. Mount Carstenz Pyramid or Jaya Wijaya, Papua

The highest mountain in Indonesia is a mountain named Carstenz Pyramid or Jaya Wijaya. Mount Jaya Wijaya is also included in seven world of summit. In the past, the mountain was named after the Carstenz Pyramid with a purpose to honor the man who first discovered this mountain in 1623. The man was named Cartenz who came from the Netherlands.

Then, in 1945, after the liberation of Papua from the Dutch colonization, Indonesia’s first president, Ir.Sukarno named Jaya Wijaya to this mountain. Mount Jaya Wijaya is famous for its uniqueness that makes climbers all over the world interested in climbing on mount Jaya Wijaya. (Read also: Javan Hawk – Indonesian Orangutan)

Among the uniqueness that appears on this mountain is the snow that is found on the top of mount Jaya Wijaya. Because in the laws of nature, every land that lies on the equator, on those lands it is impossible to find snow. But it seems that this law does not work on the peak of Mount Jaya Wijaya.

Another uniqueness that may be found here is at the snow peak of Jaya Wijaya there are goods or objects of the sea, like shells and other marine objects. This is because the first peak of Jaya Wijaya is the seabed, and because of natural events, this land rises to the top and becomes mount Jaya Wijaya. The height of Jaya Wijaya mountain is 4,884 meters above sea level. (See also: Indonesian Tribes)

2. Mount Puncak Mandala, Papua

Still located in Papua, the mountain that ranks number 2 as the highest mountain in Indonesia is known as the Mount Puncak Mandala. In the past, in the Dutch colonial era, Mount Mandala was better known by the public as Juliana Top or Puncak Juliana. (Read also: Indonesian Air Force – Indonesia Lifestyle)

In colonial times until 2003, the peak of Mount Mandala was covered by snow. Unfortunately, the snow at the top of Mount Mandala slowly began to melt and disappear when Global Warming occurred in 2003.

Mount Mandala was first discovered and climbed by Arthur Escher, Jan De Wijn, Herman Verstappen, Max Tissing and Piet Ter Laag on September 9, 1959. The height of Mount Mandala is 4,670 meters above sea level.

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3. Mount Puncak Trikora, Papua

The third highest mountain in Indonesia also comes from Papua, which is called as mount Puncak Trikora. In the Old Colonial era, Puncak Trikora Mountain was better known as Wilhelmina, Wilhelmina itself is absorbed from the name of a Dutch queen in the colonial era. (Read also: Indonesian traditional puppets – Festivals in Indonesia)

The peak of the Trikora was first explored in 1913, the first people to explore were Hubrecht, Versteeg and Franssen Herderschee.

One of Trikora’s most famous climbing trails is the climb by Ricky Munday in December 2010. However, his efforts to get to the top have never worked.

Just as precisely as what happened to Mount Mandala, the top of Mount Trikora was once covered by snow, but in 1936, drastically, the snow covering the top of Trikora mountain disappeared. Thus, Mount Trikora is the first mountain to lose snow in the world. Speaking of its height, Mount Trikora has a peak with a height of 4730 meters above sea level.

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4. Mount Ngga Pilimsit, Papua

Still comes from Papua, the fourth of Indonesia’s highest mountain is called mountNgga Pilimsit. It is located in Papua and 21 km to the east of Jaya Wijaya mountain. (Read also: Kartini Day Celebrations – Indonesian Wedding Culture)

Before being called as Pilansit Ngga mountain, this mountain is better known by the Dutch colonists by the name of Indeburg. After climbing this mountain and reaching the peak, people can see a beautiful lake also called Lake Idenburg. Lake Idenburg is famous for its green coloured water The green colour occurred from the green algae that lives in this lake.

During a certain time, snow also fall in this place like in the other peaks in Jayawijaya Mountains. Mount Ngga Pilimsit was first climbed by Heinrich Harrer and Philip Temple in 1962. And the height of Ngga Pilimsit mountain is 4,717 meters above sea level. (Read also: Indonesian night markets – Indonesian national flower)

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5. Mount Yamin, Papua

Yamin Mountain is the fifth mountain of the highest mountains in Indonesia and the island of Papua. This mountain is also located in Jayawijaya Mountains that is known for its high peaks.

It looks like the island of Papua deserves to be nicknamed “The tallest island in Indonesia” because of the top five mountains in Indonesia are located on this island.  (See also: Javanese Batik Fabric – Diversity in Indonesia)

Yamin Mountain is famously known for its limestone, clastic and coral structures, and inaccessible mountain structure. Due to the hard climbing track, people can reach the peak for about 3 days of climbing. This mountain is also one of Jayawijaya mountains that still be covered by snow.

The time that needs to be taken to climb mount Yamin in average is 3 to 4 days. The Mount Yamin has an altitude of 4595 meters above sea level.

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6. Mount Kerinci, Jambi, Sumatra

The highest mountain in Indonesia at number 6 is Kerinci mountain which is located on Sumatra, more precisely in Jambi province. Mount Kerinci itself is the highest volcano in Indonesia, even in Asia. (Read also: Christmas in Indonesia – Tana Toraja Death Rituals)

The other interesting fact about Mount Kerinci is that the mountain is surrounded by Kerinci Seblat National Park. This National Park is known as the home for Sumatran tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Mount Kerinci was erupted last time in 2009. And until now the mountain Kerinci is still on active status. If tourists plan to climb Kerinci Mountain, the recommended route and the easiest route is in Kersik Tuo Village. (Read also: Best airports in Indonesia – Indonesian Theater)

Through this climbing route people can start climbing at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.Meanwhile, the height of Mount Kerinci itself is 3,805 meters above sea level.

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7. Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

The seventh highest mountain in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani which is located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani itself is the second highest mountain among the volcanoes in Indonesia. Recorded from 1847 until now, this mountain has experienced 7 eruptions. (Read also: Indonesian cultural festival – Indonesian beliefs and values)

Mount Rinjani also includes as a favorite mountain for mountain climbers. In addition to its famous and beautiful scenery, Rinjani Mountain also has a caldera or crater called Sagara Anak.Sagara Anak itself is a lake located in Rinjani mountain at an altitude of 2,010 meters. The uniqueness of Sagara Anak is the shape that resembles a crescent moon and in it there are several types of fish, such as goldfish and tilapia. The mountain climbers usually set aside a little time for fishing in this lake. (Read also: Flag of Indonesia – Fasting in Indonesia)

After seeing the lake of Sagara Anak and passing every obstacle found on the climbing route and arrives at the top of Mount Rinjani, the climbers will be treated to a panorama of nature that will never be forgotten. Mountain climbers can see Mount Agung in Bali, Raung mountain in Banyuwangi and Tambora mountain in Sumbawa if the weather is clear.

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8. Mount Semeru, Lumajang, East Java

Mount Semeru is Indonesia’s 8th highest mountain, Indonesia’s 3rd highest volcano, and the highest mountain on Java Island, so this mountain is also called as the roof of Java Island. (Read also: National library of Indonesia – Table manners in Indonesia)

One of the things that attracted the climbers on the Mount Semeru is its beautiful scenery that is described in Indonesia’s famous movie “5 CM”. This mountain is very famous of its beautiful lake called Ranu Kumbolo and peak Mahameru which is known as the eternal peak of the Gods.

The peak of Mahameru is the name of the summit of Mount Semeru, on top of the southern Mahameru peak there is a crater that always spewed poisonous gas, locals call this poison gas by the name of Wedus Gembel, which means goat dreadlocks. (Read also: Wildfire in Indonesia – Why is Indonesia Important)

In 1997, Wedus Gembel recorded as much as 2990 times, almost every day. The average of the records, Wedus Gembel spurt at nine o’clock in the morning until the afternoon, therefore, after 9 o’clock in the morning, the climbers are forbidden to climb to the top of Mahameru. It is because Wedus Gembel is dangerous if inhaled by humans and has taken many victims.

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9. Mount Sanggar, West Nusa Tenggara

Mount Sanggar is the 9th highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain is located in West Nusa Tenggara and is included in the cluster of Rinjani Mountains. Although included in the top 10 of highest mountains in Indonesia, Sanggar mountain is less popular among mountain climbers, maybe this is due to its popularity is covered by the mountain Rinjani.

However, although not as popular as Mount Rinjani, the scenery and beautiful peak of this Sanggar Mountain are worth fighting for. So, this mountain is very recommended for those who have climbed Rinjani and want to adventure again in the land of West Nusa Tenggara. Mountain Sanggar has an altitude of 3,564 meters above sea level.

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10. Mount Latimojong, Enrekang, South Sulawesi

Mount Latimojong is the highest mountain in South Sulawesi. People can reach this mountain by driving about 10 hours from Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi. This mountain is also known by the Peak Rante Marino.

The height of this mountain is 3,478 meters and its mountains extend from south to north. Climber can reach the top of this mountain for about 10 to 12 hours of climbing. And at the top of the mountain, there is a monument that states Mount Latimojong is the highest mountain in Sulawesi.

From all directions of Mount Latimojong there is a district of Enrekang Regency in the west, Tana Toraja regency in the north, Sidenreng Rappang Regency in the south, and Lawu Regency in the east. (See also: Indonesian Cultures)


There are several other highest mountain in Indonesia, as follows:

[toggle title=”Mount Slamet, East Java” state=”closed”]

Mount Slamet is the second highest mountain in Java Island after Mount Semeru and the highest mountain in Central Java. This mountain has a height of 3328 meters from sea level. Mount Slamet has a crater; the crater is the last 4 craters which is still active until now.
Mount Slamet is included as one of the mountains that is quite famous for climbing, although the terrain is known quite difficult to pass.
In addition under the foot of Mount Slamet there is a tourist area of Baturaden which is a mainstay tour for Banyumas regency and only about 15 km from Purwokerto.

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[toggle title=”Mount Sumbing, Central Java“]

Mount Sumbing is one of the highest mountains in Java Island. This mountain is the third highest mountain in Java Island after Mount Semeru and Mount Slamet and has a height of 3771 meters above sea level. Beside Mount Sumbing there is Mount Sindara which both mountains are always called together with the name “Sindara Sumbing Mountain “.
Both mountains form a landscape of a large mountain even though the height is different like Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi. The gap between Mount Sumbing and MountSindara is a transportation path between Temanggung city and Wonosobo city.
On the top of Mount Sumbing there is a crater that is still active until now and it is not known when this mountain will surely erupt.

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[toggle title=”Mount Raung, East Java“]

Mount Raung is a cone volcano that geographically located near Raung Mountain and the area of Ijen Mountain complex and became the highest peak of this mountains cluster. This mountain has a height of 3,344 meters from sea level. Mount Raung is also the second highest mountain in East Java and the fourth highest in Java. Mount Raung has four peak points of which are Peak 17, Peak Flag, Peak Tusuk Gigim and the highest is the Peak Sejati.

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[toggle title=” Mount Lawu, East Java“]

Mount Lawu is still in the active status of a volcano despite being inactive (break) and erupted lastly in 1885 November the 28th. This mountain has a height of 3,265 meters from sea level.The duration of inactivity is seen from the density of vegetation and its erupting peak. Also on the slopes of Mount Lawu there is a small crater that still removes moisture and sulfur.
Mount Lawu has three peaks that include Peak Hargo Dumiling, Peak Hargo Dalem, and Peak Hargo Dumilah which is the highest peak. In addition under the slopes of Mount Lawu there are a number of tourist attractions that are quite popular as a tourist destination, especially in areas of Tawangmangu, Cemorosewu, and Sarangan.

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[toggle title=”Mount Dempo, South Sumatra“]

Mount Dempo is located in the city of Pagalaram , a city that is famous for its delicious robust coffee. From Palembang City it tourist can travel about 7 hours to get there. In the usual days, on Mount Dempo can be found by many people who are deliberately climbing to the top, some are looking for firewood, or just hiking. Although the mountain is quite high, half a trip to climb this mountain people can still finnd clear water. So the climbers do not have to worry anymore about the shortage of drinking water.

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These are the explanation about top 15 highest mountain in Indonesia. Indonesia is a unique country because it has so many mountains that attracts climber from all over the world to overcome it. We hope that you will find this article helpful. Please stay update because we will give you another interesting facts about Indonesia.