Recommended Places to Visit Around Bromo

bromo mountainBromo mountain is one of the most famous tourism site that has many visitors every year. It’s located over four region, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. It’s one of most active volcano in Indonesia, though it’s dangerous, it attracts most tourist due to many amazing natural scenery that can make your vacation worthwhile.

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Here are top 10 destination to visit around Mount Bromo:

1. Madakaripura Waterfall

This waterfall is as majestic as the mountain itself. usually a waterfall appears one from the highest cliff to the bottom. But Madakaripura is different, it has multiple waterfalls go down from above to below in one cliff. Amazing, isn’t it?

Imagine hiking for some period of time and having yourself tired, then to find your self finding waterfalls in the middle of nowhere? It must be refreshing, especially this waterfall still feels natural without any human interference, the water, the stones, and other object must still be pure and natural.

It’s located in Lumbang, Probolinggo. It’s considered as main route before hiking to Mount Bromo. The ticket price is affordably cheap, both children and adult can go directly visiting the waterfall.

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2. Mentigen Hill

This hill is located below the Mount Bromo. Spesifically, it’s located in Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggo. This might be only a hill, but from here visitors can already see sun rises and sun sets. It’s one of alternative if visitors don’t want to go to Bromo with Jeep or 2-wheels vehicle.

3. B29 Argosari

This site is one of the most unique site in Mount Bromo tourism itinerary. It’s located in Argosari city, 40km from Lumajang. This site is really comfortable place to do camping with friends. This has highest elevation than any other spot in Bromo.

Thus B29 has very cold breeze air in the morning since it’s the highest spot in Bromo. But the scenery that the visitor can get in B29.

For someone who likes motocross, the route to B29 Argosari is very recommended for you. But the following scenery will make your adventure worth the price.

4. Bromo Milky Way

Milky Way is one of the most wanted destination in Bromo because you can get very bright and solid night scenery with thousand stars filling the sky at night.

This place is very instagrammable spot for everyone who likes adventure, especially hiking. Visitors is recommended to visit this place at afternoon so that the night comes, the beautiful night scenery that you hope for will come to realization.

The beautiful scenery of Milky Way is one of the best scenery that rarely could be captured easily in the world. One of its access is trough Mount Bromo. That’s why most of the photographer and adventurer compete to capture this beautiful scenery.

5. Bromo National Park

This is the main spot of Mount Bromo tourism site. It’s the second highest spot after B29 Argosari. This spot allow you to see beautiful scenery and also to witness sun sets and rises. It’s one of the most wanted site for tourists who visit Mount Bromo. There’s also some hiking spot that as breathtaking as Mount Bromo that you can read in Mountains Worth to Climb in Indonesia.

The easiest access to this site is by jeep because you will go trough pretty extreme arena before you get to the site. If you’re backpacker and do not have much money to loan a jeep, you could use motorcycle. If you want to capture the beauty of sunrise, you need to hike at maximum 3 a.m. in the morning. Other than that, say good bye to your dream.

6. Savana (But with Grass?)

Bromo is mostly covered by sands. But there’s one hidden gem in it that very contrast with the journey to get there. That is padang rumput (Savana Grass). It consists of big field full of grass. You can lay down there facing up the blue sky just like in a movie.

But the track to get there is mostly a dessert. It looks very contrast each other while one side it’s full of dessert and other side it’s a grass field with hills scenery. It’s located in south side of Bromo, you can access this site by motorcycle from Malang or Lumajang.

7. Hill of Teletubbies.

Near the Grass Savana, you can find Hill of Teletubbies. Do you remember a child show where there’s four creatures with colorful body play around their field and doing everything to be happy? Do you remember where they leave? Yes, they live in a small hill.

That small hill, you can find that in Mount Bromo. Located in south side of the mountain near the Grass Savana. It’s one of the must-be-visited site in Bromo since it consists of hills and mountain grass which will make you nostalgic with your childhood dream all over again.

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8. Waterfall Coban Pelangi

This waterfall produces eternity rainbow due to the angle between the waterfall, sunlight, and the stones. There are also some other interesting waterfalls such as Coban Trisula and Coban Jahe.

The itinerary to visit this waterfall it’s not easy. From the entry, tourist needs to cross traditional ladder until they find a bridge and a river. Visitors can rest and relax as the route is still long. After gaining some energies, visitor can continue their journey to the waterfall.

It’s not an easy ride but it’s worth your vacation time.

9. Whispering Sand

As it’s mentioned before, most of the landscape in Mount Bromo is covered by sand, it’s no wonder that there’s wide field of sand waiting to be explored in Bromo. This site is called Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand).

If you listen closely, the sand will create sound produced from waved sand by the wind. People usually use this place to get their inspiration for photo, picture, or video. That’s not a strange thing if you would find a film crew or a painter doing their work on this site.

10. Tengger Tribe and Luhur Poten Shrine

Bromo tourism site also provides a beautiful Hindu temple called Luhur Poten. It is located within the Tengger tribe community. This temple is built in order to fulfill spiritual need for Tengger people to praise their God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

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This temple is constructed around the beginning of 21th century. It has main temple solely to praise Brahma, the highest God in the Hindu belief. It’s divided into three zones built by combining the style of Javanese and Balinese architecture.

The uniqueness of this temple is thanks to its location in the middle of the dessert. It looks very isolated and peaceful. This temple is main prey for photographer especially when Tengger people practice their annual ritual, such as Tirta Yatra.

Those are top ten sites in Mount Bromo that could fill your happy vacation. Bromo is one of the best destination you can find in Java, Indonesia. The scenery is surely breathtaking and worth of your time. But remember to always keep the site clean from rubbish and not to spoil some of its artifacts or natural resources.