14 Reasons Why You Must Visit Yogyakarta

Indonesia is rich in interesting and fun tourist attractions. Some cities offer a lot of beauty inside, building uniqueness, delicious food, and impressive handicrafts. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Yogyakarta. There are many interesting places and also beautiful spots can be used as a place to vacation with loved ones who are cool and impressive. The souvenirs that you must buy in Yogyakarta.

For that reason, it’s no wonder many visitors feel comfortable at home in this student city. You who want to know the reason why you must visit Yogyakarta, here are some explanations and also information to know:

1. Culture

Yogyakarta is a special city that has a lot of uniqueness, beauty, diversity, and wisdom of a local culture that is interesting to learn and see. Why is this city one the choice as a pleasant place, because of its thick traditional culture and is still maintained today.

Residents who maintain the distinctive culture of Yogyakarta is so high, it is proven that there are still many Javanese cultures, especially from Yogyakarta, which have been adopted for generations until now. So, it is appropriate for this special city to be a role model in the area of culture that is maintained. The best nightlife in Yogyakarta.

2. Environment

The environment and atmosphere in Yogyakarta also seem calm, peaceful and pleasant. Rarely does the city look like a traffic jam, even the crime rate is very small. If you are in a village in Yogyakarta, it will feel like life and a harmonious environment are also full of tolerance.

A comfortable environment will automatically make you feel at home and also comfortable, besides that it is also known as a friendly and likable local resident of Yogyakarta, please help. So, it should be used as a place for you to stop in a short or long time.

3. Ethics

The reason why you must visit Yogyakarta next is ethics. In Yogyakarta, it is known as a city of humanists, historians, educated cities and fairies. So it is not surprising that manners and ethics are highly respected. Just mentioning names of people or older people must be polite, how to respect other people, village leaders, kings, and ethically regulated servants.

It is not imagined if you in Yogyakarta will find a friendly face of citizens and also a smile. Coupled with the language and gentle impression of the local people there. The famous things in Yogyakarta.

4. All are cheap

Don’t worry about paying too much if you eat in some places in Yogyakarta. When you explore food in Yogyakarta, it turns out the price of this type of menu is still relatively cheap. It’s just that the taste of Yogyakarta’s specialty is fairly sweet, so for those of you whose tongue has a salty taste, it’s not suitable to enjoy it.

Somehow what is sold in this special city is a cheap average different compared to prices in big cities like Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, and Bandung. If you find something interesting and cheap, don’t think twice to buy it, because outside Yogyakarta, the price will increase to 3-fold.

5. Culinary

Eating a typical Yogyakarta menu is quite tempting, there are many traditional snacks such as Gudeg, Gado Gado, Krecek, Bakpia, Geplak, and many others. However, there are some foods that are sweet, savory, delicious and so on. But almost 80% of the dishes in Yogyakarta are sweet.

There are some people or visitors who are suit to this taste, but some dislikes this kind of taste. However, of all the food available, all are worth trying. Because only in Yogyakarta, you will enjoy the peculiarities of the menu and tempting cuisine.  You can find the best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

6. Extreme challenging activities

The next reason why you must visit Yogyakarta is that there are many extreme-themed activities that can be done while you are on vacation in Yogyakarta. Some of the activities that you can try are paragliding, volcano cliff swing, lava Merapi tour, and many other activities.

For those of you who like the challenge, it’s right to choose the city of Yogyakarta as the holiday province. There are many other things that you can enjoy, such as beach tourism, mountain tourism, nature tourism and so on. Because Yogyakarta offers interesting natural activities that are also fun to do.

7.  Art

One of the reasons why Yogyakarta is a choice as a vacation destination because in this city there are a lot of cultural values, be it relics, art, antiques to buildings that are full of history. In addition, Yogyakarta has a thick element of royal life that still exists today.

You can find out about the lives of the servants, the royal environment and so on through cultural festivals that are often held in the Yogyakarta palace. To know you have to visit in certain months such as January, September and some others. The event, which is often an event in Yogyakarta, is very strong carrying the theme of traditional culture. Many local and foreign tourists come and see the activity firsthand. The popular food in Yogyakarta you must try.

8. Traditional Music

Yogyakarta’s special arts also become a lot of attention both for national and international. Examples such as Keroncong, Wayang, Gamelan and many others. The art is much liked internationally because it is very unique, traditional and interesting to watch.

The art that is currently still maintained is a wealth of ancestors from ancient times. Therefore you are important to continue to preserve the regional arts that are owned, therefore Yogyakarta is still known as a city that has strong and phenomenal regional arts and should be proud of it.

9. Education

The reason why you must visit Yogyakarta is for those of you who choose Yogyakarta as an option to continue their education, it seems very appropriate. Because in this city it is known as a city of students. Many graduates from the end of Indonesia (Aceh) to Merauke even until overseas students choose schools in Yogyakarta.

There are some who choose Yogyakarta as a center for quality education because there are many universities also the best universities are also affordable. So you should not be surprised if the city of Yogyakarta is filled with thousands of students while walking in certain locations. Hence the traditional Spa in Yogyakarta.

10. Souvenir

Apart from that, many interesting things that you can find in Yogyakarta such as buying souvenirs at affordable prices. The uniqueness of typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta lies in the shape and design because there are made using fabrication and there are in their own hands or homemade.

Various souvenirs such as accessories, fabrics, batik clothing, sandals, silverware, bags, shoes, culinary, miniatures and so on. The price you can get is still negotiable. The main thing is that you don’t regret buying some souvenirs, generally, you can find items in the Malioboro, Bringharjo and other markets.

To find out more about the reason why you must visit Yogyakarta, here are some features:

  • The natural beauty in Yogyakarta is also one of the reasons why this city is a favorite choice for vacationers. The stunning natural attractions are also fascinating, very fun to do outdoor activities.
  • Including the beauty of the mountain in Yogyakarta is also very challenging, for those of you who like to hike and adventure in the mountains can try some cool mountains. Examples such as Mount Merapi, Mount Bejo, Mount Kendil and many others. You must do activities in Yogyakarta.
  • Not forgetting also the beauty of the beach in Yogyakarta is also able to attract the attention of many visitors. Besides being beautiful, it is also fun to play water activities, examples of beaches that you can visit such as Parangkritis, Parangkusumo, Jogan beach and there are still a few more.

Thus you become more understanding of the reason why you must visit Yogyakarta. Hopefully, the above explanation can add your knowledge of the specialty of the city of Yogyakarta.