16 Exotic and Unforgettable Beaches in East Java Must be Visited

When we talk about tourist destinations, there are a lot of locations that we can find. In addition, If we discuss the location of tourist attractions in Indonesia, we will never run out of the topics certainly. One of the locations or tourist attractions kinds which are often visited from many various locations in Indonesia […]

17 Exotic and Instagrammable Beaches in Central Java

When we talk about the interesting locations for tour destinations, we can mention the various types. Related to this, everyone has different choices. Every person has own favorite location which they want to visit on holiday. However, there is one kind of tour location that it can be called all people certainly love it. This […]

“Desert” In Parangtritis, Unique Place You Can Visit

Parangtritis Beach is a very popular destination in Yogyakarta. Located in Bantul, Yogyakarta (around 27 kms from downtown), Parangtritis becomes must-visited tourism site for everyone who spend vacation in Yogyakarta. Luckily, the beach opens every day from morning to afternoon, so don’t worry if you won’t miss this beautiful beach. The most unique thing about […]

Top 8 Most Dangerous Beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with thousands islands. Due to having many islands, indonesia has a lots of beautiful coastal beach. Some of them even become the most favorite beach for the foreign tourists. However, living in archipelago country means have to be ready for all the risks. You may think you like to swim, snorkel, […]

10 Facts of Indonesian Historical Port You Need to See

Indonesia is a maritime country. Indonesia’s natural state of islands makes it possible for Indonesia to have many major ports as a center for international trade in the past. Moreover, Indonesia in ancient times is the largest spice-producing country in the world. This makes Indonesia a trade destination for European countries. Therefore, it is not […]

25 Causes of Overfishing in Indonesia

Fish are a crucial part of the marine ecosystem in Indonesia. They contribute to the food chain and the overall wellbeing of the ocean. Other than that, they are also important for Indonesians as food or source of livelihood. Unfortunately, they eventually lead to the problem of overfishing. It is an unwanted activity that could […]