“Desert” In Parangtritis, Unique Place You Can Visit

Parangtritis Beach is a very popular destination in Yogyakarta. Located in Bantul, Yogyakarta (around 27 kms from downtown), Parangtritis becomes must-visited tourism site for everyone who spend vacation in Yogyakarta. Luckily, the beach opens every day from morning to afternoon, so don’t worry if you won’t miss this beautiful beach.

The most unique thing about Parangtritis is that it has very close connection to Yogyakarta royal palace and Mount Merapi. If you draw a line between these three iconic places, you will draw exactly a straight line from north to south.

Other than that, Parangtritis is believed as a gate into underworld by most of local people. So there’s some urban legend that you cannot wear green clothes when you visit the beach because it will attract the queen of the south sea.

Aside from that, there are many positive side of Parangtritis Beach that could make your vacation worth the time. One of them is the quality of its desert. White desert that’s very delicate will spoil your skin and make you fall in love to sun bathe in the beach.

Other than Parangtritis, there are many beach around it that also offers beautiful white sand for the visitors, here are the highlight:

1. Depok Beach

Depok Beach is located in Bantul, Yogyakarta. This beach isn’t only visited for its white desert, but also to hunt for beautiful scenery and spend some vacation times after going through workdays. Other than that, this beach also offers seafood that no other beach could offer. In fact, Depok Beach is the centre of seafood in Yogyakarta. This is not a surprise then to see this beach very crowded in vacation time who wants to eat Javanese seafood.

2. Pandansimo Beach

Pandansimo beach was only a wide white desert with houses from local people who works as fisherman. But, few years after local people initiated to plants some pine trees and others to grow some attractiveness of the site. Thus, this site is getting more and more popular by the time because aside from white and delicate sand, this is one of beaches in Yogyakarta that gives you high breeze from the wind generated from the pine trees since there are many trees on the beach.

3. Goa Cemara Bantul Beach

This is also a unique beach in Yogyakarta near Parangtritis Beach. Aside from the white sand, this beach has unique entrance. Visitors will go through a series of pine trees that looks like a cave entrance in the fairy tales. Just follow the direction and you will find beautiful white dessert with breath-taking scenery around you

4. Pandansari Beach

Other than its white desert, the main attraction you can find on this beach is a big lighthouse on the side of the beach. You can also find heavy and vast amount of pine trees around the lighthouse that will breeze you fresh air while enjoying your vacation. Although the access to the top of the lighthouse requires you to hike thousands of stair, the scenery at the top of the lighthouse will pay off.

This beach is located in Sanden, Gadingsari, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

5. Kuwaru Beach

Other beautiful beach near Prangtritis is Kuwaru Beach, It offers delicate desert and mesmerising scenery to spend your vacation time if you prefer tranquil and less crowded beach. There’s also a series of pine trees where you could sit under and enjoy the weave from the centre of the ocean.

6. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

The rising star of desert tourism activity in Yogyakarta is located in Parangkusumo. It’s a series of desert hill where local people transform it into a surfing site. Surfing is usually practiced in the middle of the sea, isn’t it? But here, you can try surfing activity in the sand and it’s called sandboarding.

Don’t worry, its safety is fully guaranteed so you just can enjoy the adrenaline when you slide down from the top of the hill to the bottom. This site is located in Jalan Pantai Kusumo, Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

7. Parangendog Beach and Hill

This beach is located near Parangtritis. It acquires the name Parangendog because people find many big oval-shaped rock that looks like an egg – Javanese term of egg is endog – and so many of them directs to the sea – also in Javanese language, the term is parang – that’s why the beach has the name Parangendog.

There’s also Hill Parangendog that’s located near the beach. When you reach the top of the hills, you can directly enjoy great scenery in front of you. You can also enjoy sunrise and sunset in this hills.

8. Nglambor Beach

After going from Parangtritis, it’s not worth it if you don’t visit the ultimate heaven of Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul. One of the site that offers you heaven of white desert is Nglambor Beach. Located in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, it has two beautiful beaches that surround it, Siung beach and Jogan beach.

Before arriving on the beach, you’ll see beautiful scenery of Gunung Kidul: Karst Mountain and wide field with various type of plantation. When you arrive on the beach, you’ll be welcomed by two giant coral stone that resemble giant tortoise.

This beach offers beautiful delicate white sand and huge wave coming from the centre of the sea. But don’t worry, the wave will hit the big coral stone and will break apart which adds the exciting part on your journey. The site also offers the snorkelling activity to discover the rich sea biota there.

9. Sadranan Beach

There are also Sadranan Beach in Gunung Kidul that’s as beautiful as Ngalmbor Beach. Located in Sidoarjo Village, Gunung Kidul, this beach also offers beautiful white desert you can enjoy with your friends. The desert is very beautiful and wide that you can take some amazing photo with your friend on it.

There’s also snorkelling activity offered in the beach. Sadranan Beach is also strategic place to witness sunsets and beautiful night scenery in Indonesia. When night comes, the series of stars will crowd the sky as you lay down on the beach while listening to wave sound from the ocean.

10. Ngrenehan Beach

This beautiful white beach that’s surrounded by Karst Hill will blow your mind when you visit this place. This is also where fisherman does their job as many type of fish can be acquired in this beach. It’s no wonder then if you will find many boats on the side of the beach.

This beach is located in Mbiting Hill, the west side of fish market, specifically in Kanigoro Village, Wonosari. This beach offers the experience for those who is curious abouj the life of fishermen in Indonesia as you can ask them to bring you to harvest fish in the middle of the sea.

Other than that, this beach also has beautiful scenery and you can lay down in its white sand while enjoying your vacation time.

Those are the best site in Yogyakarta that has beautiful desert other than Parangtritis. Parangtritis is indeed popular, but other smaller and hideous beach could offer more majestic experience. Yogyakarta has a lot of beach to discover and it’s not enough if you only visit Parangtritis Beach to discover the fullest beauty of Yogyakarta. Other than that. Don’t forget to respect the traditional rule that has been set by local people to honour their belief. Also, don’t leave rubbish on natural tourism site as it can harm the environment in the future.