10 Most Delicious Foods In Madura, Indonesia

When visiting some places for traveling or holiday, culinary tour is one thing that you can’t skip. It’s the same when you visit Madura, that has many delicious foods for your culinary tour. Here are 10 most delicious foods in Madura, Indonesia:

1. Madura Satay

Madura is known of its satay called Madura Satay, the meat skewer that grilled on charcoal. Madura satay used various meats from chicken meat, lamb meat, to beef meat. The satay meat will be cut in small sizes then be pinned in the skewer before grilling. Lastly, but not least, the satay then will be poured by Madura’s signature seasoning sauce that usually made from soy sauce and peanut.

2. Madura Soto

Beside satay, Madura is also known for its soto called Madura Soto that using chicken meat as the main ingridient. The unique thing from Madura Soto and make it different from other soto is the ingridients of this soto was fried, not boiled. This kind of ingridients fit well with the soup of Madura Soto, which is made from coconut milk and candlenut. The soup is also using other spices that make this Madura soto has typical and savory taste.

3. Ox-eyes Soto

If you want to try unique food for your culinary trip in Madura, you can eat Ox-eyes Soto. Just like the name, this food is made from ox-eyes; along with ox-bone, beef, and other ingridients. For the soup, various special spices was used to make its savory and delicious taste. You can eat this Ox-eyes Soto with warm rice while it’s still hot.

4. Songkem Duck

Different from the foods mentioned before that made from chicken, lamb, or beef meat; this food is using duck meat as the main ingridients. Not forget to mention the special seasoning, Songkem Duck was cooked by steaming method. The seasoned duck meat will be wrapped by banana leaves before they steam it. This wrapping and cooking method that make the taste of Songkem Duck more appetizing and delicious.

5. Lorjuk

The next one of 10 most delicious foods in Madura, Indonesia, is Lorjuk. Lorjuk is a type of clam in Madura that has bamboo-shaped shell. People in Madura usually make Lorjuk as an ingridient for various dish and snacks; such as Lorjuk cracker, Lorjuk fried, Lorjuk stir-fry, and many more. Lorjuk is loved for its fishy but delicious taste that fit well with many other dish as well as to make another dish.

6. Topak Ladhe

Topak Ladhe is usually served as the food for the feast day such as Eid, or known in Bahasa as lebaran. Topak Ladhe is a combination of meat, egg, and vegetables along with the seasoning soup that using typical spices. People in Madura eat Topak Ladhe along with ketupat, a rice-processed food which is the typical dish in Eid days. They also add mashed corn powder or sweet vegetables sauce for eat the Topak Ladhe.

7. Tajin Sobih

The name Tajin Sobin explain it all about the food; whereas Tajin means porridge type of food and Sobih is a village in Madura. So, Tajin Sobih is a porridge with various topping and originated from Sobih village at Bangkalan districs, Madura. Tajin Sobih is served on the banana leaves, then poured by brown-sugar soup on it. This sweet food will be a fit snack for you while enjoying your time in Madura city.

8. Kaldu Kokot

Another food in Madura that living up to its name, Kaldu Kokot, that made from ox-bone. In Javanese language, Kokot means ox-bone with its marrow bone. And just like other food in Indonesia, Kaldu Kokot is also using typical spices that make its taste become savory and delicious. Not only that, Kaldu Kokot is also using green beans as the ingridient and make this dish more unique.

9. Serpang Rice

Originated from Bangkalan, Madura, Serpang Rice is the typical food that you must try when you visit this city. Serpang Rice is a combination of various dishes and soup that will please your tummy. You will find calm, salted egg, beef jerky, tofu, noodle, shrimp, and many more in your Serpang Rice.

10. Rujak Corek

The last one of 10 most delicious foods in Madura, Indonesia, is Rujak Corek. This food is made from cucumber, which is its inside was taken and mixed with the seasoning sauce. After mixed, the seasoning sauce will be entered inside the cucumber and it’s ready to consume. You can take a bite of Rujak Corek and drink the soup inside the cucumber.

Those are 10 most delicious food in Madura, Indonesia, that you can try during your visit to this city. Hope this information is helpful!