Top 10 Culinary School in Indonesia – Most Popular

This article will focus on 10 Culinary Schools in Indonesia. There are many of them spread out all over the country. For the love of food, many people always strive to increase their cooking or baking skills. Others dream of becoming a chef and owning their own restaurants, bakeries and even little cafés. This article will mention 10 Culinary School in Indonesia and a general information on each one.

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1. Creative Culinaire The School Indonesia (Jakarta)

Creative Culinaire The School IndonesiaIn May 2013, Shierly Lelyana officially opened the culinary school. With her 7 years of experience in opening her own baking ingredients shop, she decided to venture into the world of culinary school.

She picked Chef Judy Koh Teck Neo as the Executive Chef for the school.Various courses and certificates from Singapore are offered for beginners to professionals. There are also courses for young children who aspire to be chefs. Examples of the offered courses include Pastry Making, Cake Decorating and Bread Baking.

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What makes the school special is that they aim to share secret recipes and skills that the chefs have acquired in their careers. They also claim that these skills have not been taught anywhere else. They also teach methods to formulate a good baking ingredients to produce a good cake.


Some courses are only opened in a specific month. So for detailed schedule, you have to visit their website or call them. The price they offer depends on what course you want to take and for how long. But you might need to spend quite a lot of money since the price range is Rp. 500, 000 – Rp. 48,000,000.

2. The Sages Institute International (Surabaya)

The Sages Institute InternationalThe Sages Institute International is located in Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. They are a part of an international culinary network. They aim to produce highly skilled graduates for the culinary industry. Students are taught theories but the school still favours practical learning.

Additionally, students also learn how to efficiently work within a teamwork environment. They can also enrich their entrepreneurship knowledge if they ever want to open up their own restaurant or bakery.

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The school offers courses on Gastronomic Science. Moreover, there are counsellors to direct students to their dream careers, develop resumes, polish job interview skills and other related issues. Most of the time, they help students meet employers who are looking for graduates from the institute.

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Unfortunately, the Sages Institute limits the number of students they can accept into their program. Although enrolments open on March and September, in total they can only take 44 students each year. For 80% of the time, the school uses English for communication. It might be difficult for students who are not used to speaking the language every day.

3. Imperial Cooking School Tokyo (Jakarta)

The Imperial Cooking School Tokyo opened in 2007 with Japanese Executive Chef Hideyoshi in charge. Everybody from all ages and expertise can enrol into any course they want.

Certificate Course Programs are also available for those who are serious into the career. A course can last on an average of 2 to 3 and a half hours. To enrol, you can directly come to the location without booking first. Pick a course and the ingredients are already prepared for you. You can take home your final products too.

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Courses offered range from the basic baking skill of making a bread, France cuisine, Italian, Japanese, Chinese to Original cooking recipes. So you can learn how to make dishes from other countries. Furthermore, they do not require you to collect people into a group for their courses. You can just come by yourself and have a private course. The price is also quite reasonable, about Rp. 250, 000 – Rp. 2,000,000.


It is important to note that they only specialise on teaching international menus.They do not teach Indonesian traditional cooking. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a school to teach you traditional dishes then this might not be the place for you.

4. Ions Culinary College (Jogjakarta)

Ions Culinary CollegeThe school wants their students to learn about healthy food and different ways too cook them. The teachers are professional chefs who are willing to share their knowledge and skills. Moreover, Ions Culinary College hopes that students will have increased confident with their culinary skill.


They offer a Baby Food program for fathers or mothers. This program is for parents who are eager to learn about proper ways to cook food for their babies. Chefs will teach them how to pick fresh ingredients and efficiently cook them without losing any nutritional values.

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They limit the number of students in a class for each program. This could mean that they might not be able to accept a large amount of students in their school.

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5. De Access Hotel & Culinary Training Centre (Solo)

De Access Hotel & Culinary Training CentreCulinary students will learn how to prepare food as well as food safety. There will be many different recipes for them to learn alongside professional chefs as their teachers.

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Moreover, the simple and short programs will be easy to be implemented into the culinary industries. They make sure that students will be able to have their dream careers. The school cost around Rp. 11. 800.000 for a year. 


Other than the one year program they offer, there are also various other programs to meet everyone needs. There are short courses for those who might be on a budget. Also, there are private and group courses for those who have a busy schedule.

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There is an age limit for the one year program. Those who want to sign up must not be more than 27 years old. So, people who are more than 27 years old can sign up for their shorter programs since they do not give age limit for that.

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6. Tristar Culinary Institute (Surabaya)

Tristar Culinary InstituteThe school has opened since 2012 and has produced many professional chefs. Tristar Culinary Institute is facilitated with open and friendly environment to ensure students’ comfort while studying.

The programs are mostly hands-on-cooking. Students are accompanied with chefs who will teach them work ethics, career and even entrepreneurship.

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They offer a very short course for those who wants to finish within a short amount of time. The quickest course that people can take is the 3 months program. During those 3 months, students will learn cuisines from all over the world as well as vegetarian meals.

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For some people, the cost could be quite expensive. The 3 months program cost around Rp. 10.000.000. In result, the 1 year and 2 year programs might even cost more than that.

7. Monas Pacific Culinary Academy (Surabaya)

Monas Pacific Culinary AcademyNext Culinary School in Indonesia is in Surabaya, East Java. Monas Pacific Culinary Academy train budding chefs to become professional Master Chefs. When students graduate, they are expected to immediately jump into the culinary industry. It could be regional, national or international.

With the skills that students learn in school, they are also expected to be able to own a restaurant, a catering business or a bakery. The three year education will increase the students’ culinary skills and team work.

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The curriculum that they use is based on Johnson & Wales University in the United States. It is one of the biggest schools in the world. Also, it is based on the California Culinary Academy in San Franscisco. The curriculum is modified a little bit to contain Indonesian values.

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So far, the school does not give out scholarships. Unfortunately, they also only accept 150 students annually because they intend to focus more on the quality of their graduates.

8. Bali Culinary Pastry School (Bali)

Bali Culinary Pastry SchoolThe Bali Culinary Pastry School is a green and spacious campus. They aim to give everybody the same opportunity and chance of pursuing a culinary career in the industry. They also claim that their programs are affordable.

Moreover, they offer facilities that they claim to be of international standard. Some of the courses that they offer are also short which means saving a lot of time.

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They have programs that focus on a specific kinds industry. Therefore, training and learning are relevant to that particular industry. Graduates can instantly work in a field with the necessary skills. Other than that, students are offered internship outside of Indonesia. Thus, it increases students’ opportunities to work overseas too.


The overall cost of living during the study could be quite expensive because the school is located in Bali. Other than paying for tuition, students must also save up money for their everyday needs and accommodation.

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9. Sekolah Kuliner Budi Mulia Dua (Jogjakarta)

Sekolah Kuliner Budi Mulia DuaIn Jogjakarta also exist one of popular Culinary School in Indonesia. Students are expected to freely explore their culinary talents and skills. The school will provide them with the best instructors. The chef program lasts for a year.

The method they prefer is the hands on cooking. Furthermore, students will learn how to make Oriental and Continental dishes. They will also learn about entrepreneurship and hospitality.

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The school is in partnership with a number of hotels and resorts such as the Sahid Hotel. Students could have their internships at the hotels and resorts. They might end up working at those places after they graduate.


The school only offers a one year program. For chefs who still feel they want to get more knowledge and skill then they will have to look for another school they can go to after they graduate.

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10. Bogasari Baking Centre (Multiple Locations in Indonesia)

Bogasari Baking Center

First opened in 1981, people from all ages can enrol to the various programs they offer. They teach students how to bake breads, dim sums, cookies and other varieties.

The Bogasari Baking Centre encourages entrepreneurship and focuses more on the hands on method. However, theories are still given as well as lessons on how to modify recipes.

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The most interesting aspect of this school is the lifetime consultation they provide to alumni. Even after students graduate, they can still seek help for their business. They are also affordable since the price they offer starts at Rp. 300.000.


The place focuses mostly on baking programs. So for those who are looking forward to learn how to cook sophisticated dishes from all over the world, then this might not be the place you are looking for.

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Most of the schools listed above provide the equipment and the ingredients so students do not have to worry too much about them. Also in the case of wanting to make notes, bring along a notebook and a pen with you. It is never a bad idea to jot down a thing or two on what you are learning. Moreover, what matters most is to have fun cooking and baking throughout the whole learning process.