5 Beautiful Words in Madura: Wise and Meaningful Phrases

When Madura city mentioned, mostly people will think about its famous food; Madura satay. But actually, Madura not only known for its food but also its beautiful phrases. Those phrases are wise and meaningful enough for us to take it as some life lessons. Here are 5 beautiful words in Madura: wise and meaningful phrases that you must know.

1. Ekenneng giba ka semo: get along well

The first phrase “Ekenneng giba ka semo” is about how to get along and adapt well wherever you are. This phrase is a really wise advice for us to socialize in the society, whereas we need to adjust ourselves well. This phrase has the same vibe with phrase “If you’re in Rome, do what Romans do”, which is tell us to behave like people in that place.

This phrase need to be applied in every place, be it your hometown or the new places you visit. In your own hometown, this phrase means that you need to follow the tradition and culture there. It’s your effort to keep the tradition and culture that was passed from generation to generatin. And when you’re in new places, you also need to follow their tradition to show that you respect them.

2. Regghei abe’en dhibik: value yourself

The phrase “Regghei abe’en dhibik” is like a reminder for you to value yourself first, value yourself more. This phrase is a really wise and meaningful words because we often forget to value ourselves. We often neglect ourselves and treat ourselves poorly, moreover value ourselves well. Whereas, it’s really important to value yourself first before you try to value others.

The phrase “Regghei abe’en dhibik” also teaches that if you can value yourself more, you can value others better. You must be the first person to recognize your own good values before wishing other people to value yourself. People who can value themselves will do better in valuing other people and treat them well. And remember this, you have more than a right to value yourself and treat yourself well.

3. Tengateh mile se paling otamah: choosing the priority carefully

The next one of 5 beautiful words in Madura: wise and meaningful phrases that you need to know is “Tengateh mile se paling otamah”. This phrase reminds you to know and choose your priority well because they will affect your life. Or in the different words, this phrase taught you to select people in your life carefully. It’s better to make priority for people who truly acknowledge and treat you well.

The phrase “Tengateh mile se paling otamah” can be applied in many conditions and relationships, be it friendship or love. This phrase is like a reminder especially for you who blindly choose people as your priority when they didn’t do the same for you. If they just push you aside and didn’t treat you well, why are you still giving them your priority?

4. Neser ariah saat kebungaanah oreng laen lebih otamah ebendhing kebunga’anah be’en dibik: love is when other’s happiness is more important than yours

This one is a phrase for love in your life, “Neser ariah saat kebungaanah oreng laen lebih otamah ebendhing kebunga’anah be’en dibik”. When you’re falling in love, you must feel the same thing, right? The time when you feel that your significant other’s happiness is more important than your own happiness. And that feeling will make you do everything you can for their happiness, even though it will make you suffer.

But usually, people in love won’t mind if they must go through some suffering as long as the ones they love is happy. Maybe for some people, that feeling just like blindy loving and giving your all for the one you love. But that’s love, right? You can’t really think straight and realistic with that feeling, that love feeling.

5. Alangkah lambat, tape tak kerah ajelen mundur: going slowly but won’t back off

The last beautiful words in Madura that you must know is “Alangkah lambat, tape tak kerah ajelen mundur”. This phrase means you’re indeed walking slowly, but you won’t back off whatever happen. This phrase also teaches us that even if we have our own pace that not as fast as others, we still keep going and didn’t give up.

The phrase is really wise and meaningful because we can’t always do the same thing at the same pace with others. We have our own pace and path that maybe different for others, but the phrase is like telling us that it’s really okay. As long as you still keep going, no matter how slow it is, and didn’t back off or give up; it’s okay.

Those are 5 beautiful words in Madura: wise and meaningful phrases that you need to know. Hope this information is helpful!