The 15 Things Not to Do When Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia : Things You Should Always Remember

In the previous article, we mainly talked about how people in Indonesia celebrate the day of Eid Al Fitr. Almost all areas in Indonesia have their own ways to welcome the day, to make it merrier in order to be a farewell party to Ramadhan, which is pretty sad actually. But of course, the day is supposed to be merry and well.

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You should understand that everything in this world has limits, including any celebration. You must know that we live in diversity in this country, not all people are Muslims. With that reason, we as Muslims should keep some things in mind as things not to do when celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia.

1 – Using dangerous fireworks

The first and foremost, and also the most important thing inside the things not to do when celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia is to not using the dangerous fireworks. You know that people in Indonesia would like to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with many fireworks. But you also need to remember which one to us.

If you happen to have kids who also want to play some fireworks, make sure to pick the small ones only. The big ones, especially when they can explore, it’s totally dangerous for kids, or even for everyone basically. That’s why you need to always remember about the safety rather than temporary fun.

2 – Circling around the city dangerously

As mentioned in the previous article, aside from set up fireworks, people also do touring around the city in order to look at how people in their area celebrate the end of Ramadhan month. Usually, the ones who are doing this are the teenagers, with their motorcycles that fast and loud.

If you want to have the same schedule, you need to remember that the road is for the public. Everyone uses it, not only you and your friends. When doing the touring activity, make sure that you also respect all the rules and laws on the road. Even if you come with a big number of gang, be sure to be humble.

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3 – Making some troubles to others when touring

When riding on the road, often we meet terrible things. The first and most remembered moment is the road accident, which can leave a scar both mentally and physically. Touring is always considered as a very fun activity, especially when you do it with your best friends. Be remember that safety is number one, folks.

Not only safety for yourself and your gang, but also for the others. Remember you’re not the on who is using the road. There are plenty of people using the same road as you with their bike and car. Always be sure to pay attention to the road, be safe, and don’t cause a trouble to your group or the others.

4 – Skipping prayers for celebrating

Ramadhan is the holy month. If you are the true Muslim, you will not waste the opportunity to repent and get all the merits by doing unproductive and destructive stuff. Even though the opportunity only comes once every year, but many people sadly don’t use it wisely. They still consider the month of Ramadhan is just usual.

Even though they didn’t do their obligations during Ramadhan, all month, they still want to celebrate. The question still remains, what are they celebrate for? Yes, there are plenty double-masks people out there, but you don’t need to be one of them. Do your obligations as a Muslim and welcome the victory day properly.

5 – Skipping the Eid Al Fitr prayer completely

You know, in the Eid Al Fitr day, we Muslims will celebrate it first in the morning by taking the two rakaats prayer. Yes, only two rakaats, just like Subuh prayer. We usually do it in the morning, usually around 6 am or so. Even though this prayer is included as Sunnah, but one healthy Muslim should do it, every one of them.

Skipping the prayer completely because of the selfishness or sloppiness caused by themselves will grant them nothing but sins. That’s why skipping the prayer, not only for Eid Al Fitr, but for all, is a must not do in any month in a year. If you don’t have any health problem or the other obstacles, be sure to come.

6 – Staying at home all day

In the month of Ramadhan, and the day of Eid Al Fitr, what is the thing that you usually do? Staying at home playing video games? Staying at home doing nothing all day long? Is there any better thing to do? Yes, it’s your body and your freedom to be free of things. But, in the special moment of Eid Al Fitr, you can escape from your box for a while.

Greet your neighbors, or do any other things that are more beneficial will bring greater good

7 – Be stingy

A thing in things not to do when celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia is to be stingy. Yes, you shouldn’t do them. Even everyone hates Mr.Crab because of it. Knowing that being stingy gets nothing but hatred, you shouldn’t do it as well. It’s Eid Al Fitr, the day of caring and giving to others.

If you have more in your pocket, be kind to share them to those who need it the most. You can help a life with it.

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8 – Wasting money carelessly

Getting all the money all year is tiring. It’s very tiring. You need to get up in the dawn of day, and go home long hours after that. Knowing that it’s really tiring to get money, you should be wise to spend your money. Yes, you can see so many discounts in the malls. 80% seems to be really beneficial, but it’s not.

When you buy something you don’t need, it’ll only be a non-wise act of a person.

9 – Overcelebration

Finally, the day of victory is upon us. There’s nothing better to do than showing gratitude and celebrate it with friends, family, and others. But you need to remember, everything has a limit, including the celebration. You need to know that over celebration is not good, to all people.

Do the celebration properly, and don’t enter the zone of discomforting the others.

10 – Disrespecting others

When you’re entering the zone of discomforting others, which are the Non-Muslims who live nearby, you’ll have a probability to disrespect them. Yes, it’s a terrible thing to disrespect anyone, especially in the country that known for its moral values like Indonesia. Better stay away from it.

It’ll become nothing when you have your joy on top of others sadness and discomfort.

11 – Having a though that your obligations as Muslims are done

Another one in things not to do when celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia is to think that all your obligations are done, at that very moment of celebration. If you think it carefully, what Muslims need to be done is not limited to Ramadhan month only. Even though the month has passed, you still need to pray if you want to be closer to Him.

There are not obligations actually, only options. Whether you want to take it or not, the one who will get the final result is yourself.

12 – Still carry out bad habits

The Holy month of Ramadhan is not the month where you need to fast all day long, holding your greed to eat or lust. But the month also gives the opportunity to those who want to change. Yes, you can too. During this Ramadhan you can limit your unproductive behavior and start changing yourself to be a better person.

Via doing those religious activities, at least you can be calmer when going on with your life.

13 – Only using the moment to visit others

Sometimes, people are mistaken about the month of Ramadhan. They think that during this month they need to do this and that, while there’s actually one reasonable secret behind them all. You can actually do all those activities outside Ramadan. The behavior like visiting others and also be a better person to others can be done in every single day.

Don’t stay limited at this month only.

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14 – Only using the moment to visit the family cemetery

Aside from being a better person for yourself and others, we also need to remember that we still have family, whether they’re still alive or not. Love them when they are still here with us, and remember when they are gone. One thing you need to do is to visit their grave once they are not here anymore.

The best thing you can do to love someone is to remember.

15 – Be pessimistic that Ramadhan will not come again

And the last one in things not to do when celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia is having this pessimistic thought that Ramadhan is not coming again for you. At short, afraid of death. As a human, death is like our long lost friend. We’ll meet him soon, whether you prepared or not.

As Muslims, we are told to be brave and ready to face the Death. You can wait for another Ramadhan to come by doing positive things.