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12 Incredible Facts of Indonesian National Song

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The Indonesian national song here is Indonesian highway. Indonesia Raya is the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia Raya played at the flag ceremony. The flag of Indonesia is raised with solemnity and movement arranged so that the flag reaches the top of the flagpole when the song ends.


The flag ceremony is held annually on August 17th to commemorate Indonesia’s independence day. The ceremony is led by the President of Indonesia. Everyone present at the National Anthem is played and / or sung, must stand upright. Here are some facts of Indonesian national song you might have never known before.

  1. Arranged by the Dutch

Indonesia Raya is the creation of Wage Rudolf Supratman. But Indonesia Raya song that we often hear is the concoction of Dutch composer, Jozef Cleber based on the direction of President Soekarno. This version became the national anthem of Indonesia according to Government Regulation No. 44 of 1958.

  1. Originally a keroncong song

WR Supratman arranged Indonesia Raya as a keroncong song. One of Yo Kim Tjan’s recording companies interested in recording the song and distributing it. The first recording of Indonesia Raya was conducted before the Youth Congress of October 28, 1928. Despite the lilting, this song succeeded in arousing the sense of nationalism of the people to seize independence. Considered dangerous by Dutch Government, all recording of keroncong version was destroyed until no left.

  1. First echoed in historic events

Indonesia Raya Keroncong version was first echoed in the Youth Congress October 28, 1928. From this congress there is a historic event Sumpah Pemuda.

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  1. Consists of three Stanza

Indonesia Raya full version consists of three stanza according PP No 44 of 1958. When sung complete, Indonesia Raya takes about 4 minutes. This duration is too long so in the ceremonies only the first stanza is taken.

Indonesia Raya has 3 stanza or 3 lines of different lyrics. The  first stanza underlines the word “Marilah Kita Berseru Indonesia Bersatu””. In this sentence there is a meaning of encouragement and appeal to Indonesia that was not yet independent. In addition, in the first stanza there is also the word “Bangunlah Jiwanya, Bangunlah Badannya” which previously “Bangunlah Badannya, Bangunlah Jiwanya”.

Continuing to the second stanza, where the phrase emphasized is “Marilah Kita Mendoa, Indonesia Bahagia.” Deep significance is contained in the above lyrics, which means a spiritual foundation by always praying for a happy Indonesia. Then the next lyrics are “Sadarlah Budinya, Sadarlah Hatinya” which means Indonesian people who always have good mind and heart.

In the last stanza, third stanza, there is an oath and agrarian mandate inserted in the lyrics of the National Anthem Indonesia Raya. The loyal oath is spoken in the lyrics of “Let Us Promise, Eternal Indonesia.” While the agrarian mandate is contained in the lyrics that read “Slamatlah Rakyatnya, Slamatlah Son, Pulaunya, Lautnya, Everything.”

  1. Has five versions

There are five ways to bring Indonesia Raya Song is a symphony orchestra, harmony orchestra, fanfare orchestra, piano solo, and unisono. Each can be delivered in accordance with existing conditions and situations.

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  1. Only recorded Five Times Since 90 years

Since it was created in the early 1900s, Indonesia Raya is not much recorded. The keroncong version of WR Supratman was extinct before independence. Second record is when the Japanese-derived version of the car, Nobuwo Oda. The third, Razor Jozef Cleber in 1950 which is now a baboon Indonesia Raya. Fourth, Addie MS’s recording of 1997. The Addie MS version refers to the arrangement of Jozef Cleber. Finally, the recording at Lokananta in 2017. This fifth record again refers to Jozef Cleber’s 1950 version.

  1. Indonesia Raya actually consists of 3 stanza

From the beginning, Indonesia Raya song consists of 3 stanza. Furthermore, in the development of this song, the ordinance of singing is also seriously regulated by the special committee. The results are stated in Government Regulation no. 44 of 1958 on the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya and the State Gazette no. 72 of 1958 about the Indonesian National Anthem which contains the same lyrics and with the spelling adjustment.

The idea to sing Indonesia Raya 3 stanza has been around since the October 28, 2016 Youth Pledge warning. On the show, the first time Indonesia Raya 3 stanza was sung.

  1. The Dutch government had banned the national song to be sung in Indonesia

This Indonesian national song has never been sung in Indonesia. This is because at that time the Dutch government considers that the song will foster nationalism and patriotism for the people of Indonesia and they will get resistance from the people of Indonesia, so they forbid the song to be sung.

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  1. Created on the command of Dr. Agus Salim

Indonesia Raya songwriting started since 1924 where when Wage Rudofl Soepratman get advice from H. Agus Salim to write a national anthem. This recommendation is generally intended for composers in Indonesia to create a national anthem announced on an Asian Fajar daily

  1. Created by the challenge of Indonesian Music expert

The creator or composer of Indonesia Raya Song is Wage Rudofl Soepratman. Indonesia Raya song is a song he created after he read a newspaper that challenged Indonesian music experts to create a national anthem.

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  1. The creator of Indonesia Raya became the most hunted man in that era

Then he began to make a song and then in 1924 when 21-year-old Soepratman he has given birth to Indonesia Raya song. Because of his creation he has always been one of Indonesia’s most wanted men and hunted by the Dutch East Indies army and police. Finally he ran to Surabaya, and got sick in the city. The last song that became the song creation of Soepratman is the song “Sunrise” at the beginning of 1938.

  1. 1928 was the first time Indonesia Raya Song officially Introduced

Indonesia Raya which has an old spelling written with Indonesian King was first introduced at the Second Youth Congress in Batavia on October 28, 1928 in Batavia. With the first time it was made this song became one of the signs of the growth of national spirit movement at that time. Because of the lyrics that contained a spirit of nationality and to gain independence, the Dutch had forbidden this song to be heard because the Dutch considered this song as a threat.

Those are some facts of Indonesian national song.  The new policy of how to sing this national song has been renewed. Indonesian people must try to sing this song in 3 stanza version.

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