5 Indonesian Movies with International Achievements You Should Watch

It seems like the industry of Indonesian movies is growing so much faster than before. We know very well that a lot of Indonesian movies have been popular in the world. We can say Habibie dan Ainun, Laskar Pelangi, and many more. But actually, there are a lot of Indonesian movies with international achievements you should watch. […]

5 Most Heartbreaking Indonesian Movies

You may directly step back into old memories when you first read this title. A bunch of heartbreaking Indonesian movies is suddenly flowing freely in your mind and finally, you miss all of those movies which accompanied your childhood. Even, sometimes you found those heartbreaking stories by Indonesian theater you might ever seen. There are […]

7 Most Popular Indonesian Actors

Indonesia’s film industry has been growing for the past decade. It is because of the role of excellent and highly talented directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, and more importantly most popular Indonesian actors.  It is actors who show up to the screen and create whether good or bad impression to audiences. Some of the actors become highly […]

Introducing 10 Most Popular Indonesian Superheroes

If America has a group of superheroes named Marvel’s The Avengers, Indonesia also has Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. Announced in 2019, Bumilangit Cinematic Universe shows the story of original Indonesian superheroes. There are nineteen characters in the story, here are the ten most popular Indonesian superheroes. 1. Gundala Putra Petir Gundala has an electric power just […]

7 Best Indonesian Romance Movies

You can name any Western romance movies like Titanic and The Notebook that are so legendary. Or, Thailand movies such as A Little Thing Called Love. Korean dramas also become an option when you want to feel the butterfly in your belly.  However, Indonesia also produces beautiful lovey-dovey movies. Here are the best Indonesian romance […]