10 Most Legendary Indonesian Snacks Of The ‘90s

Were you grew up in the 1990s? Or the earlier of 2000? Do you miss some Indonesian snacks at that time?

Here we will review some most legendary Indonesian snacks of the ’90s. You must be familiar with all of them and will feel nostalgic when hearing their names.

1. Anakmas

Anakmas is a roasted noodle snack in which we consume it by pouring the onion seasoning. It has a unique taste because of the seasoning. Before pouring the seasoning, you have to break the noodles into pieces.

Then, mix them all so the seasoning will be mixed perfectly with the noodles. It’s full of a great flavor that makes you want it more and more. The snack is available almost in every shop around the housings or schools.


2. Krip-Krip

Krip-Krip is a kind of roasted noodles just like Anakmas. If Anakmas has a big size of noodles in which we have to break it to consume, Krip-Krip is different.

It’s already broken into pieces so we just consume it. The flavor is also already mixed with the noodles.

The packaging of Krip-Krip is so tiny, that’s why one is not enough for it. We always need more to eat them all.


3. Yosan

Yosan is a legendary bubblegum in Indonesia. It has a sweet taste with any cute color available such as pink, green, and red.

Everyone loves it and it is very easy to find in every shop near housings or schools. When buying Yosan, you will find different alphabets on the cover.

If you can collect all the alphabets which is written Y-O-S-A-N, you will get the prize.


4. Chiki

Chiki is a well known Indonesian snack by every ’90s kid, with the yellow chicken as the symbol of the brands. Chiki has some variants such as Chiki Balls and Chiki potato sticks.

The unique things are, because of the snack, people will call every snack that comes with different brands with Chiki.


5. White Rabbit Candy

The white rabbit candy is a milk candy that has a sweet taste. The milk of the candy is very strong with delicious taste.

The unique thing from the candy is, you can eat the paper which covers the candy. Most kids of the ’90s loved it and it was also available everywhere near the houses.

Now, you can find it in Yogyakarta in a Chinese store as for the activities in Yogyakarta for Chinese sellers.

permen susu white rabbit
White Rabbit candy

6. Rambut Nenek (Grandma’s Hair)

Are you feeling cringe when hearing the Grandma’s Hair? It is called Rambut Nenek as a famous Indonesian snack.

The advantages of living in Indonesia and grew up in the ’90s is you can eat this kind of sweet. It has a sweet taste that melted in your mouth once you bite it.

It is made from sugar but can be formed in a layer, like hairs, but very sweet. Now, you can find it in a shop that sells unique things only you can find in Jogja.

rambut nenek

7. The Jago Chocolate

The Jago chocolate is also known as a rooster chocolate because the brands take a rooster as its logo or ayam jago in Indonesian language.

The taste of the chocolate is sweet and it is very popular among the ’90s Indonesian kids. They love it more than any other expensive chocolates in the ’90s.

cokelat jago

8. Nyam-Nyam

Nyam-Nyam is a sprinkle crunch that dips down to the melted chocolate when you consume it. It tastes very unique with a mix of sweet chocolate and crunchy.

The other kind of Nyam-Nyam comes with small breadsticks. The breadstick also dips down to the melted chocolate to consume it. It is so delicious if you wonder about the taste.


9. Cigarette Candy

Cigarette candy is formed such as a real cigarette, but it is just candy. This kind of Indonesian snack was so well known and was the ’90s kids’ favorite.

They would act as an adult who were smoking. The candy comes with a candy type and the pollen of the sugar. The taste is very sweet and that is why every kid loves it.

permen rokok

10. Choyo-Choyo

Choyo-Choyo is a melt of three-layer chocolate with different three colors in a plastic cup. The cup is so small as if it is only made for kids.

It comes with a variant layer of colors such as mix by pink in the bottom than white in the middle, and chocolate in the uppermost.

All of the colors are put on one small cup, and the price is very cheap. That is why every kid that loves chocolate will buy it. You can find a Choyo-Choyo in a traditional market in Yogyakarta.


Those are ten most legendary Indonesian snacks of the ’90s.

Are you feeling nostalgic enough just hear it by their names? All of them were used to be available in every shop in many famous cities in Indonesia.