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12 Advantages of Living in Indonesia

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For those who are considering living in Indonesia, there are some of the benefits of living in Indonesia in the archipelago country of Indonesia. Of course, the highlight will be all of the great things that add value to your life and how beautiful the country is. Indonesia is famous for its small worldwide known island Bali, it is the first thing that people know about Indonesia.


However, the country has many hidden paradises waiting to unlock and various development in many sectors that drawn more people to not just visiting but also living in Indonesia. Here are some of the advantages of living in Indonesia :

1. Safe to Live 

Indonesia is one of the country in South East Asia that is safe for living in Indonesia. The people are friendly, there is always someone who will ask you what are you doing, how do you feel, and invite you to their homes and introducing their culture. Indonesian people tend to care for their neighbor and any visitors. The weather is mostly nice and safe to travel anywhere.

2. Variety of cuisine

Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than 1000 different culture tribe. Therefore, it has one of the richest cuisines in the world. You travel anywhere in Indonesia, the language and the food changes every 30 km. There are most popular Indonesian cuisines that you can try, the choices are endless.

If you are living in Indonesia, you will have no problem finding food that suits your taste. Indonesia is a big eater with most meals include rice, vegetable. meat or dairy product and fruits.

However, their selections of snack especially traditional ones are among the most popular. There are must eat dishes in Indonesia while living in Indonesia. They include, sate, nasi goreng, rendang, are just among the most popular dishes for foreigners.

3. Holiday Destinations

Indonesia offers many famous places to visit. There is always something to do and places to visit and things to see. It has something for everyone. The natural landscapes appeals for naturalist, endless shopping spree attract shoppers, hills, mountains, valley calls for any adventurous out there.

Moreover, it has many tourist attractions that suit them for a couple and even places to visit in Indonesia with family. Let’s not forget the notoriously famous island of Bali that attracts many visitors both local and abroad.

4. Beautiful and green landscape

Indonesia lies right in the earth equator, it has nice weather and many plants can grow massively here. Indonesia has the most tropical forest in the country.

Many Indonesian natural resources are used as income and daily necessities. In addition to the fertile soil support the agriculture areas, therefore you will enjoy many beautiful peaceful green rice field in almost across the country.

This green attractions apples to those seeking for quiet and serene life in the countryside. Where the grass is green and you can pretty much grow anything. It is also heaven for Botanists where they can study various plants. include medicinal plants of Indonesia.

5. Diverse Culture 

Indonesia consists of many islands with many different cultures. And most of their culture involves many festivities and ceremony.

Their festivals is a great occasion to get to know the Indonesian traditions and habit. All culture evolve in respecting the prosper land, blessing for good harvest and celebrating togetherness among its people.

Living in Indonesia will mean exposed to many unique traditions and participating in the various most popular festival in Indonesia.

Many foreigners attracted to Indonesia culture and stay to learn them. Among the most interesting culture include, Bali dancing and painting, Javanese traditional cooking, singing (nyinden) and batik making. It applies to young and old and even children.

6. Great Place to do Business

The growing developing county is opening up for foreign investors. Moreover, it is a very good place to start your business and making some investments. There are many benefits of investing in Indonesia, the labor wages are low, the natural resources are abundant, and the law is supportive.

The nature of business practices in Indonesia is also very positive. Overall it is the traits of the Indonesian people that boost their development in many sectors. They are known to be diligent, hard worker, great at working together as a team and very humble and generous. ANy business here will be like making a family with profitable side effects.

7. Affordable Cost of Living 

Compared to other western countries, living in Indonesia is relatively affordable. This is also, of course, depend on your living style. However, the basic needs are cheap because the soil is fertile and anything that Indonesia grow or produce themselves is cheaper than any export items.

8. Heaven for Coffee and Tea lovers

Indonesia has the second largest coffee and tea variety in the world. It is their most profitable items for exports. You can have a taste of fine coffee at an affordable price with great fresh conditions. Among the most popular coffee that the world recognize are the Luwak and Sumatran coffee. Living in Indonesia means great choices of coffee or tea to start your day and boost your moods.

There are many types of tea that grown in Indonesia. It is also become a part of their daily activities to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or to hang out with family and friends in a cafe that serves various drinks.

9. Religious and Respectful

Religious diversity in Indonesia amazing with harmonious and mutual respect for each other. Indonesia is the country to learn Islam, Hindu and Buddhism. That religion is widely practiced across the country. You can easily find any praying mosques and temple in Indonesia.

10. Nightlife

Going out at night in Indonesia is doable. There is a high demand for nightlife accommodations such as cafe, restaurants, karaoke, and clubs. It is a choice for locals and foreigners to hang out. The law is quite permissive. However, a certain time such as Ramadan most nightlife is closed.

11. Make friends

Indonesian people is known for its friendly and courteous respect to others. The general attitudes in Indonesia are warm and welcoming. You will have no problems in making friends and making a home in Indonesia.

12. Get Citizenship

You have the right to apply for Indonesian citizenship after living in Indonesia for several years. This is benefit those who would like to be an Indonesian citizen, want to live married to an Indonesian.

Finally, those are the complete explanation of the advantages of living in Indonesia.

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