10 Most Legendary Indonesian Snacks Of The ‘90s

Were you grew up in the 1990s? Or the earlier of 2000? Do you miss some Indonesian snacks at that time? Here we will review some most legendary Indonesian snacks of the ’90s. You must be familiar with all of them and will feel nostalgic when hearing their names. 1. Anakmas Anakmas is a roasted […]

15 Most Popular Snacks in Indonesia (#8 is Tasty)

Indonesia is very rich not only in terms of natural resources and natural tourist attraction but it is also rich in culinary. Indonesia has so many traditional foods distributed from Sabang until Merauke so does its snacks. Indonesian snacks are very famous and you can find it anywhere in all over Indonesia, the taste are […]

25 Appetizing Indonesian Traditional Snacks

Nothing more good beside having some snacks during the day. Well, in Indonesia, you can find so many of them here, ranging from the sweet ones, to the most salty ones. The foods already designed to the Indonesian people tongue, so they must be rich in flavor and of course, they are not tasteless at […]