12 Must Try Dishes in lombok

Having a holiday in Lombok without eating is local dishes is like the sun missing the point.

 Travel to the island of Lombok is not complete if you do not taste various kinds of Lombok culinary that are ready to pamper your tongue. Lombok Island has a variety of unique culinary that must be tasted by the traveler who visit. 

The typical food of Lombok Island is famous for its characteristic spicy taste, because most people in Lombok make Raw Caye as a basic ingredient for each dish of their cuisine. Here are 12 delicious foods in Lombok that you have to try. 

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1. Pelecing Kangkung

Pelecing is a typical food of Lombok people made from typical Lombok’s kale. Kale / kangkung Lombok has a rather large texture.

The taste of Lombok kale is larger than the ones from other regions. 

The taste of Lombok shrimp paste obviously makes the taste of sambal pelecing is very delicious to eat with white rice.

The way to make pelecing is to boil the water and the kale until it is cooked. After that, mixed with spicy tomato sauce.

The chili seasonings are red cayenne pepper, tomatoes, salt, flavoring, Lombok shrimp paste, and kaffir lime juice. You can enjoy pelecing in most restaurants on the island of Lombok.

2. Kelaq Batih

This typical Lombok cuisine is rarely found in restaurants or restaurants on the island of Lombok.

The main ingredient in kelaq batih is old beans that are mixed with young cassava leaves.

The peculiarity of the taste of kelaq batih lies in the spices used or if in the sasak language it is called ragi beleq. 

Yeast beleq consists of pepper, ketubar, ginger, galangal, a little kencur, clove, red chili, onion, garlic, shrimp paste, salt, and flavoring (optional). 

The cooking method is easy enough, by boiling the old bean seeds until tender. After that add the cassava leaves. Wait until the cassava leaves are cooked, then serve with warm rice.

3. Sate Bulayak

Sate bulayak is a typical Lombok island food consisting of satay and bulayak. Bulayak has a texture like a ketupat but with an elongated round shape.

The uniqueness is a bulayak wrap not from banana leaves or coconut leaves but from palm leaves. The specificity of satay lies in the spices used.

Satay usually uses peanut sauce, but bulayak satay uses special spices cooked with a mixture of thick coconut milk and candlenut.

You can find bulayak satay in the Udayana Street, Mataram region, approximately in Suranadi Forest Park, West Lombok, Senggigi Beach, West Lombok.

4. Nasi Sukaraja

Rice sukaraja is mixed rice which can only be found in the village of Sukaraja, Ampenan, Mataram city.

One serving of mixed rice consists of various kinds of side dishes that you can choose.

The distinctive menu of the Sasak tribe is a mixtured olah-olah. Olah is a vegetable that is cooked with special spices and with thick coconut milk.

Sukaraja rice is very popular because it still maintains traditional cooking methods using ground stoves and firewood. How to cook it greatly affects the taste and aroma of cuisine.

5. Kelaq Sebie

Sebie in the sasak Lombok language means chili.

Kelaq sebie is the most spicy typical Lombok cuisine because the main ingredient is green cayenne pepper. In order to cook this dish, we need around 1 kg of green cayenne pepper. 

Green cayenne pepper is cut so that the spicy flavor comes out. The herbs used are onion, garlic, shrimp paste, salt, flavoring (optional) and thick coconut milk.

Beside green pepper, it will taste very tasty if added tuna, eggplant, long beans.

The cooking method is easy, you only need to add all ingredients and seasonings and cooking until cooked. It is recommended to cook it longer until the coconut milk sauce becomes thick so the flavor will be savory. 

6.  Ayam Taliwang

This this is the signature of Lombok. You may heard ayam taliwang several times during your trip to Lombok, therefore it is highly recommended to try ayam taliwang. 

Taliwang chicken is one of Lombok’s most famous culinary delights.

Whole chicken smeared with special spices is then burned or fried. There are many Ayam Taliwan restaurants that you can find especially in the saying-Sayang area of the city of Mataram. Along the way lined with Taliwang chicken restaurants in this region.

7. Nasi Kotaraja

You should never underestimate this dish because it may look simple but it is very delicious.

Nasi kutaraja has a distinctive side dish such as jangan rarit and sambal sebie. Jangan rarit is a dried beef mixed with special spices.

Combine them altogether with sambal sebie and you will experience a great combination.

If you want to enjoy this typical Kutaraja cuisine, you can go directly to Kotaraja village in East Lombok.

Nasi kutaraja is a culinary that has been very popular for decades in East Lombok. For culinary lovers, nasi kutaraja rice must be added to the list of your culinary trips.

8. Nasi Puyung

Nasi puyung is another mixed rice this that is popular in Lombok.

Nasi puyung is mixed with a special high level spicy flavor. You can get a portion of nasi puyung which consists of white rice, meat sauce, fried soybean seeds, crispy fries, and chili sauce. 

This dish is unique because it has spicy chilli and signature spices from Sasak tribe.

This rice can be discovered in the village of Central Lombok district. If you don’t have time to go there, you can enjoy nasi puyung in the nasi puyung stall in front of Lombok International Airport.

9. Ares

Ares is a typical vegetable culinary made from young banana trees. The banana used is pisang kepok.

Ares is transformed into a special dish by using a special spice.

Therefore, If you came to Lombok, you need to try this dish.

Previously, ares could only be enjoyed in traditional events. However, now you can enjoy ares at food stalls on the island of Lombok.

10. Beberuq Terong

There are two versions of several eggplants, some of which use raw round eggplants and another one use burnt long eggplant. 

Raw eggplant sliced into small pieces, then mixed with spicy tomato sauce.

If you use grilled eggplants, after a bit cold, the grilled eggplant is sliced long. The seasoning used is the same as the pelecing seasoning. Almost all food stalls on the island of Lombok provide bebruq terong. 


  • Keraq Kelor: Moringa or kelor is not common to be a dish however Lombok can make it as a delicious dish.
  • People in Lombok finds kelor as a delicious vegetable which often eaten with white rice and sambal terasi.
  • Sate Rembige: Sate rembige is a Lombok dish that has a unique flavor. You can choose whether you want beef liver, meat, or pusut as your satay. It is served with lontong and you can enjoy this is Rembige region, Mataram City.