The Must Try Foods in Surabaya East Java

So, after telling you information about the interesting facts you can find in the city of Bandung such as the must try restaurants, cafes, and places to eat, we’re gonna take you to an area that located in the eastern part of Java island. In the province of East Java, you can see the capital city, Surabaya. Just like the other metropolitan areas, Surabaya is also indeed full of stuff and its people. Even though the city is more advanced, you can find the traditional foods still. The taste of them is surely one of a kind.

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That’s why even in this modern area you can easily find them everywhere. So for you who never visited Surabaya before, the taste of traditional culinary must be good for your tongue. Especially, the other East Java traditional foods also sold in this city. Sometimes, there’s an event of culinary that you can join in. But, such an event like that is not that common in this city. But still, on everyday basis, you can find the other traditional foods that sold by the vendor near you, such as :

1 – Lontong Balap

In the first one, we want to bring the legendary food of Surabaya called Lontong Balap. LontongBalap is considered as one of many famous meals of Surabaya. You can see a little story that we mentioned earlier in the paragraph above, which is about the race of street vendors to the morning market to grab as many customers as possible.

But there’s also another story. The race will make you sweat, right? By doing some running, your heart will pump faster and finally make you sweat. If you’re eating a portion of Lontong Balap, surely you’ll have some sweat. But, not from running but from its spicy taste. The vendors usually serve it with the additional Sambal Petiswhich can increase your appetite and its spiciness level at the same time.

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2 – Tahu Tek Tek

And the next must try foods in Surabaya is Tahu Tek. Tahu Tek is like everybody’s favorite snack in Surabaya. You can easily spot them in the city. But you should remember when is the right time to find the Tahu Tek vendors. They usually sell the Tahu in a wagon, you can easily notice them with the name “Tahu Tek Tek” that put on their wagons.

Tahu Tek is basically the combination of Taho, or Tofu, with the egg. The ingredients are combined together and then cook together on a frying pan. After finish, the Tahu Tek will add with a sweet peanut sauce, some fried onions, and some crackers. Usually, you can find them near Universities, because many students are indeed in love with it. But aside from them, you can also find them just by the main roads.

3 – Nasi Goreng Jancuk

Are you familiar with NasiGoreng? Yes, Nasi Goreng is the Indonesian food that mainly popular for its unique taste. Many tourists around the world have tried and finally in love with it. But can you be in love with this Nasi Goreng Jancuk? Different than many other Nasi Goreng that you can find in your city, this Nasi Goreng will give you the one of a kind experience.

Like its name, Nasi Goreng Jancuk will purposely make you said the curse word  “Jancuk!”, because of its spiciness. You can just come to Pemuda street Surabaya and taste it directly. You can get a pretty big portion of Nasi Goreng Jancuk. If you’re able to do the job, you can just eat it alone and forget about the world in a sec.

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4 – Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jais

Rujak Cingur is always so refreshing, especially during the tiring and hot day. A portion of RujakCingur Ahmad Jais surely can be a refresher in a hot city of Surabaya. For you who don’t know, Rujak Cingur is different from Salad or Gado-gado. But it has some similarities, like the lontong and vegetables. And also not forget the peanut sauce.

But the main different thing is this food used a Cingur, which is basically the nose of a purposely. You don’t need to worry about its hygiene, because Cingur usually will be processed for a long time first before the actual serving. However, this RujakCingur Ahmad Jais is really popular with its unusual big portion. So prepare your stomach first.

5 – Bebek Goreng Sinjay

As one of the must try foods in Surabaya, the name of Bebek Goreng Sinjay is actually popular not only in Surabaya city itself, but in many other areas like Malang city for example. Even though it’s not originated in Surabaya, this fried duck from Madura can surely attract more and more customers each day.

The outlet in Surabaya is actually a branch from their main store in Madura. But, the taste is pretty much the same. In Surabaya, you can come to Ahmad Yani street, right in front of Grand Ahmad Yani. In there, you can taste the tender duck meat that very tasteful because the meat is actually absorbed the spices from the long cooking process.

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6 – Nasi Krawu

For more affordable and quality breakfast, you should try the Nasi Krawu. Nasi Krawu is a traditional meal from Gresik, East Java. But now, it’s even more popular in Surabaya because of its simplicity and delicious taste. Usually, you can find it from the vendors who can sell you a portion or two just by the road.

But people will tell you that the best Nasi Krawu in Surabaya is in the Nasi Krawu Hj. Sufayah, inDarmo Permai Tiga. With the range from 15 to 25 thousand rupiahs, you can get a portion of Nasi Krawu which filled with white rice, some meats, sambal terasi, and many other side dishes. You can also pick one from two different kinds, theNasi Krawu Kikil or Nasi Krawu Daging.

7 – Rawon Setan

On the seventh place in must try foods in Surabaya, there’s Nasi Rawon Setan. People in Surabaya do love spicy stuff. Aside from the burning Nasi Goreng Jancuk, you can another traditional meal that combined with big amount of chili, the Rawon Setan or the Devil Rawon in its direct translation. So what’s wrong about this one?

Rawon Setan is one of many popular foods in Surabaya and Indonesia. It’s not as scary as it sounds, people do favor this Rawon than the usual one. Why? Because Rawon Setan has more meat in it. The soup is also thicker than the others, making it more tasteful. You should try to come to             EmbongMalang street number 781, Genteng Surabaya to try it.

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8 – Sate Klopo

Sate Klopo is not a type of sate that made from coconuts. It’s just the same with the other kinds of Sate, which basically the grilled meats. But the difference between this one and the other Sate(s) out there is the addition of coconut before the grilling process. The meat will be covered in grated coconut in order to make it more tasteful.

And it’s indeed working. The taste of the meat is different from the others. It’s more tasteful and smell better. That’s why this food is really popular. Since 1945, the business is growing to be the best one in Surabaya. In Surabaya city, you can find so many sellers of it. But, the most popular one is Sate Klopo OndomehenBu Asih in Walikota Mustajab street number 36, Surabaya.

9 – Sego Sambel Mak Yeye

Again, in one of the must try foods in Surabaya we find another spicy food called Sego Sambel Mak Yeye. This one is basically really popular, especially in students because the price of it is very affordable, yet the taste is always great. The menu is pretty simple, which is consisting the basic penyetan menu like Ayam Penyet, TempePenyet, etc.

The place is also not that fancy, it’s even considered as a very simple place. For example, you can see the store in Jagir Wonokromo street number 12, Jagir, Wonokromo, Surabaya. But, any people come because of the menu, not the place or environment. The rice that added with ray fish and spicy sambal can make your midnight more memorable.

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Do you think that the nine foods above are enough to fill the must try foods in Surabaya? Incorrect! Aside from those, Surabaya does have more and more culinary that you could try. Some of them are not originated in the city, but you can find them easily still.

1. Zangrandi Ice Cream

2. Pecel Semanggi

3. Rawon Kalkultor

4. Kepiting Cak Gundul

5. Tahu Campur Kalasan

6. Soto Lamongan Cak Har

7. Soto Ayam Ambengan

So this is the article about the must try foods in Surabaya. Believe it or not, each one of them has their own unique and interesting story. For example, the Lontong Balap that believed to be an “actual race” of the lontong vendors in the old days. But eventually, you can find that there are so many stories about a particular food. Each one of the people may tell you different stories. But still, the taste of them are worth to explore, especially if you never visited the Eastern part ofJava before.