16 Tastiest Best Seafoods in Jimbaran Bali

In Bali, there are some popular locations that known for having attractive attractions, such as Kuta, Pandawa, Gianyar, Klungkung, and also this area called Jimbaran. Jimbaran is located right on the south Kuta of Badung, filled with 12 different banjars. It’s also near Sanur and the international airport, making it accessable and easier to promote.

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In Jimbaran, most people there are working as fishermen. At first, they are only working as fishermen to support their family and local financial. But, after some times, Jimbaran became an area that famous for having kinds of seafood. With certain development, it’s changing to tourism area. Now, what are those seafoods that are really popular in Jimbaran? See them right on the information below :

1. Seruit

Yes, in Jimbaran are there a lot varieties of sea food, remembering that Jimbaran is filled with fishermen. The thing is, you can get more than just grilled fishes that pretty usual, but you can also get the other kinds of seafood that my came from other areas around the county, like this Seruit. Seruit is the original seafood that came from an area that actually far away from Bali called Lampung.

This meal is basically grilled fish meat, but not only that, it’s combined with this kind of unique sambal which is the combination of sambal terasi, little portion of tempoyak, and also mango. There are many kinds of fish that can be used as main ingredient, like baung fish, layis, balide, and basically any other types of local fish in Bali and Indonesia.

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2. Sate Bandeng

If you already looked at some information on our previous articles, you may know that there’s a kind of food in Indonesia called Sate or Satay. In the world of seafood, you can combine this method of cooking with many types of meat, including fish. Thus, the Sate Bandeng or Milkfish satay created. If you look at it at the first time, you may realize that this satay looks very similar with Sate Lilit.

The method of cooking it also basically the same, the fish meat will be smoothen first, and then it will be putted on a bamboo stick or the alternative, lemongrass. The difference between this Sate Bandeng and Sate Lilit is the base ingredient, which is using fish meat rather than goat or chicken meat. The Sate Bandeng doesn’t have any bones in it, so it’s pretty safe to consume even for kids.

3. Pempek

The next one in the best seafoods in Jimbaran Bali came from Palembang area of South Sumatra  Indonesia. Even though it was originated there, the Pempek became more famous that it already spread accross the archipelago in a very short time. The distribution is so wide that it reached the island of Bali.

For the people of Jimbaran, this is a great opportunity of culinary business, because in a day they can produce mass fish meats which is basically an important ingredient to make a pempek. The mackerel they have cought before is the main thing for producing Pempek. With that “Strong” aspect of their economy, Pempek is also being a favorite in this part of Bali.

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4. Fish Gohu

In the Jimbaran fish market, you can get so many kinds of fish, such as milkfish, mackerel, and also tuna fish. For the last one, tuna, you can make it into a special traditional meal from Ternate that has the name of Fish Gohu. In Jimbaran, it’s not that easy to find a store that serves this kind of meal, it’s more easier if you make one home.

So, you need to prepare the tuna fish at first, just one is enough for a portion of Fish Gohu. Be aware that we don’t process this fish to be cooked. Yes, if you want to cook a Fish Gohu, you will use a raw tuna fish meat. So it’s basically taste like sushi or something more similar like sashimi. The meat then combined with sambal made out of spices and chilis.

5. Gulai Ikan / Fish Gulai

For you who don’t know, Gulai is like included on the list of national foods of the country. You can get any types of Gulai on basically any areas around Indonesia, including Bali. In Bali, the most famous type of Gulai is Gulai Kambing (Goat Gulai), that many restaurants in the island are always serving it on the customers.

The Fish Gulai, is also very famous, especially in an area like Jimbaran. There are actually types of it, like Gulai Ikan Mas (Goldfish Gulai), Gulai Kakap (Snapper Gulai), Gulai Telur Ikan (Fish Egg Gulai), and also Gulai Cumi (Squid Gulai). You can also taste the Gulai Ikan Patin or Catfish Gulai with fermented durian flesh, specially made tempoyak, and also spices.

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6. Fish Sate Lilit

In our previous articles, we already mentioned this food too many times. The Sate Lilit, a litte but very famous meal in this island. As you may know already, most Sate Lilit use the meats of goat or ven pigs. But, there’s another version of Sate Lilit that using fish meats. The kinds of meat use in this process is basically any fish meats you find out there.

Even sardines, mackerel, or the other fish you can find on your nearest fish market can be suitabl for making a good Fish Sate Lilit. The most important thing is, the bamboo stick used for the handles, and also the other additional stuff to make a flavor. But they are not too hard to find, things like sugar, salt, grated coconut, and some chillis are always easy to obtain.

7. Bandeng Presto

The next food included in the best seafoods in Jimbaran Bali is the bandeng presto. Bandeng presto is not too strange anymore for people of Indonesia, because it’s really easy to access it not only in Bali, but almost all islands in Indonesia like Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and even Papua. The sellers usually serve Bandeng Presto in a pack that ready to distributed or even exported to other areas.

Bandeng Presto is basically boneless milkfish that already seasoned and cooked for long hours. For cooking a milkfish until its bones are all tender, you need for about two or three hours to steam it. Usually, they use this kind of pot for cooking it with very high temperature. But, with that level of temperature, the skin of milkfish wouldn’t be broken, and can be even more crispy.

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8. Fish Cakalang

The location of Manado is a bit far from Bali island, especially Jimbaran area. But the influence of seafoods that came from Manado reached this island long ago. Now, Balinese people can produce and enjoy some of its beautiful seafoods such as Rabo’ruan, and this Fish Cikalang or Ikan Cakalang Fufu Pampis which is considered to be one of many famous foods in Manado.

The main ingredient is fish Cakalang which can be easily captured in some beaches of Manado. The fish then processed later by cooking it with additional spices which has the touch of Manado culinary that famous for spicy flavor yet can spoil your tongue still. The Cakalang fish can be replaced by any other tick fish meats like tunas and mackerels.

9. Arsik

Fish can be so meaningful sometimes. For the people of Batak, this food called Arsik has a very important philosophy of life. That’s why, the goldfish that used for this meal should not be butted away like any other ingredients. That alone symbolizes the wholeness of human both physically and spiritually.

This phylosophical meal of course needs some additional stuff to make it perfect. For this, you need some special ingredients such as traditional Indonesian spices Kecombrang, Andaliman, Patikala, Gelugur, or the onions from Batak called Lokio. The traditional method to cook it is also very unique, you put all the ingredients on top of the pot, and then finally you put the gold fish on top of them all. With slow cooking, it can be more perfect.

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Of course, as usual, we also providde you with another information filled with the other best seafoods in Jimbaran Bali. Surely they will spoil you.

  1. Gabus Pucung
  2. Gangan
  3. Asam Padeh
  4. Pesmol
  5. Fish Pecak
  6. Palumara
  7. Batam Fish Soup

So that’s the best seafoods in Jimbaran Bali that you can have with such an affordable price. To taste these foods, you don’t need to go to the restaurants, if you want a quick service you can check some foods stalls near the beaches in Jimbaran Bali. Usually they also sell these tasty seafoods with even lower price.