20 Interesting Night Activities in Jakarta

Jakarta is a hustling and bustling city at day time. It turns even more lively at night. The night time in Jakarta can become more enjoyable as you won’t have to deal much with the heat of the city. Welcome the night breeze and these 20 Night Activities in Jakarta.

1. Watch Movies

What better time to watch movies than at night. After all that hard work you do in the day, treat yourself to a movie to kick off the night. Take your friends or family members out along with you. But if you prefer some me time then definitely watch by yourself. There are plenty of movie theaters all over Jakarta. They offer great services and a wide array of snacks to choose from. Check the movie schedules to arrive on time. You can book your tickets online too so you can avoid long queues. You may want to read about Most Watched Indonesian Movies in Worldwide.

2. Karaoke

Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar. It’s a fun activity when you sing with a group of people that you know. You can also enjoy singing your favourite songs alone if you want too. Some great karaoke places in Jakarta are Level 5 Karaoke & Lounge and Zen Karaoke. All the karaoke places in Jakarta offer drinks and food as well. Some may even open for up to 24 hours. So during the weekends you can just sing until the sun rises in Jakarta.

3. Clubbing

Clubbing is also a fun night activity in Jakarta. People truly come alive in the clubs. Take your friends with you for a night out. You may make new friends and have a good time together. Some popular clubs in Jakarta include Alexis, Golden Crown and Club 36. Try to know information about Best Nightlife in Indonesia

4. Trying Street Food

Night time is the right time to eat street food. Food vendors and stalls lined up on the side of the street. You will find so many traditional food or popular street food that are very local in Indonesia. Immerse with the people and the culture. Have a taste of Indonesian food. You won’t even have to spend a lot of money because most of them are quite cheap but will still make your stomach full. Increase your information with reading Famous Indonesian Street Food List, such as  Street Food in Jakarta with Authentic Taste,  Street Food in Bali, and  Street Food in Bandung You Must Try

5. Eating Out at Restaurants

If you want something more sophisticated then eat out at a restaurant. Jakarta has a huge options of restaurants for you to go too. You don’t have to eat food that originated from Indonesia. There are food that come from Thailand, Vietnam or Japan sold by the restaurants. It’s a great opportunity to widen your cultural knowledge through food in Jakarta. Another option is to eat at other fast food restaurants where they might offer cheaper food and faster service.

6. Rooftop Views

Huge and tall skyscrapers are built in Jakarta. They fill up the sky line of the busy city. Enjoy the view of the city at night by coming to one of the tall buildings. Some offer bars and restaurants on their rooftops. The city looks pretty from far away. Enjoy the line of lights on the streets below you and the stars above you. The cool breeze at night will also make the experience more enjoyable.

7. Visiting Monas

Monas is a popular place to visit as it is one of the most famous landmarks in Indonesia. You don’t have to go during the day. Wait for the night to fall to come to Monas. Besides avoiding the blistering heat during the day, the place offers quite a sight when night comes around. The fountain near the monument lights up and there may even be some light shows for you to enjoy. The monument is illuminated too. Read more about Indonesian Landmarks.

8. Skateboarding

Skateboarding has become quite a popular activity among the youths in Jakarta. But this doesn’t mean that only young people are allowed to skateboard. People from all ages are welcomed. If you know how to skateboard then definitely come to one of Jakarta’s skateboarding parks. You can still come if you can’t skateboard. You can learn or just watch people try out all sorts of cool tricks on their boards.

9. Ice Skating

There is a well known ice skating rink in Indonesia that you can go to. It is located inside one of the big malls in Jakarta which is the Mall Taman Anggrek. You can come to the ice skating rink at night because it will stay open until the mall closes. Glide through the ice and spend some time to chill your body. This activity is also great for the body as it is also a kind of sport and makes your body exercise.

10. Ghost Tourism

Other than the lively activities in Jakarta at night, you can choose to have an eery one instead. There is a ghost tour in Jakarta that is available every day starting from 11 P.M. This tour consist of you going around the famous scary Jeruk Purut Cemetery. People believe that there are many souls stranded here along with local ghosts too. The tour guide will take you to spots with the highest supernatural activities.

11. Watch Theatrical Performances

You can spend your night with another cultural insight in Jakarta. Sometimes, there are theatrical performances in the Taman Ismail Marzuki. You can check out the schedule for the performances through the internet or the social medias. Maybe you can just stroll along the place and found a performance taking place.

12. Music Concerts

Since Jakarta is a huge city, it is filled with many music concerts at night. These concerts include the kind of music that people are currently listening to. They might be some known or less known local bands performing. These kinds of concerts have reasonable prices and quite affordable. On the other hand, there are also some international concerts that people can attend too. Keep in mind that the international concerts are more expensive and can cost you more than a million rupiahs.

13. Live Music in Cafes

Enjoy the live music that many cafes offer in Jakarta. Eat some of your favourite snack while listening to good music. Take your friends with you and take in the nightlife in Jakarta filled with laughter and love. Some of the live music may also last past midnight.

14. Spa

Need some pampering after a long day? Treating yourself to a spa is a much needed activity in the busy city. Take some time off to relax. Make your body feel better after a good spa. A lot of spas open until midnight so you don’t have to worry and rush yourself to the treatment. Don’t forget to give some tip when you are done with your spa treatment.

15. Shopping

Shopping is a favourite activity in Jakarta. When the night falls, you can start to shop around the city. Some traditional markets for fresh fish or fresh flowers open until the morning time. But for clothes or other necessity shopping then head out to the malls or small boutiques in the city. Read more about Shopping Habits in Indonesia

Other Activities (16-20)

Below are some more activities for you to enjoy in Jakarta.

  • Late Night Exercise: Jog around Jakarta at night for a healthy lifestyle in Indonesia.
  • Family Dinner: Make some dinner or eat out with your family. Read more about Table Manners in Indonesia.
  • Host a Party: Host party for friends or family at home or in the city.
  • Classical Concert: Check for schedules on the internet.
  • Salon: Get a new haircut that you can show off the next day.

Beside what i explained above, here information about how to spend night life in jakarta. Watch this.

Most of these activities are either free and also affordable. Nevertheless, the kind of money you spend can get you far in Jakarta. Still, pick a night activity that you really like and have a great time in the city.