13 Important Things to be Aware of in Indonesia

Indonesia has been famous in the world as one of the countries with some beautiful destination spot area. In every year there are always a lot of foreign tourists who visit Indonesia for a vacation. They come to various tourisms of Indonesia that do have amazing natural beauty. If you do so, you should consider some bad possibility while you traveling. To keep your safety during traveling, you need to know these 13 Things to be Aware of in Indonesia.

  1. Natural disaster

Do you know that Indonesia is a country that is positioned in the ring of fire? As an archipelago state, there are many volcano which means, it has a big potential of natural disasters. Even United Nation has declared that Indonesia is the one of most disaster-prone countries in the world. That is why you need to be aware of some typical natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami, and many others.

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  1. Traffic accident

Don’t be so surprised with the traffic density once you visit Indonesia. There are a lot of vehicles, motorcycles, cars, even big truck using the same road. It cause the rate of accident in Indonesia could be categorized as high. The head of Police Indonesia stated that the level of traffic accidents in Indonesia is the highest in ASEAN countries.  It would better for you to rent a car with the driver if you visit Indonesia.

  1. Scams

Be careful of some scams that might trick you when visiting Indonesia. Indonesia is the country with a high rate of scam. To avoid the crimes in every place you want to visit in Indonesia, make sure to bring at least a friend. Traveling alone is not recommended to do Indonesia. As the most popular tourism spot in Indonesia, Bali is the most place that have most Scams to Avoid in Bali. A useful tips of How To Avoid Scams In Bali is by taking good care of yourself.

4. Theft

A theft could happen everywhere. On the way, in the hotel or resort, even at the mall you could always have the possibility to be the victim of the theft. Don’t forget to keep all the door and windows locked in every time you left your home stay, hotel, or resort. Put the important document in a safety place. Bring the copy document only if you want to get out for walk around. Don’t put you belongings randomly unless you will give the chance for a thief to take it.

  1. Pickpocket

Almost the same with the theft, pickpocket usually happen in a public places. Never use jewelry too much since it would attract the pickpockets. Don’t use your mobile phone too much in a public transportation. It would less your awareness toward the pickpockets. Bring a front-small pouch to carry your precious belongings. Don’t put the things in your backpack. If you bring some quite big electronic equipment in your backpack, give the safety tools on your bag zipper.

  1. The fictive beggar

If you choose to have a traveling in Indonesia, don’t be much shocked if you see many beggars. Don’t be too pity with them. Some of them actually act like the people with disability to make the tourists be pity with them. Some of them often be found have already been rich enough from the result of being beggar. So, it is not recommended to give money for beggars in Indonesia. Some cities in Indonesia even have the own rule of a prohibition to give money for beggars

  1. Fake travel agency

Don’t be tempted by the cheap offer of some fake travel agency in Indonesia. You would better to search any reference of good travel agency in the internet. Some of them usually would trick you by offering the cheap price for a tour package in a place of Indonesia. In fact, the facility and the destinations that they offer is not suit with the offering.

  1. Narcotics Distributor

Although Indonesia has a rigid rule of narcotics abuser, there are still many narcotics distributor that might trick you. As the example when you visiting Bali, It is not recommended to use any kind of Prohibited Drugs in Bali. If you meet a stranger that offer you some drugs, you could avoid them by saying no politely. (Read also:Prohibited Medications in Bali)

  1. Fake discount

It is usually happen in some fancy markets or department store in Indonesia. Don’t be easily obsessed with them once you see the discount board in an outlet. Some of them usually give the fake discount to attract the costumer. Before giving discount, they would raise the price much higher than normal price. When you get the discount, actually it is just the same price with normal price. Be smart buyer, guys!

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  1. Tricky traders

Be careful of some tricky traders in Indonesia, especially when you buy some foods. Almost of them would trick you by manipulate the ingredients of foods. As the example, when you by some meatballs, they would say it made of the pure meats.

In fact, they mix the meat with some ingredients of bacon or chicken. It would better for you to buy some foods in the trusted place. You could try to seek some references before buying the foods to avoid being tricked.

  1. Sunburn

Indonesia is an equatorial state with the extreme heat of the sun. If you don’t want to blacken your skin, you should apply sunblock in every time you go out from hotel. It is also important to use even when you want to have sunbathing. It is not recommended to have sunbathing without using any sunblock. It would be really harm for your skin. If not, use the sunglasses or hat would be a great idea.

  1. Violent crime

The number of violent crime in Indonesia could be categorized in high level. The cases of violent crime such as robbery, rape, or even murder with some motives are frequently happen in Indonesia. Especially when you go at night, make sure not to pass the quiet area. If you are a girl, don’t try to go out alone at night. The possibility of violent crime would be increased much time at night.

  1. Air Pollution

Remember that some crowded cities in Indonesia like Jakarta have the great pollution. According to a survey from some sources, Indonesia positioned at the tenth most polluting countries in the world. This pollution is delivered from the carbon dioxide emission from vehicles and industries. To avoid air pollution, you could use a healthy mask.

Those are the 13 Things to be Aware of in Indonesia. However, you don’t need to worry too much with them. It would be easy for you for asking a help to the local people of Indonesia. Besides noticing those points, you should also know the Things to Avoid in Indonesia. It would also be so great to learn  Indonesian Language first before traveling in this country. The most important point is, you should plan you holiday really well to avoid the bad things.