13 Healthy Lifestyle in Indonesia (#9 is Amaze You)

With the increasing intensity of our lifestyle, many of us find it easy to forget about our health. What is the most important should be finding a way to have a healthy lifestyle while also being productive. In Indonesia, there are many ways to carry out a healthy lifestyle through food or various activities. This article contains the 13 Healthy Lifestyle in Indonesia that you can do as most Indonesians always do them as well.

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1. Doing Sports 

The hectic everyday activities make it easy to forget that we still need to move our bodies to keep us healthy. A regular exercise has been proven to improve the health. There are many kinds of sports to choose from. Pick one that you prefer the most. Here are some traditional sports in Indonesia that you can try.

2. Eating Healthy Food 

Eat more fruits and vegetables to improve your health. Indonesia is a heaven to many fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many varieties to choose from. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins that can help increase your immune system. You may also want to try out Indonesian vegetarian food as they also taste excellent.

3. Eating 3 Meals a Day 

Eating 3 meals a day can greatly your health through diet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be eaten accordingly as they help maintain your energy and nutrition throughout the day. Indonesians heavily emphasises the importance of breakfast, even through commercial. You can try the unique traditional Balinese breakfast if you want something different. Each meal portion should be adequate, not too much and not too little. Having enough food in your body can reduce your chances of snacking unhealthily.

4. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. When you smile or laugh, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical that makes you happy. The more often you are happy, the better your immune system will become. The healthier you will be. When you are sad, your body is vulnerable to more illnesses. Indonesians know the balance of having a serious life and having breaks. They love to laugh which greatly improves their health for the long term.

5. Cycling

Cycling in Indonesia is a great way to keep your body moving. It also reduces pollution in the country. Many Indonesians still choose to ride bicycles while going to work or to school. Despite beating the traffic, cycling serves as a quick and easy way to get exercise.

6. Taking Trips 

A healthy lifestyle would be to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress is one of the main contributors to heart disease, increased blood pressure and so many more. You can reduce your stress in Indonesia by taking trips. Go to some other places in Indonesia such as Bali for the week-end. Have some fun while you are out rafting in Bali. You can also enjoy another culture while relaxing while visiting the Buddhist temple in Bali Indonesia.

7. Wearing Sunscreen

Indonesia is a sunny country. When there is no rain, the sun shines almost throughout the day. The weather is hot and you can basically feel the sun rays burning your skin when you are outside. Always use sunscreen when you are in Indonesia. Many Indonesians do so anyway because they know that it can get very hot in the country. Wearing sunscreen can protect you from harmful rays and reduce the chance of skin cancer.

8. Take Walks or Stroll

Once in a while, you should take a walk or a stroll. Taking small walks every now and then has been proven to affect the health in a positive way. It reduces stress and it’s a good way to take in fresh air. With a clearer mind, you can continue your daily routine with ease.

9. Drinking Jamu 

Jamu is a traditional medicine in Indonesia made from different parts of the plants. These parts could include the leaves, the roots or the seeds. The medicine is usually dissolved in water. Jamu is very old in Indonesia but some people still drink it because they believe that it works for them. They also believe that Jamu makes their body feel better as the ingredients are very natural. Indonesia jamu was once served to the royals and the nobles in Indonesia.

10. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of a human’s life since it allows the brain and the body to rest. Getting enough sleep is crucial so that your immune system can heal or become stronger. People with lack of sleep are more prone to have flu. If you cannot have enough sleep then try taking small naps throughout the day as they also help.

11. Using Herbal Medicine 

Plenty Indonesians still rely on using herbal medicine. What this means is that they use natural flowers, fruits or roots to ease their illness. You can read here. The natural fruits or flowers are consumed to increase their immune system. Indonesian herbal medicine have many benefits. You can also find out the medicinal plants of Indonesia that are also used to treat ailments.

12. Yoga

Yoga has found its place in Indonesia. Many people are practicing it because of its relaxing nature. Indonesians also believe that yoga can help them to be more mindful of their thoughts and their words. Since yoga is so peaceful, it can help you to have a quiet moment to yourself away from the busy life.

13. Practicing Gratitude

Indonesians are always mindful of their actions as well as their thoughts. They believe that whatever happens, one should always be grateful. Being grateful is believed to help the soul to calm down and avoid jealousy. Gratitude can also help reduce stress that is so harmful to your health as you learn to cope with what you already have and being thankful for it all.

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Hopefully, these many choices of healthy lifestyle can help you out in your life. A healthy body and mind can ensure a better life. Indonesia is a country that offers many options of healthy lifestyle that you can fit into your schedule as you please.