30 Surprising Facts About Lombok Indonesia

Indonesia is not only famous for its delicious variety of food, but its natural and cultural attractions are interesting to explore. Indonesia which consists of various islands from Sabang to Merauke made the destination a diverse choice.

Not infrequently local and foreign tourists racing to visit some existing tours. Lots of uniqueness that stretches in our beloved country Indonesia. The vast blue ocean stretches, the dazzling green nature and the warmth of its society hold firm to its customs and traditions from the time of its ancestors to the present day. Guarded and remain sustainable, that’s what makes our country one of the famous countries because of the diversity of tourism and culture.

One of which we will discuss here is a fact related to Lombok tourism, not only famous for its Komodo island only. Apparently,  there are still some other interesting facts from Lombok that we should Kulik, including:

1.Beautiful and Interesting Beaches

The island of Indonesia is the country most widely decorated with beautiful islands. Likewise with the beach, one of the famous beach Senggigi beach.Letaknya located Ssebalah west of Lombok island. With its white sand adds to the beauty and authenticity of Indonesia’s nature.

2. The Beauty of Mountains

The next fact is that there is a mountain of Rinjani on this island, for you a climber is not yet complete if you have not tried to venture into this one mountain. In addition to offering a beautiful panorama, this mountain also has its own value for the people around the island of Lombok. You may want to read about Highest Mountain in Indonesia with Stunning Views

3. Beautiful Star Cluster

Likely equatorial charm radiating through the cluster of stars in the sky, so that happened in the islands of Lombok. The expanse of green grass and also the beauty of the night with glittering star-studded beautify the atmosphere at night.

4. Sasak Culture

One of the interesting things and needs to be learned is to know the culture of the Sasak tribe. Where the majority of these tribes embrace the religion of Muslim, although most of the island population of Lombok Bali in Bali majority. The Sasak tribe is famous for its unique woven and the home-Tribal house is very interesting.

5. Culinary Typical

If you travel to the island of Lombok, do not forget to taste this particular food. Flavors rich in spices and spicy flavor makes your tongue feel burned.Usually recommended food dish to try the pelecin kale and chicken taliwangnya.Certainly, you are addicted to trying it if you return again to this island.

6. Famous With The Trio Tour of Gili

Many Gili tours are found on this island, among others : ( Read to )

  • Gili Air
  • Gili Meno
  • Gili Trawangan

Gili is very famous especially for those who love beach tourism, because it can be used as a snorkeling tour, diving or just wash your eyes with selfie looking for interesting objects.

7. Waterfall  Tour

In addition to the beach, tourism is interesting and fun, it turns out another fact Lombok island is a waterfall tour that has a variety of beauty. One of the famous waterfalls is waterfall yarn netting. Due to the colored waterfall mosquito net then named this waterfall with the name.

8. Red Sandy Beach

In addition to Lombok, is there any other sand that has a red color? of course only on this island just found a unique sand color. Located not far from Mataram City, lies this beautiful and charming sand. The red color on the beach is produced from a coral stone called Homtrema rubrum and mixed with white sand makes the color more exotic.

9. The baths at Narmada Park

The destination worth a try after you are tired of exploring the water of Narmada park baths. All tired and tired replied with the pleasure of this garden known Nirmada garden. Located in Lembuah Village, District Narmada, West Lombok regency, about 10 kilometers east of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. This 2 ha-wide garden was built in 1727 by the King of Lombok Mataram, Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem, as a place of the Pakelem ceremony held every fifteenth full year Caka (October-November).

In addition to the ceremonial venue, Narmada Park is also used as a place the royal family’s rest during certain seasons. This park is also a replica of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak.This park has a swimming bath that is not only beautiful but also reputedly can make younger. Mini kola is also considered to have a high mystical value.

10. Mawun Beach Tour

The beach is located at two other holiday locations, namely Selong Belanak Beach and Kuta Beach, Lombok island that keeps the wonderful beauty behind the hidden place. Because that’s not wrong if you make the beach located in the Village Tumpak, Pujuk District, Central Lombok Island as one of them a pleasant holiday destination.

11. Seger Beach Tour

One of the beautiful beaches in Central Lombok is Seger beach. Like other beaches in Central Lombok, Seger Beach is still quiet. the beach itself has a clear blue water and white sand.  Seger beach has a large area and is divided into several parts. Where there are many decent enough lodging for you with loved ones to spend time on vacation.

12. Unique Tradition

This one custom is somewhat unique, that is kidnapping Sasak tribe girl. Where a girl is kidnapped by her future husband, although strange but this tradition is hereditary even there is already an official body that legitimizes this habit. Usually, the abducted girl is intended to be married on condition if the parent of one party does not approve. You may want to read about Family Traditions in Indonesia, Indonesian Cultural Activities, as well as Traditions in Aceh Indonesia

13. House Cleaning Habits with Cow Manure

Of course, for some people, this is certainly disgusting, is not it? but for the people of Lombok island, this is commonly done. With the reason, the house became warm during the rainy season, more solid, and mosquitoes were lost.

14. Lombok Woman Required Weave

No wonder the fabric of Lombok island is very nice and unique, it turns out the facts behind women are required to be able to weave. This is because if the tradition can not weave then women on the island of Lombok is forbidden to marry the man idol heart.

15. The symbol of Harmony of Religious People

Various tribes and religions found on the island of Lombok is making some traditional buildings as a symbol of diversity in belief in this island. Evidenced by the construction of the monument as a sign so much sense of concern and trust in the society religious.

16. Legend

One of the famous legends in Lombok society beautiful Princess who committed suicide because of love. The legend is still a mythical story among the island community of Lombok to date. You may want to read about Indonesian Mythology

17. Peresean Tradition

The Peresean tradition is a battle of two men (pepadu) who use a stick as a tool to hit the opponent and the wood in the calf leather as a shield to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Pepadu is the name for people who are fighting on peresean. not about who is the strongest and who wins the battle. But peresean is about the ritual ask rain in the allotment so that the rice fields become fertile, where the more blood that spilled when the fight than the more water spilled from the sky.

18. Nyongkolan Wedding Event Tradition

Nyongkolam is a tradition in the event that is often done Sasak society when the wedding, where a marriage must be published and for that matter done nyongkolan that is by doing kernaval to the house of the wife in the accompaniment with entertainment and using customs Sasak Lombok. Read more about  Indonesian Wedding Culture, Balinese Wedding Traditions, as well as Javanese Wedding Culture.

19. Gendang Beleq Cultural Tradition

The name of the beleq drum is derived from one of the musical instruments called drum beleq, where the drum means drum means while “beleq” means big on the Sasak language.

This musical instrument is almost the same as the gamelan in general just a musical instrument this has a mythical rhythm and rhythm so not infrequently when the beleq drum is played will cause the impression of mystery, and also has its own taboo for the players. Musical instruments are often used to accompany the traditional events of Lombok Sasak tribe society such as peresean, nyale odor, merariq, nyongkolan, and other events.

20. Kaliantan Beach Tours

Another beach that became the next tour of Kaliantan Beach, the location is very far from the commercial impression. There are no facilities on the beach so the natural impression really feels. Even if there are only food vendors, usually only at certain times.


  • Thousand Islands Mosque: This unique nickname is worthy of respect and guarded as a high cultural heritage, wherever you explore while still on the island of Lombok. There you also find many mosques, making it easier for you to worship with khuysu. Read more about Largest Mosque in Indonesia
  • Beautiful Ringgit Cape Tours: Another location as a beach tour of Tanjung Ringgit, is a beach area where there is also a cool cliff to play. The cliff is filled with green grass so the atmosphere feels very cool and beautiful.
  • Become the Best Honeymoon Icon: In addition to beautiful and fascinating tours on the island of Lombok, it turns out that Lombok became one of the islands that get the title of World’s Best Halal Honeymoon and World’s best halal tourism.
  • Kek Mandalika Tours: This one tour is arguably very remote. Its location is unspoiled and still very natural. Exotic beach tours make your vacation even more memorable.
  •  Bau Nyale Tradition: This tradition is a tradition that has the meaning of catching worm animals, where the Lombok people gather to catch sea worms called “Nyale”. This tradition is usually done in the coastal suburbs.
  •  Welu Telu Trust: Wetu Telu is a religious belief that exists in North Lombok, this religion is a combination of Islam and animism.
  • Monkey Forest Tours: Monkey forest tour is an existing tour in Lombok, with the habitat of the majority of these forest races add diversity of natural attractions besides mountains, beaches, and waterfalls.
  • No Vehicle: If you want to get around the island of Lombok, do not be surprised if you find it difficult to find a vehicle either motor or car. This is done in order to maintain cleanliness and natural beauty around the island of Lombok. Read more about Indonesian Traditional Transportation
  • Meaning Lombok, Not Chili: Is shocking not it? it turns out Lombok is not the meaning of chili but straight in the dictionary of the Sasak tribe.
  • The Paradise of Nature Tourism Lovers: All tours have been discussed clearly, the results are undeniably is indeed the island of Lombok is very fascinating. So the loss for those who do not include this destination as your holiday choice, Indonesia has Bali but Bali is the next island of Lombok, the island surge is located. Have a good vacation.

Beside what I explained above,here i give you a beautiful and catchy view of Lombok Island, Indonesia. Check this out.

Those are complete explanation about interesting and fascinating facts about Lombok Indonesia that you may find unique.