14 Places To Create Romance Vibes With Partner in Bali

Feeling that the term falling in love is truly very soul-rattling. People who are in love feel like the world is theirs. They would like to always being together, combining love and attention. When both eyes meet and stare, only burning passion of wanting to spend time together lingers. Well, those of you who are fall in love will forget everything. Easy and applicable Tips to Rent Villa in Bali

However, have you ever thought that you want to spend time together with your partner in the place that will impress both of you the most? A romantic place that makes both of you don’t want to leave the place forever. Well, here are some examples of the best places to spend time with your partner in Bali. Consider these examples of places to create a romance vibes with partners in Bali below:

1. Kaveri Spa

Suitable and attractive for couples, Kaveri Spa is located at The Udaya Resort and is a favorite place for spa lovers as well as for those who are trying their first spa. How important it is to stay on your partner’s side. This spa offers suites and special pavilions for couples to be able to feel the service together. The perfect place to rest before feeling a Balinese-style spa service. Bali-halal restaurants you must try whenever You come to Bali.

2. Ayusha Wellness Spa

Relax yourselves with the sound of the gurgling flow of the Campuhan River in Ubud and rest yourself with your partner at Ayusha Wellness Spa. Both of you will feel comfortable after a tiring day of activities touring Bali. There is a relaxing honeymoon package that is truly perfect for releasing stress after a hectic wedding day. The package includes a welcome drink, followed by a list of complete spa services such as a foot bath, sauna, full body massage, bathing with rose petals plus sparkling wine and various fruits. You can enjoy this special moment soaking in a tub of stone that faces the river.

3. The Amora Bali Restaurant

Located hundreds of feet above the ground, beautiful views of Mount Batur. Furthermore, it becomes one of the places to create romance vibes with partners in Bali. This restaurant under the clouds will give you another level of experience by offering a view that is so valuable. The main highlight besides the scenery, is the delicious food that comes from the surrounding plantations. Next, you can express your feelings and affection with a view of Mount Batur and its romantic lake. The best rooftop bars in Bali you should visit may be your next trip.

4. Infinity One Eighty

The clear glass bottom pool overlooking the Indian Ocean perched on the edge of a 150-meter high cliff creates a sensation of its own. That is the mainstay of One Eighty, a contemporary bar and restaurant that has just opened at The Edge Villas, Uluwatu. Try to swim here, you will feel like as if you’re floating on the air with the graceful waves. In addition, the highly recommended food menu yet the beautiful scenery of the beach will make you and your partner become more intimate and comfortable with each other.

5. Foie Grass

In addition to the romantic location that is truly able to make us lulled. Metis has a beautiful and hypnotizing view of rice fields. Before you arrived at the restaurant, you will pass through the beautiful gardens and a large pond filled with lotus. There are lots of incredible foie grass menu choices in this place. Plus a Live DJ that plays music every night will lighten your day, and there is also a roof that can be adjusted so that the excitement continues even though it suddenly rains, making the atmosphere even more romantic. Educational Yet fun things to do In Bali with kids.

6. Kamandalu Ubud

Sitting relax with your partner while enjoying the nature and the cool air typical of the mountains is one way to enjoy places to create romance vibes with partners in Bali. Many things you can do with your partner in this place. Besides the spa, there are also rowing boats like in the city of Venice and the enchanting natural beauty of the view.

7. Temukus Village

There is nothing more romantic than taking a walk in a beautiful field filled with gemitir flowers or Marigolds. Gemitir flowers have a very important meaning for Balinese people because of the influence of their native culture in India. Gemitir is also a symbol of passion and creativity often used as an ornament of marriage and the beginning of a new life for newly married couples. With amazing orange colors, this is one of the best spots for couples to take a photo with the background of Mount Agung. Hence tourist attractions you must see in West Bali.

8. Sadara Boutique Beach Resort

It is one romantic vacation destination for couples. At Sadara Boutique Beach Resort, you will get everything you want, even more, for a romantic vacation. Beautiful views of the ocean and blue sky, you can also order a romantic dinner together at the beach. Activities during the daytime are not just sunbathing on beach. Water sports facilities are also available for rent. The twilight atmosphere will be more romantic in this place.

9. Villa Campuhan

Here, you can choose from a variety of villas with a different atmosphere. Nevertheless, all of them have advantages ranging from the exquisite furnishings, luxurious privacy area, and wide expanse of blue sea. This is what makes this a right place to create romance vibes with partners in Bali. Couples traveling together and especially those who have just married will fall in love with the honeymoon suite. Fall asleep by the sound of the waves crashing on the coast as you curl up with your partner, with a glowing light that illuminates the romantic window. The following are water activities in Bali Indonesia you will enjoy.

10. FireFly Eco Lodge

It feels like nothing can be juxtaposed with waking up under a beautiful cloud with the sound of birds singing in the morning and the cool air of the forest while you hug your partner behind a blanket. The open atmosphere is truly special, equipped with swings overlooking beautiful views of rice fields. When staying at FireFly Eco Lodge with your partner, don’t forget to treat him with a romantic dinner under the stars and other romantic experiences that cannot be forgotten.

Next are the examples of some other places to create romance vibes with partners in Bali, check out the lists:

  • Melasti Beach, Ungasan, one of the most charming white sand beaches on the southern coast of the Island of the Gods. Melasti Ungasan Beach is usually frequented by several couples who are doing pre-wedding photoshoots. This place is the best spot to watch the sunset in Bali and a romantic location.
  • Panorama of Mount Batur from a more remote village, Pinggan Village. Guaranteed as an elegant place, The quiet and calm atmosphere will bewitch you as long as the amazing panorama. Hence the wonderful spot must see in North Bali.
  • Located at the end of Nusa Penida, precisely facing Atuh Beach – this beautiful tree house is a contemporary destination on the island because of its dramatic and romantic panorama. Starting from the beautiful Atuh Beach and small islands like Raja Ampat to high cliffs, rocks, and very beautiful hills, this view will mesmerize you.
  • In the middle of the wild, you will find a spacious resort hidden in the middle of the forests of West Bali National Park. Plataran Menjangan Resort and Spa is located on the coast with a Mediterranean-style building. This spacious resort has a typical three-story Octagon Ocean Club that directly overlooks the sea and Menjangan Island, creates a beautiful and enchanting scenery .

Those are some examples of place to create romance vibes with partners in Bali. Hopefully, it can help you if you are looking for a romantic destination.