21 Easy and Applicable Tips to Rent Villa in Bali

Hello folks. Back again to the Facts of Indonesia.com, a place where you can see so many colorful information about the country that we always love, Indonesia. So, during the past week, we shared some information regarding of traveling tips. Now, we also want to do the same thing by adding in some stuff.

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Well, if you’re following this site, you may witness some of our exclusive tips such as tips when traveling to Indonesia during the rainy season, the season that loved by some. Other than that, we want to add this list of the tips to rent villa in Bali. Not only 10, but we want to give you the total 21 tips. Ready? Go!

1 – Use the agent services

Let’s be honest here. Seeing or reviewing a correct villa is sometimes can be a boring thing to do. Not everyone loves to do some kind of research like that. With the risk of getting the wrong idea and many other else, using the services from agent should be helpful. They can help you by providing the infomation you need, which is quite simple.

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2 – Avoid the Holiday

Of course, you want to have a lot of fun in a place new during the special days, which is the holiday. But, if you decided to book a villa just a day before the actual holiday, the villas will probably full already even before you realize it. You do not want to be confused on a perfect day, right? That’s why doing a reservation early is a must.

3 – Avoid particular religion-relate holidays

Religion could be an important thing in life. In Indonesia, people do believe in religion above all else. During these special occasions like Eid Fitri, and a special event like Nyepi for example, some attractions are usually closed in order to respect the worshipers. Even some important places like airport will be closed for some days.

4 – Not rent a villa for yourself only

Imagina that you only rent a villa, which usually comes in a big size for yourself only. It would be a waste of money, a lot of money. If you want to stay at somewhere by yourself, you better switch to the hotel. Or if you want to have a cheaper price, the it’s time to look for the motels. They’re not as great as hotels, but decent is enough.

5 – If you’re alone, hotel is the answer

Connected to the tip above, renting a hotel could be the best solution if you’re staying alone. You can always pick the right one that most suitable with your budget and taste. There’s a lot of affordable hotels out there. You can just watch your favorite applications to see which is one suitable for you.

6 – Pick the right location

What’s the definition of the right location when renting a villa here? We mean that the correct locations mean the locations where you can reach the attractions that you want to visit easily. It could save your budget greatly. Also, it’s even more better if your villa is reachable from important places like restaurants, traditional markets, and also public transpotations.

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7 – Consider the perfect attractions for your holiday

Ways before deciding where’s the suitable villa you want to stay in, you should consider which one of those potential attractions to go. If you want to visit all of them, then you should prepared for some more. More what? More budget of course, more time to do a little research on the places info, and prepare for your week of holiday in that location.

8 – Pick the low season

And the next one in the tips to rent a villa in Bali is to pick the low season. What does it mean? The low season is the time when the island is less visited during the year. Usually, the time is starting from early January to March. It’s the time when the students and workers holiday time is finished. You can use this opportunity instead.

9 – Take a look at the facilities

Now, after seeing the location, the villa where you want to stay and spend some days here, it’s really important to check on the facilities. Aside from seeing them from the information that contained on the internet, checking them directly should be done perfectly. You should check too whether those facilities are real or just fraud.

10 – Pick the strategic areas

Yes, even though the areas that called as strategic areas do have a fairly high price, but staying in a place that located within this area could make your holiday much more easier than living in an area that not even included in google maps. You can get foods with ease, transportation is easy peasy, and even if you’re hurt somehow, you can be treated well in the nearest hospital.

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11 – Always prepare a side plan

The side plan is preparing two, three, or more villas for yout trip. Why two of them? Let us explain it to you. You should check the villa that can be your priority. The “priority villa” is on the top of the list, and the other villas that you want to stay in too are in the following lines. If the top villa is already full, then you can switch on the second. That goes on until you can find the most comfortable one.

12 – Do a little survey

When hearing about the word “survey”, most people are usually yawning because the picture that surveying can be a little bit of stressy activity. Matter of fact, it’s not. During this modern ere, you can do a thing called survey via any way you want it. You can check the villas via watching them on Youtube. You can see some best pictures on instagram. Or you can just straight to the official websites. All can be done at home.

13 – Consider the price

Now, the most importan thing to consider when choosing which is the correct villa for you is the price. You can compare the price with what you can get in a villa. If you think that the price is not worth it, then maybe it’s time to swicth for the other alternative villas. That’s why it’s important to prepare the alternative, as mentioned on the tips above.

14 – Consider the environment

Bali is indeed a beautiful place. You can see those happy faces of people spending their good time on this island. But remember, there’s no safe place in this world. Everywhere around the world, the criminals are always lingering, including in Bali. When picking a villa, make sure that the environment is known to be safe one for any crime. Better to minimize the risk than sorry.

15 – Use the villa with less services if you’re on a budget

This one is to search for the alternatives. Now, when the top priority villa on your list is not available for you, you can switch to the alternatives right away. When picking them, make sure that you check several things like the location, services, reviews and possibly the more affordable price than the first one.

16 – If budget not an issuse, pick the villas with the best additional services

Budget is one of your power? It’s not the thing that you should consider? Then spending all of them away to pick the best one you get. In Bali, you can find some fancy villas that serving amazing and wonderful services, even the personal security, and many more. Enjoy your holiday with fanciness.

17 – Do a little comparation

It’s the right thing to compare one villa to the other. Deciding the correct one is hard when you find two villas with the same specifications. All you need to do if you’re in this situation is look for the specific point. You can see specifically about the location, the total good reviews, or even the history.

18 – Take a look at some reviews

Now, some may say that reviews don’t always right. But, the thing that they should remember is, no opinion is right. And those reviews are basically the opinions from people who have visited the villa before. You can note some things from them, complaints, and other things that will not displayed on the official website of the villa.

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19 – See trustful websites

The next one in tips to rent Villa in Bali is see tonly the trustful websites. Like for example Traveloka and TripAdvisor. You can also see some relatable information on Quora.

20 – Hear the recommendations from friends and family

Friends and family is for sure can be trusted. Hear some info from them.

21 – Keep the environment clean

Aside for enjoying the villa, don’t forget to leave it as before. Clean and comfy will make everyone happy.