17 Best Rooftop Bars in Bali – Uniques Ones You Should Visit

Hello again fellow travelers. Back to Facts of Indonesia.com to talk some more about the beautiful Indonesian attractions. This time, we want to introduce you to places that suitable for chilling out. Usually, people are spending their time relaxing in some places like restaurants, cafes, or even a bar.

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But, do you know that there’s a location called rooftop bars? These bars are not the usual bars, but they offer the outer environment view from the top of a building. You basically enjoy your drinks and meals above everyone else in the city. In Bali, there are some recommended rooftop bars in Bali, such as :

1 – Vertical Point, Akmani Hotel

The first location that we’re gonna introduced in the list of rooftop bars in Bali is the Vertical Point in Akmani Hotel. The popular thing about this bar is the additional jacuzzi which you can also enjoy. It’s not a usual thing indeed, but with the nice environment and the bar, it’s an awesome thing that you should experience.

Vertical Point in Akmani Hotel Legian is the perfect place if you want to take away your stress and relax for a while with the warm bubbly water to refresh your body. The perfect time to come here is of course when the sun is going down. Seeing it in the jacuzzi with some cocktails is sure will be a memorable moment.

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2 – Seasky Dine and Bar

If you want to spend some times in the area of Kuta Bali, then you should visit a place called Seasky Dine and Bar. You can find in around the Citadines Kuta Beach area. This is the top rooftop bar you can visit in Bali. It looks very exclusive and fancy, usually used by businessmend and their partners to enjoy their life.

In this bar, you can enjoy some of the best Asian meals. They serve the kinds of Western and Asian foods, pick what you favor. Aside from the infinite pool, this place can hold about a hundred people, suitable for celebrating party. You can serve your guests with many variants of buffet.

3 – Jim’Bar’N, Harris Bukit Hotel

The area of South Bali has some best attractions you can visit. This area also has one hotel named Harris Bukit Hotel. In this very hotel, you can explore the top side of it to find one of the best rooftop bars in Bali called Jim’Bar’N bar. This bar is actually one highest bar of all rooftop bars on this very island.

With that, you can expect to see a perfect 360-degree view of Bali island, including the view of the beaches for sure. During a special time like sunset or sunrise, this spot is actually the best one to capture the moment. Imagine that you’re staying in the hotel and see the perfect sunrise and sunset view every single day.

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4 – UNIQUE Rooftop Bar, Rimba Jimbran

The next bar on the list is the UNIQUE Rooftop Bar. Is it really unique? Let’s check it out. This establishment was built and developed by the same team responsible for building the famous Rock Bar. They wanted to build something that can be enjoyed by everyone, with bringing and highlighting the natural aspects.

As you can see in the picture we provided, the bar is located inside the green foresty areas which can be an instant refresher for the stressed mind. With the view of Uluwatu hills and the Hindian Ocean, customers can always be happy, especially they can have the Crispy Salted Pork Loin and Whole Tail Scampi plus some cokctails.

5 – Rock Bar

The bar that everyone loves, the Rock Bar. When you search for the pictures of Rock Bar, you can see that this place is very crowded. Always. It’s like nearly impossible to get a seat during special times like evening, without doing a reservation first. But don’t worry, you can always book a table first.

However, this Rock Bar is located about 1,3 kilometers from the resort, located right on the cliff by the great Hindian Ocean. It’s an open space bar. This bar has its own special serving called Rock My World. You should taste it when you come here. However, the location of this Rock Bar is right in the street of Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali.

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6 – Single Fin Uluwatu

Next one in the rooftop bars in Bali is the Single Fin Uluwatu. Just like the Rock Bar above, this bar is actually pretty famous with the tourists, especially the foreigners.Usually they come to the bar after visiting the nearest bach, it’s shown by some visitors who only war their shorts and bikini.

The materials used for building the Single Fin Bar are the woods. They are not just ordinary woods, but they are the strong ones. That’s why even though there are so many people visiting it at the same time, the bar is still safe and sound. The restaurant can serve you a beer with less than 3 dollars.

7 – Double Six Rooftop Sunset Bar

Now, for more fancy looking rooftop bar, we have this Double Six Rooftop Sunset Bar for you. This place looks firm with the combination of steel and wood. The woods are mainly used for making this relaxing place like a jacuzzi on some spots of the restaurant. You can certainly try to stay there if you want.

However, this bar is located in the middle of the crowdest areas of Bali, the Legian and Seminyak. With the view of Double Six Beach and Blue Ocean Beach, many people would love to spend their money by hang out in here with some friends.  Many people also do a special book for their party in this place.

8 – Ku De Ta

For the people who already visisted Bali couples of times, the name of Ku De Ta would be very much familiar. The bar is known as the best bar in Bali, at least one of the best. Ku De Ta Bar is located in the street of Kayu Aya number 9 of Smeinyak, Kuta, Bali. You should visit it at least once.

Why? Because aside serving the customers with the view of the beach directly shown to them, they also serve the meals, not usual ones. The meals here are processed throguh molecular gastronomy technique. They all look so nice and beautiful. And thanks to the making process, they can surpises you in a way.

9 – Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

Another bar that located by the beach is the Moonlite Kitchen and Bar. Just like the name implies, this bar can surely give you the sensation of eating under the moon during the clear night, thanks to its outdoor design. Other than that, the view of a beach on the front is not less beautiful.

This bar located in Abimanyu street or Dhyana Pura of Seminyak, Kuta, Bali also has a live performance that held exclusively during a particular time of the week. So if you want to enjoy that also, you need to stay at the Moonlite Kitchen and Bar until the clock shows 4.30 pm. The shows only last about two and a half hours though.

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10 – Naga Rooftop and Bar

The next one is Naga Rooftop and Bar. The name sounds a bit Indonesia, with the word “Naga on the front, which means Dragon. This “Dragon” clearly tells everyone that the rooftop bars not only exist on an area like Seminyak, which is known to be a very famous and really crowded place.

Naga is located in Ubud area. So now, people can enjoy having their time at the nearest rooftop bar from their location. The bar brings a cooler and simpler design. In order to make it more comfy, they have this wooden acsent on the tables, chairs, and floors. There are also chairs that look like a swing. You can have a beer while swinging with it.

Aside from the ten locations above, we also have some places that contained inside the small list below as alternatives of the rooftops bars in Bali island. You should come to these bars at least once in order to feel the difference.

1. U Paasha

2. Salsa Bar Grand Hyatt

3. H8S

4. Sky Bar The Mulia

5. Above Eleven

6. BLU Sky Bar

7. Smoqee Lounge and Sky Bar

So that’s the topic about rooftop bars in Bali that you can see above. All of them are indeed the nice locations for hangout with your friends, or even if you want to have such a special moment with your partner in life. Nice collections of food and beverage, comfy environment, the spectacular view are always awesome.