13 Reasons Why Jakarta Do Car Free Day Every Sunday

In big cities, it is currently rife with car-free days. This certainly has a purpose, one of which is to overcome the level of pollution that is so prevalent in the capital. In addition, it also focuses on the health of the citizens of the city and its surroundings. The certainty is a positive goal and good for everyone. The best local restaurants which still open in Jakarta during Ramadhan.

Of course, the car-free day is not done arbitrarily, only allowed on weekends. This is the reason, which aims to socialize to the community to reduce community dependence on motorized vehicles. This activity is usually driven by activists engaged in the field of environment and transportation. Well, here are the reasons why  Jakarta do car-free every Sunday that needs to be known:

1. As a holiday

Car-free days are held every weekend because those day is a holiday for anyone. For those who work, go to school and so on. That is why the car-free day is done, apart from being on holiday. There are many activities at the end of the week that people want to do, such as find a new atmosphere, exercising, gathering while jogging or just enjoying the comfort of the atmosphere in the car-free day. Because it is suitable for holidays filled with positive and healthy activities. The historical temples in Jakarta gems of the capital.

2. Many people who want to find fresh and clean air

When the car-free day atmosphere many residents want to enjoy the capital city without much pollution and vehicles passing by on the road. That’s why the event is held every Sunday. In addition to produce a healthy and cleaner air around the capital, it is increasingly widespread with the many positive activities carried out there. That atmosphere is what is desired by citizens who want to socialize with many people or just drive around to see the city building which has become clean and fresh.

3. Economic activities are off on weekends

The next reason why Jakarta do car-free every Sunday is that every economic activity and business also takes a holiday on Sunday. Although there are some that still exist, but not as busy as on a working day, Monday to Friday. Therefore, if you participate in a car-free day, it is most comfortable and fun on Sundays. There are many activities that you can do ;such as, take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the beauty of the building, the park, and the air is much fresher. Therefore don’t be surprised if every Sunday will be crowded with residents who are exercising and also walk – enjoy the car-free day atmosphere. Hence the useful tips when you spend three days in Jakarta Indonesia.

4. A relaxing day for everyone

On weekend or Sunday, people generally want to feel a different atmosphere. As a result of the hectic schedule from Monday to Friday, which is also quite consuming energy. So it’s common that on Sundays people want to feel more relaxed and fresher, one of which is to spend time on activities in the car-free day. There are many positive activities such as sports, sailing, enjoying the fresh air in a beautiful city, and meeting friends and family. Moreover, you like the spot for selfies when looking for an exciting atmosphere in this place.

5. Sunday is a sports day

For some people, Sunday is the time to exercise. Regular activities to keep stamina fit. Thus, many people try to exercise in a car-free day location for a fresh and clean atmosphere. Many exercise activities that you can do; such as, ride on a bike, jog, or walk with pets. This will become an attractive choice on holiday by visiting the exciting free car day atmosphere. Exercising can be a good plan for holiday activities.

Because of this, many people want to spend Sunday on a healthy sports day. The important tips to spend for only $300 in Jakarta effective and easy.

6. Reducing pollution on weekends

The reasons why  Jakarta do car-free every Sunday is to reduce the amount of pollution on weekends. Reducing pollutants in the capital which sometimes make some people feel uncomfortable is necessary. So the car-free day is applied every weekend, this is to provide space for residents of the city to breathe fresh air and also enjoy a day without passing vehicles in the city. Besides there are many activities that can be done positively that are certainly interesting and fun.

7. As a day free from vehicles

The car-free day is a day that is free from motorized vehicles. Today is the right day where all vehicles do not operate and city residents can enjoy a much fresher and cleaner atmosphere. The impact on motorized vehicles can also pollute the air around it to become dirty. Therefore to reduce harmful substances, it takes 1 day free of vehicles and also pollutants. It is very appropriate if the condition is held on Sunday because it is a holiday and also the time to pamper yourself with positive activities. The best must-visit restaurants in Jakarta with a unique theme.

8. Many people want to find a different atmosphere

The next reasons why  Jakarta do car-free every Sunday is that people who live in the middle of the city who face a lot of noise and pollutants every day want to enjoy a new atmosphere. It’s free from vehicles and it’s also pollution-free, because of that, with the car-free day, it’s an opportunity for citizens to enjoy a cleaner, fresher and more pleasant atmosphere. Many healthy activities can be done such as jogging, cycling, meeting relatives, enjoying clean city views and so on.

9. A day to gather with family and therapy

When you do activities with your family, it is very nice to be able to do it together on a car-free day. In that place, you will find a more pleasant atmosphere, because there are many positive activities that can be done with your loved ones at the location of the car-free day. Families like children, wives, and others also need entertainment or just enjoying together on weekends. With activities on Sunday, there is a lot of happiness and also excitement with the many activities there. The top must-visit places in Jakarta during the weekend.

10. Refreshing the mind and energy of the weekend

With fun activities on a car-free day also makes you much healthier. Because it can make energy also the mind becomes much fresher. That way your body and soul will also feel the calmness of health which is much more relaxing. Positive and healthy activities such as sports, refreshing fresh air, as well as views around the car-free day location that makes your eyes cooler, can add new friends and a healthier environment.

Apart from the examples and explanations above, the following is about the reasons why  Jakarta do car-free every Sunday you need to know, namely:

  • As a place to socialize various activities such as counseling, mass sports activities, and so on. The health-themed program also introduces various products at this location.
  • As a forum for socialization with the environment as well as new people. One remedy for relieving fatigue is by mingling with the environment as well as friends, who know by doing activities in the car-free day you can find new friends, new hobbies, new experiences or also a sweetheart. The must visit cafes in Jakarta with 24 opening hours the best ones.
  • Through the car-free day on weekends, it can also be a recreational venue to relax your mind and body from fatigue. Recreation with sports, or a leisurely stroll around city sights such as buildings, parks or other interesting things that make you much fresher.

Well, so are some examples and also an explanation of the reasons why  Jakarta do car-free every Sunday. Hopefully, it becomes your source of knowledge to know more about a car-free day.