14 Causes of Traffic Congestion in Jakarta : Our Main Problems

Well, if you are familiar with Indonesia, or maybe even an Indonesian yourself, of course, you are very familiar with the traffic congestion, or also known as a traffic jam. During the morning when you want to go for work or study on campus, you can almost be certain that there will always be traffic congestion.

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In the big cities like Malang, Surabaya, or even Bandung, the traffic congestion can be troublesome sometimes, especially if you’re considered as non-patient person. Each morning will be really tiring, especially in the biggest city in Indonesia, Jakarta. Some of you may wonder why it happens every day. So let’s see some of the causes of traffic congestion in Jakarta.

1 – People want to go faster

So let’s start the list with the first on in the causes of traffic congestion in Jakarta, which is the want of people to go way faster than taking public vehicles. Even though it does seem really ironic, because they want to go faster yet halted with how bad the traffic is, but it’s clearly possible especially in Indonesia.

You know, public vehicles often stop at some points, usually to take in some other customers. Waiting time in the bus stop for Trans Jakarta for example would also take some moment. By using a private vehicle, they can avoid all those things. Also, they can even go to these smaller ways or as known as Jalan Tikus (Rat ways) or alternative ways that are way faster.

2 – It’s more simple using private vehicle

If you want to take the public vehicle, usually you need to walk to the nearest bus stop or train station. Plus, if your location is too far, then it will take way more time just to arrive at the location. You can add another plus if there’s a trouble with public vehicles, even the troubles are not usual.

Because of this condition, many would like to take their own vehicle to avoid it. Even though it causes the mass volume of transportation, in their mind they can go faster and way simpler. Imagine that taking your own vehicle is very easy. You just need to wake up at a certain time, and just use it right away without waiting for anything. Even though this way surely can cause traffic congestion everywhere.

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3 – Public vehicles are not as comfortable

You know, in Jakarta you can find the public transportations, the good ones like Trans Jakarta and the newest MRT that everyone talks about. Those are nice choices for the people of Jakarta to go to their work efficiently. But, some think that the transportations are not affordable to them, of course, we couldn’t argue with their point.

That’s why some may take the other, more-affordable public vehicles, like Oplet or the city bus. But, they are not as comfortable, plus they usually stop at some points for the other customers, which sometimes can be annoying. That condition makes them want to have their own vehicle that can way more comfortable.

4 – Some people are not discipline

If you’re working at now, at any place whether it’s a company or just smaller production house, you need to be disciplined, for your own sake. Some people can do it smoothly, while others have problems with it. If they just happen to wake up late, taking a public vehicle would be a hard decision.

With the reasons we mentioned earlier, they can arrive at their work pretty late, and that may cause some problems afterward. However, some think that having a vehicle can clear this problem, even though a bit. At least, with their own vehicle, they can rush the road to go for the work faster. So they can arrive less late than taking public transportation.

5 – They can save their money by using private vehicle

The next one in the causes of traffic congestion in Jakarta is the money reason. You know, taking public vehicles can harm your budget a lot of you depend on them every day, especially if you happen to have a very tight budget. With this condition, taking the “fancy” public transportation like MRT is not an option.

But what if you take online transportation? Without a promo, the cost for them can be way higher, especially if you want to go a bit far. Private vehicle, even though they need repairments, later on, they can save the budget every day. For example, going for a week using a motorcycle would only take less than fifty thousand rupiahs for gasoline only.

6 – Easier access to go everywhere with Private Vehicle

Yes, what many people think about having their own comfortable vehicle is the ability to go everywhere at any time possible. If they require to go to another place, whether in a desperate situation or not, going with a private vehicle is way more accommodating. You don’t need to wait for anything and just go with it.

But, on the other side of the coin, this reason could bring a bad effect, very bad effect, to the traffic. Imagine that one or two persons buy a vehicle per day. That wouldn’t be bad. But what if more people have decided to buy more. Ten, twenty, or maybe hundreds of them want to do the same. The traffic congestion will be unavoidable.

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7 – The gasoline price is not that expensive

If you want to see the budget comparison, let’ see on this seventh point of this list. When taking a public vehicle, you need to have at least more than twenty thousand rupiahs a day. This cost is for the vehicles only or the ticket. The more comfortable the vehicles are, it’s gonna be more charging also.

When in the private vehicle, like a motorcycle, for example, you only need about ten thousand rupiahs a day for the gasoline.

8 – Price of vehicles are getting cheaper

Having a vehicle is the dream of the Indonesian people in general. They want to buy the most advanced and most stylish bike, or the most comfortable car with high-tech to support their daily life. That dream can certainly become reality, remembering that the price for those vehicles is not that high anymore.

You can even get a motorcycle for less than twenty million or even ten million rupiahs. Especially when the products from China came in, like Wuling, who is known for having less price than average market.

9 – Some people are egoistic

Well, even though we’re basically the same, we’re the human race, but we can’t treat everybody as equal. Some have great level of sympathy, and the others don’t. It’s an avoidable condition, because it’s the basic ingredient of human life. Some people would pick to buy their own vehicle may seem to be egoistic.

They buy cars and motorcycles without realizing that the traffic is already bad, only for their interest and comfort.

10 – The Late behavior

Next one in the causes of traffic congestion in Jakarta is the behavior of Indonesian people that maybe already known even by foreigners. You see, if you happen to have an Indonesian friend, just look at his or her behavior when you want to meet them at a certain place. Usually, the Indonesian people are mostly known for their late behavior.

Because of this laziness, many people can be late to work. And with that condition, taking public vehicle is surely no go.

11 – Annual tax is affordable

In some regions around the world, the tax for owning a vehicle can be really expensive. Thus,, the people of those regions may think twice about owning one. Different in Indonesia, you can find that the tax, annual tax for privately owned vehicle is considered to be really affordable than you can imagine.

For example, a motorcycle, that has the value of about ten million rupiahs will only have about two hundred thousand rupiahs of tax, which is less than ten percent.

12 – The “Mudik” reason

You know, when talking about the month of Ramadhan, we always talked about the day of Eid Al Fitr when people are gonna be happy to meet their family at last. As a person who lives far away, sometimes we think about showing to our family that we have a better life by bringing at least a new vehicle.

Mudik by using private vehicle is also very convenient and comfortable, especially for the family.

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13 – Show off aspects

According to the previous point, even though the reason is good, which is to show the family that we have a better life, we can not separate it with the show-off aspects. Some people decide to buy a vehicle for their needs, but for their own image, or ego, the biggest enemy of yourself. They just want to show everyone what are they capable of.

Even though this culture is not healthy, but it’s still common, especially in the developing countries.

14 – There’s no rule or suggestion to use public vehicles

And the last one in the causes of traffic congestion in Jakarta, there’s no suggestion at all to use public vehicles from the government. We think that it may be easier for people if they are introduced to how comfortable the public transportations are since they were a child. So they could imagine what it looks like.

Aside from that, there’s also no rule about the limit of owning vehicles, which gives a total freedom to people to buy more and more til their heart contended.