The Top 14 Must Visit Places in Jakarta During Weekend

Now, back in the Jakarta city again, we want to share and mention some of the best places to enjoy on the weekend. As you may know already, now it’s still Tuesday in Indonesia, still a long way to go to reach the weekend. But, it’s never wrong to determine which place you’re gonna pick to be free from all these works and busy schedule.

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In Jakarta, it’s not that easy to find the green areas for relaxation, remembering that all the areas were cut down to be malls or commercial buildings. But, we’re always here to help you find them. We pick and put down 14 numbers in total about the must visit places in Jakarta during weekend. All of them are great to enjoy, either you’re alone by yourself or with your family. Taking loved partner to these areas that will be mentioned below is also a clever idea. So, let’s just dive in.

1 – Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

When talking about a nice place located around Jakarta that most suitable for all families in town, everyone whould refer Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. This tourism park is a famous park since its first establishment in before 2000. All these years, this place is still relevant to be the greatest family park of the people.

The good thing is, they will always do an update to this place like adding new rides and features so the people are not get bored because of the same thing again and again. Some examples from the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol attractions are the Dunia Fantasi or Dufan, which is the educational outdoor area and the Sea World.

2 – Ice Skating Sky Rink

Next one, we’ll do an activity that seems to be an impossible thing to do in a tropical country like Indonesia, ice skating. You can do so in a place that located in Taman Anggrek Mall called Ice Skaing Sky Rink. There, you can do it till your heart contended, so you can do it safely inside the mall in Jakarta.

Like usual, the location is always full of people. Many people seem enthusiastic to try to do this sport, even though they have zero experience. But don’t worry, you can join the class if you really want to. But other than that, they will give you decent equipment starting from the helmet, socks, and of course, the skating shoes.

3 – Ragunan Zoo

Inside the must visit places in Jakarta during the weekend, we want to include an iconic location in the town called Ragunan Zoo. Zoo is always a great educational place for family. Little ones can learn about animals and their habitat. They can directly see how the true form of a particular animal within a safe range.

However, for you who don’t know, the location of Ragunan Zoo is in the area of Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta. In here, you can find more than two thousand animal species that added with fifty thousand kinds of plantation. With the affordable entrance ticket, visiting Ragunan Zoo is always a nice thing to do at the weekend.

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4 – Jakarta Planetarium

So after learning about animals, now maybe it’s the right time to introduce the planets for your kids in Jakarta Planetarium. This place is open for public, so any people can enter without worry. This attraction that located in the street of Cikini Raya number 73 of Menteng, Central Jakarta should be visited at least once.

Why? Because this is the only place where you can get a full packed information about space with the advanced technology that they have. Learning about planets and space objects will be much more fun in here than in class. Because, they can see how the form and real display of a particular object.

5 – Cipulir Playground

Again, we’re gonna introduce a nice location for family to enjoy in the weekend. The name of it is Cipulir Playground. From its name, you can already guess what kind of place is this. Cipulir Playground has so many activities that can be done by your kids. Most of them are used for increasing your kids’ motoric skills.

With a wide about 3,5 hectares, Cipulir is nicely decorated by God with green forest and environment around it. You and your family can do so many things, such as horse riding, ATV, swimming, playing on the trampoline, doing indoor football, flying fox, and other outbound activities. You should come to Masjid Cidodol street, South Grogol to try it.

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6 – Angke Kapuk

During the weekend, it’s the best time to finally get out of the busy works and fully-polluted city environment to a more better place where it’s quiet and refreshing. One of those places is Angke Kapuk that located in Kapuk Muara, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. You can come here by yourself or with your family.

Either way, visiting Angke Kapuk should be a great choice, remembering there’s about 99,82 hectares area that can be explored thoroughly. The situation around the vast mangrove forest is always calming. So, aside from breathing in a fresh oxygen and taking pictures, you can also rent a boat to explore the area.

7 – Kampoeng Cina / China Town

To seek a different kind of environment, you can always explore the city to find something new, like this Chine Town or Kampung Cina in Cibubur, Jakarta. Like you can expect from a China Town, most of the things are always decorated in red, for luck. Kampung Cina is actually a part of a big tourism area.

That area is Kampung Wisata or Tourism Village that consists of 4 different villages, such as Kampung Indonesia, Kampung Jepang, Kampung Amerika, and this Kampung Cina. The last one is the most visited one. People do love to come here because of the interesting attractions shown on several occasions and also the food bazaar.

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8 – Jakarta Aquarium

Let’s go to the Aquarium to see our underwater friends. Inside the Neo Soho mall, you can visit the Jakarta Aquarium with your family. Unlike others, in this place, there are so many features that they provide to the visiors, like Otter Tunnel for example, where you can interact with all those cute otters.

Other than that, there’s the touch pool, where you can touch the animals directly, and swimming with the shark. Yes, swimming with those scary looking guys. This activity requires swimming sertificate and bravery. You’ll be accompanied with a skilled instructor along the journey.

9 – Setu Babakan

Taking two birds with one stone, that’s the phrase you’ll remember when entering Setu Babakan. Why? Because with only visiting one place, you can get two different attractions await you. Of course, the main attraction is the Setu Babakan itself, which is the lake where people used to do fishing there.

Nearby, you can also visit the Betawi Village that can give you the whole new experience of learning Betawi Culture. In the village, you can see some shows like Cokek Dance, Kasidah, Lenong, Gambus, and many others.  You can also try the Betawi snacks like Kerak Telor while seeing those shows.

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10 – Old Town Jakarta

The Old city of Jakarta is always known as gathering place for all people of Jakarta. During the weekend, especially Saturday night, the place is usually filled with so many people. Usually there’s also group gathering about people who have the same hobby, like dog owners or even the drone anthusiasts.

During the night, during a specil occasion like halloween, there are people who cosplay as Indonesian ghosts. You can take some pictures with them if you want. Other than that, Old Town Jakarta is always be a visitable place because there are many other attractions you can visit like the museums and old buildings that will look great in pictures.

Don’t worry, there are 4 locations still that will be mentioned after thing. As usual, we put them in the smaller list below so you can just pick one or some and put them in your bucket list as the must visit places in Jakarta during weekend.

1. Fatahillah Museum

2. Jakartan Museum of Puppet

3. Bahari Museum

4. Kidzania Jakarta

So that’s all we can say about the must visit places in Jakarta during weekend. Now, you can choose some of them and decided where to go for this nice weekend that still four days from now. You can prepare some stuff first, especially budgetto go there and enjoy your weekend without any stress left in your mind. Be free and relaxed in your small holiday.