14 Historical Temples in Jakarta : Gems of The Capital

We all know that the capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, a city that is so advanced than other cities in Java island. It’s full of entertainment, a lot of things that you can possibly imagine. But, you can find a trace of history in this city? Is there anything left behind to uncover and explore?

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The answer is yes. They exist somewhere around the city, even though their very existence is still not known by many people, even the locals of Jakarta. Just like in Yogyakarta or Central Java, you can also find some temples here, but not as many. That’s why. In these historical temples in Jakarta, we also provide the other historical places that can take us through the time. Ready? Here we go.

1 – Jiwa Temple

The first one the list of historical temples in Jakarta is called as Jiwa Temple. This temple is located about 20km on the Westside of Rengasdengklok city, in a small village called Segaran village. The whole complex area is still there, but the main thing, the temple itself is none to be found.

Apon arrival, you can see the square-shaped complex that is higher than the ground. It has two main layers from up to bottom levels.

Location: Karawang

Average Cost: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm

2 – Buni Site

Another historical location on the list is the Buni Site. This is one of many historical sites you can find around the city of Jakarta. In the Buni Site, you can find some prehistoric tools such as the metal, stone tools, and some coins that may be related to the Era of Kingdoms in the land of Indonesia.

Locals are also relating those items to some kind of magic that actually used many years ago, especially when the ancestors had their own dynamism and animist religions.

Location: Bekasi

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

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3 – The Written Stone Tablet

The history of something can be learned and known through its heritages like manuscripts, notes, reliefs, or even tables. This one location in Bogor is the next one historical temples in Jakarta that have the written stone tablet. The tablet itself is not small at all. It’s about a meter height with some writings on it.

Many believe that this tablet is somewhat related to the old Kingdom of Tarumanegara and Pakuan Pajajaran during 1533.

Location: Bogor

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 6 am to 5 pm

4 – Batujaya Site

Moving from there we’re going back to the Batujaya site, which is the location of our early temple, Jiwa Temple. Even though the temple was destroyed many years ago, but somehow the foundation structure survives, even though they were placed above the ground. In this site, many things were found.

Besides the stuff that related to Jiwa or Blandongan temple, the researcher team from Indonesian University also found bones of, metals, and the old ceramics from the 9th century.

Location: Batujaya, Karawang

Average Cost: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 6 am to 5 pm           

5 – Mount Padang Site

As the biggest site location on the list of historical temples in Jakarta, we proudly including the Mount Padang Site. The site is actually the biggest one in the South East Asia region. If you are really interested to know how the people back then built the temples, this is the best location to do that.

Because, on the location, you can see the block andesite stones that used to built temples or even pyramids. The reason why they were scattered on the location is still unknown.

Location: Cianjur

Average Cost: Rp20.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

6 – Cipari Site

The next historical site is Cipari site that was found back in 1972. At first, the old tomb was found there. Satisfied with the result, the excavating process continued until 1975 when they finally succeeded to find other prehistoric materials such as silvers, the ancient kitchen utensils, and also the foundation of an old building.

Long after that time, the Cipari site was inaugurated to be an educational location that also completed with its own prehistoric museum.

Location: Kuningan

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

7 – Karangmulyan Site

Just like its name, this site is located in an area called Karangmulyan Village, somewhere around Ciamis. This site is the heritage of the Pajajaran Kingdom and the great Majapahit Kingdom. The area is covered with stones that believed to have their own unique stories of existence.

Now, the site is actually an open-to-public location where the people could learn about the history, meaning, and philosophy of the stone remains there.

Location: Ciamis

Average Cost: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

The Other Historical Places Around Jakarta

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8 – Satria Mandala Museum

Aside from serving the historical temples in Jakarta, we also want to add up some number about the historical places or locations around Jakarta. They are unique and really useful to increase your knowledge about certain things. One example is this museum called Satria Mandala Museum.

This is the place where you can learn all about the history of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) completed with the actual collection related to it.

Location: Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp2.500,-

Opening Hours: 9 am to 2.30 pm

9 – Proclamation Monument

You know, the first President was really impactful to the Nation, especially Indonesia that had been struggling for a long time because of the colonials. That’s why the moment of the proclamation was and still really meaningful, even for the younger generations today. Thankfully you can see the President in the Proclamation Monument.

There stand the President and his Vice President statues standing, facing the field, with the President holding the Proclamation text. Until now, their existence can always bring this kind of patriotism atmosphere to the people’ hearts.

Location: Menteng, Central Jakarta

Average Cost: Free entry

Opening Hours: 8am to 8 pm

10 – Monas (National Monument)

The Icon of Jakarta city, the Monas or National Monument. The tall white tower standing in the middle of the busy city, always standing all these years to give the spirit to all people of Jakarta. It has a golden crown that shines beautifully during both sunrise and sunset, giving up hope for everyone who sees it.

If you want it, you can enter the tower and reach its highest point to view the city of Jakarta closer with the help of a binocular.

Location: Gambir, Central Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp20.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 12 pm

11 – Old Town Jakarta

The most comfortable place to know the people of Jakarta better. You know, the Old Town Jakarta is still being a favorite place for hangout. Every day and every moment, the place seems never to be off. Especially when a special event happens, it will become way crowder than usual.

The interests of this place are not only the plaza itself, but also the historical buildings located nearby such as the Fatahilah Museum, and also the Old Red House, which looks so mysterious.

Location: Tamansari, West Jakarta

Average Cost: Free entry

Opening Hours: Always opens

12 – Sunda Kelapa Port

Inside the area of Old Town Jakarta, you can actually visit the port called Sunda Kelapa. Mostly the place is used for trading and business purposes, just like the old colonial days. People from Netherland, using big ships were always trading in the port. Taking and giving the precious spices that the world is looking for.

Location: Jakarta

Average Cost: Free entry

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

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13 – Fatahillah Museum

Just behind the plaza of Old Town Jakarta, there’s a building that looks old enough that has the name “Fatahillah Museum”. The place looks really contrast with its different and antique looks which resemble a structure from Netherland. Inside it, you can find all history related to Jakarta city and the colonials.

Location: West Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm

14 – Bahari Museum

There’s also a museum called Bahari Museum, a place where you can witness all kinds of a ship from the most traditional one until the boats that still used even today. Each of them looks so special with their different motives and ornaments. A good place for people who are interested in boat history.

Location: North Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 9am to 3 pm