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13 Rules of Swimming in Indonesian Beach

by Tri Setiya

Indonesia has some beautiful beaches with the stunning views. It is no wonder since Indonesia consists of many islands. The beaches also become the most visited place for the tourist. The foreigners are also interested to come to Indonesia to see Indonesian beaches. They do many things at the beach. Some of them prefer have a sunbathing and get relaxing by seeing the beach scenery. Some other would rather enjoy the beach by swim on it. If you consider to swimming, you have to notice the rules when you swim in Indonesian beach. Those are the lists of the rules.

  1. Don’t be full naked

Indonesia is the country with great respect of politeness. That is why it is not recommended for you to be full naked while swimming.  Make sure to wear the proper swimsuit. For men, it is okay for wearing short pants only, but remember not be too tight. For the woman, topless will never be tolerated. Use the proper swimsuit that covers your private area well. (Read also: Bad Manners in Indonesia)

  1. Don’t show much affection with your couple

It is so beautiful to swim together with someone that you love at the beach. Swimming together could increase the intimacy. However, showing much affection to your couple such as kissing or hugging in public area would be considered as impolite in Indonesia. Although both of you have married, it would be the bad sample for the young generation. So, tell your couple not to showing much affection while swimming.

  1. Be careful of some dangerous sign

If you go to beach of Indonesia, you would see some flags in some of parts on the sea. It means that the area is too dangerous to swim due to the strong current. While you see the red sign on the beach, it means that you are not allowed to swim there. It means that the beach is still in a dangerous state, as the example because of the possibility tsunami or earthquake. Remember that you couldn’t swim in all of the Indonesian beaches.

  1. Be careful of coral reef

While you are swimming, watch out the surrounding area. There might be a sharp coral reef that probably would hurt your skin. Most of Indonesian beaches have various coral reef, some of them are poisonous and sharp. Getting pain because of coral reef could get you lose much of your bleed since you don’t recognize it. So, be careful while swimming in Indonesian beaches.

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  1. Follow the coastguard instructor

The coastguard instructor would give some information periodically. Follow his instructor. It might be possible that in the middle of swimming, the wave suddenly get higher and dangerous. If the coastguard instructs to all swimmers to get out of the sea, you have to follow it. When the weather suddenly changes, the coastguard would announce that there must no one who swims at the beach.

  1. Look out to the beach condition before swimming

The sea has different waves. In addition some of the sea has some distinctive features. Well this should be known first by you. For example the sea that tides when a full moon tire on the southern sea then you should avoid swimming when it happens. Some of the sea also can’t be swum because of high waves and sea water temperature is slightly down or tall.

  1. Don’t swim in preservation area

Some seas in Indonesia are used for the preservation of coral reef or biota. You should not swim in this area since it would damage the preservation. Before swimming, make sure to determine which area that you may swim and may not. Don’t swim into the middle of the sea since it would be dangerous for you. (Read also: How to Preserve Indonesian Culture)

  1. Keep your belongings in a safe place

While swimming, it would better to put your belongings in the safety box that available. If you want to take a picture while swimming, cover your gadgets using the gadget cover to save it from the water. Don’t leave your belongings randomly at the sunbathing seat or the table that available. Be careful of theft that frequently happen in some tourism places of Indonesia. (Read also: Things to be Aware of in Indonesia)

  1. Take a bath in the place that available

After swimming, you have to wash your body with some soap to lose the sea water on your skin. Don’t use any soap on the beach. You could go to the bathhouse that available at the beach. You just need to pay for at least IDR 2000-5000 to use this facility. It is so cheap, isn’t it?

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  1. Don’t pee on the beach

Peeing on the beach is not allowed since it would make water pollution. Moreover, it is dangerous for your health. It would better for you to get out from the sea and pee in the toilet. Peeing on the beach would give bad effect to the coral reefs. So, when you pee there, you have given the contribution to damage the coral reef in Indonesia.

  1. Make sure you are able to swim well

Whether you are able swim or not is also important. If you can’t then do not force to swim into the middle of the sea which has bigger waves and danger. It’s good to realize yourself whether you are proficient in swimming or not. So, don’t push yourself and keep swimming at the edge. Maybe if you are desperate in the pool you can help by yourself since it will be easily helped others. While in the sea, there would be large enough volume of water. The possibility to be helped by others is so small.

  1. Test the water first

Sea water often produces rip current. It is the quantity of current or wave that can be enough to sweep the object toward the middle of the sea. If you swim when there is a rip current this is quite dangerous to you. Avoid swimming on the sea like this because you can be carried by the waves and also dragged and floated. Many people think that the rip current is not dangerous but in fact many are drifting and dangerous with this incident.

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  1. Obey the beach rules

Every sea and beach has its own rules. For example, a special boundary for swimming on the beach and a ban on eating and drinking in the sea, or the presence of some wild animals in the ocean that you might consider enough because it is quite dangerous when swimming. Then the rules will help you swim safely and comfortably. The rules at sea are generally made on the basis of avoiding harm.

Those are the rules when you swim on the beach. Make sure not to obey these rules for the clean of Indonesian beach. Note that you have to be a smart tourist wherever you are.

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