10 Most Popular Beaches In Lombok That Must Be Visited

If you’re bored going to Bali for holiday, you can try visit Lombok that located near Bali. No less than Bali, Lombok is also has beautiful scenery and many tourist attractions. As an island area, Lombok has many pretty and beautiful beaches that will make your holiday unforgettable. Here are 10 most popular beaches in […]

17 Exotic and Instagrammable Beaches in Central Java

When we talk about the interesting locations for tour destinations, we can mention the various types. Related to this, everyone has different choices. Every person has own favorite location which they want to visit on holiday. However, there is one kind of tour location that it can be called all people certainly love it. This […]

“Desert” In Parangtritis, Unique Place You Can Visit

Parangtritis Beach is a very popular destination in Yogyakarta. Located in Bantul, Yogyakarta (around 27 kms from downtown), Parangtritis becomes must-visited tourism site for everyone who spend vacation in Yogyakarta. Luckily, the beach opens every day from morning to afternoon, so don’t worry if you won’t miss this beautiful beach. The most unique thing about […]

7 Amazing things To Do In Gili Ketapang (worth to try!)

For those who don’t know Probolinggo, it’s one of the best city in East Java to spend a vacation. Located in south east of Surabaya, It has natural tourism site, cultural heritage, museums, and cultural events. Also, Probolinggo gets a nickname “Kota Seribu Taman (City of Thousand Gardens)” for its urban planning. One of its […]

11 Fascinating Places to Visit in Ubud to Heal Your Soul

Ubud and Kuta, two popular destinations that you can find in Bali, Indonesia. The difference is Ubud has more traditional sentiment instead of Kuta. While Kuta has more modern approach such as restaurants, hotels, and some beaches located near street, Ubud offers some natural and traditional way in offering the visit. You can find traditional […]

12 Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok You Should Visit

Lombok is a place where you can find very original landscapes, active volcanoes, tobacco gardens, white sand beaches and other cultural properties owned by people living in the area on Lombok. There are many interesting things that you can enjoy there, one of which is the beauty of the beach that is not inferior to […]

12 Water Activities in Bali Indonesia You Will Enjoy

For those who like the beach, of course it’s a pity not to go to Bali. An island which is famous for its tropical temperature, is the champion of beach tourism. Bali has many beautiful beaches, with white sand and bluish sea but beach in Bali is not only for swimming or enjoying the sunset. […]

Top 8 Most Dangerous Beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with thousands islands. Due to having many islands, indonesia has a lots of beautiful coastal beach. Some of them even become the most favorite beach for the foreign tourists. However, living in archipelago country means have to be ready for all the risks. You may think you like to swim, snorkel, […]

Top 10 Worst Indonesian Tsunami – Deathly Disasters

Indonesia is a tsunami-prone country. From 1629 to 2018 there were 177 large and small tsunami disasters. Tsunamis are most often triggered by tectonic earthquake activity compared to marine landslides and volcanic eruptions. Of the current population of Indonesia, 265 million people live in earthquake-prone areas of 148.4 million. While the people who live on […]

13 Famous Destination In Bali

Bali Island is a prima donna of Indonesian tourism which is well known throughout the world. Besides being famous for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture. Bali as a complete and integrated tourist destination has many interesting tourist attractions, what are the tourist […]