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10 Stunning Places to Healing Mind in Indonesia

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Once in a life, there would be the time you get distressed of something. Doing the same things every day could make you get bored anyway. Getting stress and boredom sometimes need some treatments to make it better. While you start to get bored of your daily activity, going to somewhere is the best choice. Where should you go? If you prefer visit Indonesia, we would like recommend you these nice places to healing your mind.

  1. Ubud Bali

Bali is the place to heal your mind. If you want peaceful place, just come to Ubud which has a complex view of green rice field. Over there, you can find peace to introspect all the things that happen to your life.

You could have me-time better than you expect. If you want a moment of solitude and solitude can rent a resort or room at some hotels that available in Ubud because here is still quiet if in comparison with Kuta or Seminyak. If you want to heal your mind, it might be the fittest place for you. Besides, you could try to taste some Traditional Foods in Ubud Bali.

  1. Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

The beach became one of the best places to escape after getting the big problem in a life. Gunung Kidul District, Yogyakarta has many hidden beaches that you can catch to treat your heart wounds.


You could go to Beach Wohkudu, Beach Sedahan, Greweng Beach, Seruni Beach, and other beaches. All of these beaches are still natural and quiet.

You could also visit all of beaches in Gunung Kidul since their location is not too far from one to another. Besides, you could enjoy the fresh air and the sound of wave there. It is the perfect place to get your mind getting healed.

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  1. Baduy Village Complex

Generally, a person with many problems will choose to temporarily disconnect from the outside world whether through social media or text messages. If you come to the Baduy village complex, especially the inner Baduy and blending in with the life of the people there, also a powerful way to forget your heartache.

There is a tribe in Baduy called Baduy Tribe. Moreover, Baduy people do apply isolation from the outside world and have some rules that must be obeyed. So, it could be the recommended place for those who want to get fresh mind.

  1. Sumba

Sumba is a beautiful area in this country. There are so many good spots scattered on the island whose inhabitants are still embracing Marapu’s belief. Indigenous villages are scattered from the eastern to the west, friendly local people, and the charming stretch of savannas that often keep me coming back to Sumba.

The combination of savanna, the megalith stone tomb, the blue sky, and the parading clouds are the most beautiful natural paintings found here. There is also a place for Kite Surfing in Indonesia. Those would make your mind healed perfectly.

5. Rinjani Mountain

rinjani mountain, volcanoes, volcanoPeople say, climbing a mountain is a powerful way to escape from feelings of pain and heartbreak. Of the many mountains in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is on the list of places for those who want to heal the mind.

This third highest mountain in Indonesia has many bonuses so worthy of being called a five star mountain. Or if you are reluctant to climb the mountain, try along the many tourist destinations on the island of Lombok. You could also enjoy the view in Ranu Kumbolo as one of Most Beautiful Lakes in Indonesia. The beauty of the island’s 1000 mosques will make you completely forget all the bitter things in life.

  1. Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi

The district at the end of East Java also has many tourist attractions to forget all things related to your bad stage at life. In Baluran National Park, you can run around in the savanna vast lands, forget for a moment your broken heart.

This place usually called Little Africa in Java. It is also a natural conservation area that has a native ecosystem, managed by a zoning system utilized for research, science, education, cultivation, tourism and recreation purposes. This quiet place could help you to heal your mind pretty well.

  1. Misool Island

Misool is one of the four largest islands of the Raja Ampat, West Papua. It is located in same border on Seram Island. If you want to have avacation to Raja Ampat, make sure not to miss Misool Island.

There is a row of cliffs in the eastern and beautiful white sands with stunning views of the green mangrove forest. The sea water also looks beautiful with turquoise blue. Because of the clear sea water in Misool Island, you can easily see the underwater scenery view, such as various types of fish, sharks, turtles, coral reefs, and others. (Read also: Facts about Papua Indonesia)

  1. Sebesi Island, Lampung

There is populated island near Mount Krakatau which is often called Sebesi Island. The island’s children are very crowded and exciting. Than continues to play and teach children of Sebesi. Dedicate yourself 3-4 days with them. You can get excited once for a little while playing with the children.

This place also has beautiful view that might send a positive energy to yourself.  Moreover, it is recommended to climb Mount Krakatau and snorkel around it. Interacting with many kids and have fun with them could refresh your mind pretty well.

  1. Kanawa Island

There is a small and unique island to the west of Sumbawa Island. The name is Kenawa. The most special thing there is the beautiful natural view. There’s a brownish yellow savanna, a hill, a blue tosca beach and a pair of sunrise and sunset. The place is so quite because it is located in remotes area.

There would be no signal for your internet connection. But it would be better since you can be more focus to enjoy your holiday. Yes, that’s a nice combination. It’s a great place to repair your cluttered mood.

  1. Gili Kondo, Lombok

Gili Trawangan in Lombok has commonly been visited. The Gili Kondo is an uninhabited island and used as a conservation of coral reefs. That is it is good or healing your mind here.  In addition, there are some cottages that have been torn down for the tourists who come to visit and want to stay.While you go to Lombok, make sure to visit this place. You would see the most beautiful beach that has sparkling white sand. The sunsets and sunrise would be a perfect view for those who want to have me-time. Read also: Facts About Lombok Indonesia.

Those are the list of the places that you should go there to relieve your stress. Most of them are located in the remotes area, since it is good for those who want to be peaceful. The quiet place is good for your soul and minds. For further information about what other activities you should do in Indonesia, please visit Things Not to Miss in Indonesia.

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