The History of Bali Architecture

Bali, it seems that the charm of this island still captures people’s attention. Not only admired for the beauty of the island and its beaches, Bali is also favored by both local and international travelers because art and tradition are very prominent in all fields. In terms of architecture, Bali has a distinct and strong […]

10 Historical Building in Bali

There are many beautiful buildings and also historic on the island of Bali. In addition to being a famous and enchanting place, this island has a lot of high history and strong cultural customs. If you visit Bali will be able to feel how friendly and nuances of thick custom. Read also : History of […]

The Kinds of Traditional House in West java

West Java has its own unique culture that is characterized by the local people. West Java custom house itself has two types of custom homes that are very popular in this country, especially West Java. In every home customary West Java has a very high philosophy value, especially in the design and blend of colors. […]

The Brief History of Indonesian Architecture

Architecture in Indonesia is influenced by cultural diversity, history, and geography in Indonesia. In addition, the colonizers and traders of the past brought about a cultural change that strongly adheres to the style and techniques of building construction. The most intense foreign influence of classical architecture is India, although Chinese and Arab influences are also […]