17 Educational Yet Fun Things to Do In Bali With Kids

Back again to Fact of Indonesia.com. Now, aside from giving the informational tips for you want to have some vacation on the Bali island, we want to give the important information of the parents who are also taking their children on holiday. Of course, they would be very happy if they can join, especially to […]

Tourist Attractions You Must See In West Bali

From deluxe places of staying, abounding water activities, local restaurants, to peculiar sightseeings, West Bali has it all. Going to Bali in the western part offers these amazing places you don’t have to share it with throngs of other tourists. Here are some must-see places in West Bali. From deluxe places of staying, abounding water […]

Best Surfing in Indonesia : Our Recommendations

So, what do you want to do in this new year of 2019? Do you want to go somewhere new? Or do you any new year resolutions to visit Indonesia sometime this year? If it’s a yes, then we here are ready to help you with a lot of choices of place to spend your […]

The Best Thing That You Must Do in Legian Bali

Now, we still in the area of Bali to talk some more about the best attractions that you can find on this island. After telling you the best locations such as in East Bali, Bali Bars, and also Canggu Bali. We’re going to an area named Legian. Legian is an administrative area in the Kuta […]

Things That Wonderful and Must See in East Bali

So, in this article, we want to give you the other information about Bali island. The Bali island is known to be the most popular place in Indonesia. Each year, especially during the end of the year that about few days left, the island is always highly populated with mostly foreign tourists from different countries […]

Finding The Interesting Must Do in Canggu Bali

After telling you about the best places in the big cities like Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bandung such as the restaurants, cafes, and the other must visit places in those cities, now we want to take you back to the favorite island in Indonesia, Bali. During special times like this, Christmas and also the year-end holiday, […]

The Top List of Bali Tourist Attractions

After telling you some information about Bali island, like its traditional cuisines, culture, and even the top universities, we want to tell you about a famous aspect about this heavenly island, which is the attractions. If we’re talking about the attractions that you can find on the island of Bali, the number of them is […]

Find The New Experience in These Popular Villages in Indonesia

Not only known for its exotic places like the island of Bali, Lombok, and even Java island which is the busiest island in the country, Indonesia also known for having the traditional villages which look very unique and special. Each of them like having their own unique features and background that very interesting to discover. […]

Spend Your Time in These Popular Vacation Spots in Indonesia !

Taking a vacation in Indonesia is one beautiful thing. Many people around the globe would choose this country over the others in South East Asian to be the best country that has the largest varieties of natural attractions. Some places like Bali island, Lombok, and Papua are gaining their popularity within a very short time. […]

What Not to Miss in Indonesia? Find The 25 of Them Here!

Vacationing in Indonesia can be a great experience of all your life time. Looking at the Indonesia country itself, there are several potential things that can be gotten from experiencing long days vacation in this beloved country. See also : Positive Impacts of Tourism Types of Tourism in Bali Importance of Tourism Aside from the […]