The Top List of Bali Tourist Attractions

After telling you some information about Bali island, like its traditional cuisines, culture, and even the top universities, we want to tell you about a famous aspect about this heavenly island, which is the attractions. If we’re talking about the attractions that you can find on the island of Bali, the number of them is just like infinite.

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Almost every area in Bali island has their own unique attractions that always loved by tourists, both local or international. However, the existence of those attractions is a win-win solution for the local government and the tourists. Both parties can gain so much profit from this. The government can get their revenue from the devisa and the tourists can enjoy their peaceful time when vacationing on this island. All the Bali tourist attractions you can find on the information below :

1. Pandawa Beach

For the first one, we have this Pandawa beach as the first location in the Bali tourist attractions. Many people know the name of Pandawa beach, including you perhaps. The beach is always loved because of its wonderful and stunning beach view. Around the beach, you can even see the green vegetations that really fit the location of Pandawa Beach.

The location of this Pandawa beach is in the Kutuh Village of South Kuta, Badung, Bali. Aside from having the exotic view, the other things to enjoy on this beach are the nice white sand and also the water that very clear. People use them for family activities, such as walking on the beach and doing one famous water sport that available on this beach, canoeing.

2. Campuhan Hill

When you exploring the island of Bali, during your trip you may see that the island actually has a lot of hills. They usually planted with some vegetables, fruits, or other vegetations, including the rice terrace and others. But some of them can be a great attraction for you. One example is Campuhan Hill, a green hill located near the rice fields area.

The hill is actually famous now because many people are posting it on social media, mostly Instagram. Campuhan Hill does have some exotic trees that located around it, making it so magical and mesmerizing. You can even see the beautiful sunset on the horizon. Because of those interesting aspects, this place is considered to be a romantic place for couples.

3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is one of the greatest attractions on Bali island. The location of Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a tourist area located on the South side of Bali. The attractions are actually quite popular now, even more after the development of the statue was finished recently. If you see it, you can estimate that this statue is the biggest statue in Indonesia.

Visiting the Garuda Wisnu Kencana tourism area would be a great idea, especially for yourself who first visit the island of Bali. The statue that was made by the talented I Nyoman Nuarta is accompanied with the firm limestone hills around it. On the location, you can see many people would like to take some pictures with the statue. Sometimes, on the area, there’s a cultural event that showing kinds of Balinese art.

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4. Waterbom Bali

If you want to have the joyful experience vacationing in an area like Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in Bali island, you can check out the area named Waterbom Bali. The Waterbom Bali was granted a title for the best waterpark in Asia for three years straight and also the second greatest one in the world. There’s a lot of rides in here from the calm ones to the most adrenaline pumping.

For example, if you want a challenge, you can visit the rides such as the Super Bowl, Ace Track, Jungle Track, Boomerang, and many more. There are others that pretty safe for kids and family, making the Waterbom Bali suitable for all age. However, the park is also completed with a tropical park that really spoil the eyes. It opens from 9 am to 6 pm, so make sure you come on the right time.

5. Besakih Temple

Visiting temples in Bali to see their culture can be a wonderful journey. Even if you’re not Hindu people, you’re still able to visit them freely. But surely you gotta respect them of course. There’s one temple that you should visit as the biggest temple in Bali island called Besakih Temple. The location of it is in the Besakih village, Rendang, Karangasem.

It’s located nicely on the feet of Mount Agung, so the temperature in there should be cooler. However, inside the Besakih temple, there are about 1 Basukian Temple, which is the biggest one, and the other 17 smaller temples. This temple is also a center of religious activities in Bali island, not only thick with religious harmony, but the nice view with Mount Agung as a background is the best thing ever.

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6. Kuta Beach

The next one on the list of Bali tourist attractions is the Kuta Beach. The name of the beach is so famous now. Everyone who visited the island is very familiar with this beach. It’s like you haven’t visited Bali island if you’re not coming to Kuta Beach. This one is actually one of many icons of attractions in Bali that loved by everyone, both local tourists and foreign.

The beach however, is never empty. So if you want calmer situation when visiting Kuta Beach, it’s like impossible, except if you want to visit it at 2 am or something. The good thing about the beach is there’s a lot of things that you can do here such as surfing, tanning, massaging, playing some volley with friends,  playing soccer, and even shopping accessories.

7. Bali Bird Park

One of many educational attractions in Bali island is the Bali Bird Park. The Bali Bird Park is a family vacation that opened firstly in 1995 ago. The area of this park is actually quite big to contain all those birds. It has about 2 hectares of location. The Bali Bird Park is actually the biggest one in the country, with thousand birds from 250 different species exist in this park.

You can interact with some exotic birds here, including the eagle that is the icon of Indonesia. You don’t have to worry because there’s a guide who will accompany you. You can also take some pictures with them too. After seeing birds, you can also visit the 4D theater that also exists in this Bali Bird Park. If you want to visit, make sure that you come from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

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8. Bali Safari Marine Park

The kids need to know about the animals so they can understand that we’re not alone in this world, but there are also some animals that we should love. In Bali, there’s a perfect location for this called Bali Safari Marine Park. The park is the third Indonesian Safari Park which is the safe place for the rare animals who live in danger in the wild.

They make this place as comfortable as possible for the animals, and they also give the tourists a lot of entertainment starting from the concepts that they bring to us like Modern Bali and Ancient Bali. Each concept showing many benefits for us. For example, the Ancient Balinese concept can give a lot of information about philosophy, myth, and history of Bali.

9. Uluwatu Beach

As mentioned in our previous articles, The Uluwatu is indeed a beautiful location for having a nice and memorable attraction. Besides the Uluwatu Temple, there’s the other one called Uluwatu Beach. The location of this beach is rather hidden, so the public may not know about this place yet. The beach has another nickname, The Blue Point Beach, the name that may be more famous than its original name.

People are coming here expecting a gorgeous view from this beach, and they are pretty satisfied with all kind of thing that the beach offers to them. Many visitors are foreign tourists who know about the place from many reviews on the internet. Many of them would like to try surfing on the beach or just having nice nuances by relaxing around the beach.

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Besides the nine Bali tourist attractions above, as we mentioned before there will always be others that will wait for your visit. Those attractions left on this list of Bali tourist attractions can be found on the numeric list below :

  1. Sanur Beach
  2. Penglipuran Village
  3. Batur Lake
  4. Lovina Beach
  5. Melasti Beach
  6. National Park of West Bali

So that’s the list of Bali tourist attractions that you can find in Bali island. Bali is indeed one of the greatest places in the world that you should visit at least once in your life. It’s a really memorable location in Indonesia and there are other reasons why you must visit Bali island beside its attractions.