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Find The New Experience in These Popular Villages in Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Not only known for its exotic places like the island of Bali, Lombok, and even Java island which is the busiest island in the country, Indonesia also known for having the traditional villages which look very unique and special. Each of them like having their own unique features and background that very interesting to discover.

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Beside having the thick culture and very special architecture, some villages in Indonesia are also “blessed” with the environment around them. So, when you visit a certain village, you may have a chance to see the view of mountains or hills. And those natural aspects is the thing that always being hunted by foreigners, especially the backpackers who especially come to Indonesia to try difference experience of exploring natural spots. So, if you’re one of them or just a person who wants to try to visit different kind of attractions, you should try to visit these popular villages in Indonesia :

1. Wae Rebo Village

The first village that included inside the popular villages in Indonesia as an attraction places is Wae Rebo Village. This village looks very ancient with its one of a kind form of a building. Actually, you can find the same architecture on the traditional houses that located in the area of Papua island where the tribes are still becoming important thing in their life.

To be specific, the location of this village is in the area of Satarmase, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. In this village, there’s about seven houses that have the same height and diameter. In  one house, a family of 6 or 8 can live there. But, beside the form of the houses, another great thing to enjoy in this village is wonderful view of mountains and hills around.

2. Penglipuran Village

From the area of East Nusa Tenggara, we’re going to to the west to Bali island. In Bali island, the areas there are mostly improved for the tourists, so modernization can be found in almost every aspects in Bali. But one of the things beside culture and art that don’t feel any change from modernization is the villages in Bali.

Although the island is improved, almost all the villages in Bali still have their original environment. For example, is this Panglipuran village. This village is located in the area of Bangli, Bali. Some say that this village is actually the cleanest one of all villages in Bali island. Even though the village is not so wide, the clean condition of the environment with the thick culture of Bali are the things that make it more comfortable.

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3. Baduy Village

The third one is Baduy Village. This village is known as a home for a tribe called Baduy. The location of this village is in Banten province of Java island. This village consists of two main areas, the Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam. To visit this special village, one should visit a village called Ciboleger village first, and then taking some steps to this Baduy Village.

From that village of Ciboleger, the tourists should walk through the trekking ways for about 5 hours. So, for anyone who wants to visit this Baduy village, it’s recommended for you to spend a night at Ciboleger village first, or just resting and preparing for your trip to Baduy Village. One you finally arrive there, you can see their traditional houses that made of bamboo. The environment also very well maintained, because Baduy tribe is known as nature lover tribe.

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4. Kete Kesu Village

A village that has a very unique touch on it, is Kete Kesu Village. This Kete Kesu village is located in the area of Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. If you see their beautiful traditional houses, you can see that they are very colourful and decorated well by the locals there. Each house has this kind of unique motives with red, yellow, black, and gray colour.

The people who live in this village have a belief that putting the dead people on the cliff, or caves, or in Patane, which is the house cemetery on the cliff, can help them to reach their ancestors. Also, when visiting Kete Kesu Village you may have a chance to see Erong. Erong is the traditional coffin that symbolize with the heads of animal. Most erongs in Kete Kesu village almost reach 500 years old.

5. Trunyan Village

And for a little bit of horror, there’s one of many popular villages in Indonesia called Trunyan Village. The village is located in the area of Bangli, Bali, located near Panglipuna village above. Unlike the other villages in Bali that have their own unique beauty because of how peaceful the environment is, this trunyan village is known for having a really different culture.

The green envionment around this village is combined with many skulls. Yes, skulls. Those skulls are actually from the people who are putted there when they die. It’s a really terrific scene of course, so this place is not recommended for people who don’t have the courage to see it. The corpses in here are not buried. They are only putted on the ground, covered in bamboo woods. It’s really different frome the Ngaben procession in Bali island.

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6. Pujon Kidul Village

And for the sixth village is Pujon Kidul Village. Pujon Kidul area is known as a tourism spot in the area of Malang city, East Java. It’s still far from the coty center though. It’s actually included in tourism city of Batu. So, from the city center of Malang to this location, it’s about 29km. In this village, the things that offered to the tourists are the beautiful mountain’s view and also a very delicious cow’s milk.

Pujon is known as a main producer of fresh milk. The milk are sent away to some cities in the province like Malang, Batu, and Surabaya city. Beside that, there’s also an attraction called Cafe Sawah which means rice field cafe. The combination between a cafe and the view of rice fields is one of a kind that you should visit.

7. Pariangan Village

Moving from the province of East Java, we will explain a beautiful village located in Sumatra island called Pariangan village. Pariangan village is located in Tanah Datar of West Sumatra. This village is also included as one of the most beautiful villages in the world by Budget Travel beside the other four villages around the globe like Wengen village in France, Eze in France, Niagara in Canada, and also Cesky Krumlov in Ceko.

The highlight of this village is the green environment around it. It’s such a magnificent journey to explore the Pariangan village fully, because you can see so many natural beauty in here like the green rice fields, the mountains, and also caming atmosphere. There’s also a river in here that has a very refreshing taste.

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8. Lembang Village

And from the village above, we’re moving to a village called Lembang village. It’s located in the west side of Bandung city, a cool city in the West Java Province. Even though it’s located in capital city of the province, the are of Lembang still looks very natural in its way. Because of that, people then convert it to be a tourism area.

Lembang offers so many things starting from beautiful forest til unusual attraction. The environment around is also supporting the attraction, making the tourists don’t want to leave this place because of its cozyness. There’s not only one attractions in this area, but you can choose different types of attraction in here like Tangkuban Perahu mount, Malela Waterfall, and the others.

9. Argapura Village

The next village that included in the list of the popular villages in Indonesia is Argapura Village. This village is also located inside the West Java province. The village has a wonderful panorama of hills and gardens. The view of the rice fields is also hypnotizing people who come there. They are formed in such a unique way by the locals.

The beauty of this village is not less beautiful than the other popular areas in Indonesia like Bali, Lombok, or even the villages in foreign countries like Thailand or Vietnam. On the west side of this village you’ll be spoiled with the view of Cilongkrang valley. On the east side, you can witness how great the Mount Cermai is.

10. Kersik Tuo Village

For the tenth village, we have this Kersik Tuo village. Kersik Tuo village is becoming a gate to the famous mountain located behind it, The Mount Kerinci. This village is actually a legal way for hikers who want to try to conquer the mountain. Way in Kersik Tuo is more easy than the one in Solok area, that’s why Kersik Tuo is always crowded with tourists.

Beside having fun hiking in Mount Kerinci, people who visit this village can also enjoy a wonderful panorama around the village, with the background of flowers and rice fields. You can also rent a guide or porter in this village for about Rp250.000,-. There’s a basecamp in this village that open 24 hours a day.

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Aside from the locations above, we want to tell you about the other popular villages in Indonesia that you can see below :

  1. Sungai Nyalo Village
  2. Madobak Village
  3. Teluk Meranti Village
  4. Bontagula Village
  5. Waturaka Village

That’s our topic about the popular villages in Indonesia, have fun during visiting all those wonderful places this beloved country !

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