15 Delicious Best Foods in Jimbaran Bali

Like always, people are coming to Bali when there are some holidays happening sometimes during a year. In Bali,  there are some spectacular things like the attractions, wether the natural ones or not, the culture of Bali that can always hipnotizing anyone sees it, and also one thing, that also popular as the other aspects […]

15 Street Foods in Seminyak Bali (#4 is Unique)

Bali is nominated as a heaven in Indonesia. Bali offers a beautiful scenery, perfect tourism spots, and delicious foods for the foodies. The foods in Bali are varied from the most traditional until the modern ones. Therefore Bali has become a perfect destination for foodies. There are terms jaja or jaje which refers to Balinese street foods. Bali is […]

17 Famous Local Foods in Bali with Incredible Taste

We discussed so many things about Bali in the previous articles. There’s so many things about Bali, like its cultures, the arts, and don’t forget the cuisines. In Bali, you may find so many choices of foods ranging from the main dish or the snacks. To find them, it’s actually a bit difficult, you need […]