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15 Street Foods in Seminyak Bali (#4 is Unique)

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Bali is nominated as a heaven in Indonesia. Bali offers a beautiful scenery, perfect tourism spots, and delicious foods for the foodies. The foods in Bali are varied from the most traditional until the modern ones. Therefore Bali has become a perfect destination for foodies. There are terms jaja or jaje which refers to Balinese street foods. Bali is well-known with ayam betutu or Balinese mixed rice however it will be such a waste if you visit Bali but did not get to taste the local street foods. Jaje is usually served in traditional market, street stands, and coffee shop. For the detailed information you may read the list below.


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1. Laklak

If you know Javanese traditional dish called apem, Laklak has similarity with Javanese apem. However Balinese laklak is offered in two color variants which is white and light green. The light green laklak has a good pandan leaf scent and it uses pandan leaf flavor. Meanwhile the white laklak is made from the mixture of  rice flour, tapioca, coconut milk, warm air, and salt.

After the laklak dough is made, the dough is baked in a a special round shape. In order to make it more delicious, laklak is served with grated coconut and a sweet sauce made of brown sugar. You can discover this tasty dish in the traditional markets, coffee shops or even cultural ceremonies.

2. Pie Susu (Milk Pie)

Pastei (in Balinese language) is a snack which dry cookie crust ad various contents in the middle. This is a signature snack from Bali and the visitors purchase this snack to be given to their friends or family as a present. Balinese milk pie is different with other pie cakes because its crust is thinner and slightly flattened.

The dough is made from the mixture of eggs, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla. You can add various toppings to fill the middle part of this pie such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, chocolate, kustar, peanuts, and others. Being called as milk pie because the milk taste is very strong and delicious.

3. Bendu

Bendu is another chapter of Balinese street foods. Do you know lemper? Lemper is a traditional Indonesian food which made of wrapped rice. Surprisingly this Balinese street food has similarity with lemper for its oval shape and both are wrapped in banana leafs. However lemper is made of rice meanwhile bendu is a whte cake with stuffed sugar unti.

The skin is made with sticky rice flour, while the stuffing is a mixture of brown sugar, grated coconut, and salt. For the taste, it is undeniably tasty, sweet and savory! You can find bendu everywhere in Bali including Seminyak. Not only that, bendu is also served in traditional ceremonies and official local events. To enrich your knowledge, read about Family Activities in Bali

4. Kaliadrem

I am sure that all of you know what is donuts and how does it look like however Bali is serving donuts in a unique shape. Balinese donut is called as kaliadrem, this is a distinctive Balinese donuts but it has triangle shape with 3 until 4 holes.

The snack’s shape is formed with kojong, kojong is a mold made of banana leaf. Kaliadrem can be purchased in Balinese street stands or you can find it in Galungan ceremony.

The ingredients to make kaliadrem composed of rice flour, grated coconut, brown sugar, and water. The ingredients are mixed then the dough is left for 5-8 hours. After that the dough will gets smoother then it is fried. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on the top of kaliadrem to make it more delicious.

5. Pisang Rai 

This banana snack originated from Bali that is why this dish is named after pisang rai. The banana is wrapped by a green soft skin. The soft skin itself is made of rice flour water whiting, suji leaf water, and salt. You can use various of banana to make this snack such as pisang raja, pisang kepok or pisang uli aroma.

The banana is cut into pieces then each piece is wrapped by the greenish skin after that the banana and the skin are steamed. The last touch of this dish is the sprinkle of grated coconut and red sugar. This delicious and sweet dish can be found in all over Bali areas including Seminyak. Curious, right?

6. Batun Bedil

People often mistaken this food as bubur candil (candy porridge). In fact, batun bendil shape is more flattened than candil. This dish is served with the splash of brown sugar. Batun bedil has a very sweet and savory taste moreover if you sprinkle grated coconut on its top. Batun bedil means bullet, the shape of this dish looks like bullet therefore this dish is named after batun bedil.

The texture is chewy because it is made from rice flour, sticky rice, and tapioca. The sauce itself was thick because the red sugar solution was mixed with rice flour. Said that this dish also has low calories so it is very good for you who want to eat sweet things without being anxious that it will ad more fat.

7. Jaje Injin

This street food is popular in Bali because this jaje still often we meet in traditional markets or places alongside the road.

On the other, this street cake texture is quite sticky. Jaje injin mixture is made of sticky black rice, grated coconut, sugar, coconut or palm sugar, and salt.

The ingredients are mixed to make sticky glutinous rice and after that this dish is sprinkled with grated coconut or brown sugar. This dish is very perfect to be enjoyed in the early morning with your coffee.

8. Bagiak

Bagiak is a traditional Balinese cake made of sago flour dough and mixed with with grated coconut and other ingredients. Bagiak is made of several ingredients which make this dish has delicious, sweet, savory, crispy taste cinnamon. Bagiak is an oval-shaped pastry and the size is as big as human’s index finger.

The outer texture of bagiak is hard when you bite it and it feels soft in the mouth while you are chewing it. This cake has various flavor variants and very suitable for oleh-oleh to be given to your friends, families, or relatives.

9. Tipat Cantok

Tipat cantok is similar with gado-gado but it has different marinating. Tipat cantok is ketupat or lontong which is mixed with  various boiled vegetables.

Then, for those who want to know about the making process of this type, the process is quite easy. All ingredients mixed into one and it is poured by peanut sauce.

It is even more delicious with fried onions and fried beans sprinkled on top. You can also add meat, eggs or else to this street foods. Read also Traditional Meal in Bali with Unique Taste.

10. Bubur Mangguh

This porridge is a popular dish among Balinese and travelers in Bali. This porridge has the combination of spicy, savory, and sweet taste. This porridge is made of  rice and coconut milk are boiled until it becomes porridge.

The serving is using vegetables, meat or chicken. After that this porridge is poured by thick broth. Very delicious to be eaten in the morning and you can find this street foods in any places in Bali.


  • Butter Croissant: This is a popular pastry that you can find in Seminyak. The croissant is very smooth and tasty, a perfect dish to accompany your coffee.
  • Tipat Blayag: This dish is another dish which use ketupat or lontong, mixed with sprouts, chili sauce, egg, and chicken and poured by coconut milk.
  • Jaje Begini: It’s shape looks like rengginang but it is thinner and has sweet flavor.
  • Jaje Sirat: Jaje sirat is served with grated coconut or brown sugar.  The size is as big as human’s palm.
  • Cerocot: Cerocot is a snack made from local rice flour, coconut sugar and salt, packed with a wrapped janur then steamed.

Is there any street food from the list above that you are familiar with? Or are you tempted to try one of those foods?

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