15 Delicious Best Foods in Jimbaran Bali

Like always, people are coming to Bali when there are some holidays happening sometimes during a year. In Bali,  there are some spectacular things like the attractions, wether the natural ones or not, the culture of Bali that can always hipnotizing anyone sees it, and also one thing, that also popular as the other aspects mentioned before, the culinary.

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The foods in Bali are using many spices, making them very tasty, and yet still having affordable prices. Some even made this to be anyther type of trip, called culinary trip. There are some tours in Bali that also can give you the experience of tasting the most famous Balinese foods in a day or two. What are they? You can see them right below on the best foods in Jimbaran Bali.

1. Chicken Betutu

Of course, we may know already about this authentic Balines food. Chicken Betutu is like the signature dish or special food from Bali island, served with good looking and tasty spices full sauce. Basically there are two different types of Chicken Betutu, the dry and wet version. If you prefer to sipping the sauce, maybe the wet is perfect one for you.

The dry one is actually grilled with some charcoals. You can find the type like this usually in the area of Gilimanuk, Bali. Because of the grill technique, the skin of chicken betutu is a bit cripsy and it also has this kind of special aroma. Chicken Betutu sometimes served with some types of sambal that you can choose based on your taste.

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2. Lawar Kuwir

You know salad right? A bowl of vegetables, fruits all combined into one recipe that added with yogurt as additional topping. Bali also has a food that looks similar like this, called Lawar Kuwir. But, the difference is this Lawar Kuwir doesn’t use yogurt as a sauce, but rather a special sauce that looks even more stickier than yogurt.

The sauce used in Lawa Kuwir is some spices crushed into one. It adds up the taste of Lawa Kuwir, which consists of some vegetables like long beans, grated coconut, some jackfruits, and also different types of meat. You can choose some meats for it, such as pork, chicken, and also duck. People usually eat Lawar Kuwir with Sate Lilit, which tastes wonderful.

3. Babi Guling

In Indonesia, people are processing the meats through different ways. You can barbequing, boil, pan frying, stir-frying, roasting, and also grilling. Meats that are grilled, like goat or pork called as Kambing and Babi Guling. In Bali, Babi Guling is more famous than Kambing Guling, because most people in the island are Hindu people who are completely okay to eat pork.

The pork that used in grilling process is the whole pig, so if you want to try to cook one, you should prepare the grilling equipments bigger than usual. In Bali, people are processing the pig with some burned coconut skins for about two hours. Usually, the Babi Guling is always served during big ceremonies or events in Bali. But, you can also order one in some local restaurants.

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4. Srombotan

The next one is a special dish that looks almost like a side dish rather than main food, called Srombotan. We mentioned this Srombotan in previous articles, and we remember saying that it just looks like a Javanese food called Urap. It’s like about 80% identical, except Srombotan also uses some small beans on it as additional toppings beside grated coconut.

So, in order to make a good Srombotan, you’ll need a different kinds of vegetable like long beans, sprouts, kale, spinach, and also grated coconut. Beside those ingredients, other additional stuff that needed to make Srombotan is the special soup that can make the taste more appetizing. You can eat it with rice or ketupat if you want.

5. Duck Betutu

Even though Chicken Betutu is like the King of Balinese foods, but there’s always a queen beside him. In this case, that quess in Duck Betutu. Duck Betutu is like the same version of Chicken Betutu, but using duck meats. The duck meats usually covered up with some banana leaves and then covered again with midrib.

The processs of making duck betutu is rather traditional. But many people would love the traditional way, because many say that this technique can make the taste more special and appetizing. To cook a duck betutu, you need some time for about 6 to 7 hours. Yes, it’s pretty darn long to cook a thing. But, it’s always worth it when you eat those tender meats.

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6. Sate Lilit

In this country, there are many types of Sate or Satay. Even in some food stalls, you can find some stuff like Sate Kambing (Goat Satay), Sate Kerang (Scallop Satay), Sate Kelinci (Rabbit Satay), Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), Sate Babi (Pig Satay), and many others. In Bali, there’s a special type of Satay called Sate Lilit.

The meats for cooking Sate Lilit are different. You can use your most favorite type of meat like chicke, goat, pig, even fish. Then after choocing your favorite one, you should process the sauce by preparing some stuff first like onions, coconut milk, grated coconut, and some spices. After combining the meats and additional topping, you put it on the bamboo stick to be processed later.

7. Sela Rice / Nasi Sela

In Bali, there are some areas that known for having their own authentic and special foods. For example, an area called Karangasem in Bali is really popular for their Sela Rice or Nasi Sela. Nasi Sela is not ordinary white rice that you eat every single day. In fact, this rice is not made out of rice fully, but also combined with the other stuff like cassava.

The taste of the rice is even better because of this special taste from cassava. Original story of this rice started back in 1970, when people still having hard time to build their economy. Rice is getting rarer, and family desperately needs them. In the middle of the cryisis, there was an idea to combined rice with cassave. And thanks to that, most people can still have good nutrition even though they were still in hard time.

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8. Tipat Blayag

Are you familiar with Indonesian foods? If you are, have you tried a special food called Lontong Sayur. Yes, for some people this combination of vegetables, sauces, and longtong can be very satisfying. In Bali, there’s also a food like this called Tipat. There are two types of Tipat that we’re going to explain to you, Tipat Blayag and Tipat Cantok.

Both tipats are made out of Tipat, which is like very similar with ketupat. You can have this ketupat everytime you want it, not in special days only. Basically, the first Tipat, The Tipat Blayag is like an Opor, with chicken meats, a lawar, sambals, and also sauce that cooked from coconut milk. If you want to find the best Tipat Blayag, you can visit Buleleng area.

9. Tipat Cantok

The next one is the other type of it, Tipat Cantok. If the Tipat Blayag above looks like Lontong Sayur, then this Tipat Cantok is more like a  Javanese food, Gado-Gado. Like that particular food, Tipat Cantok uses the nut sauce, the thick one that has sweet and tastesful taste. The difference between this and Gado-gado, Tipat Cantok is using Ketupat rather than Lontong.

For the basic ingredients, they are just basically the same like both Gado-gado and Tipat Blayag such as long beans, spinach, been sprouts, and ther other vegetable, Kale. For a plate of Tipat Cantok, you can pay for about Rp7.500 only. Usually people do have not only a portion of Tipat Cantok, but two or more because it’s pretty appetizing.

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Aside from the ten foods above, we also have the other ones left on the small list below, See the best foods in Jimbaran Bali below :

  1. Nasi Jinggo
  2. Bagiak
  3. Nasi Campur Ayam Bali
  4. Balinese Chicken Tum
  5. Mengguh Porridge
  6. Nasi Tepeng

That’s our topic for today, the best foods in Jimbaran Bali. Beside visiting the famous attractions located in Jimbaran Bali like Jimbaran beach, the popular Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, Suluban beach, and the others, you shouls spare some time to enjoy the “arts” of Balinese people through their foods. It’s gonna be worth it.